15 old cartoon series to watch online

Homesickness is one of the most obvious ways to remind us how old they are. The cartoons always have a childish connotation and invite us to dream of times past, so we wanted to bring those memories to your screen, available on different platforms, content streaming, and allow you to see those TV series You haven’t seen in a long time, as we already recommend animated series on Netflix.

15 old cartoon series to watch online

David the Gnome is one of the most remembered drawings by millennials.

We warn, from this very moment, that most of the animated television series that we will show you are dedicated to those people who already have gray hair and who had to deal with terms such as EGB, Miko, or VHS.

Enjoy our selection of nostalgic animation series

Whether you grew up in the 70s80s, or even the 90s, we believe that some of our proposals, available on various platforms, such as Heidi or Maya the Bee, will take a piece of your heart.

  • Around the World of Willy Fog
  • Frame
  • Once upon a time, the human body
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Heidi
  • Maya the Bee
  • David the Gnome
  • The tiny ones
  • Gummi bears
  • Star Wars Vintage: Ewoks
  • Once upon a time, inventors
  • Duck adventures
  • Wallace and Gromit
  • The spectacular Spider-Man
  • Darwin Duck

Around the World of Willy Fog

Taking as a reference one of the novels of the great Jules Verne, ahead of his time, we will have the opportunity to accompany the noble Willy Fog on his adventure around the world, accompanied by an intrepid butler and his peculiar and friendly friend, Tico, with an Andalusian accent that takes away the hiccups. If you want adventures, surprises, and many values to learn with, this is the animation series for you.

– Year: 1983– Seasons: 1– Chapters: 26– Average duration: 25 minutes


Two are the greatest exponents of animated series, where little children ventured into epic tasks to achieve their goals. The first, Marco, invites us to travel the world with his inseparable monkey in search of his mother, who gave him so many headaches during his more than 50 episodes. Created by Isao Takahata, this cartoon series is available on Filmin.

– Year: 1976– Seasons: 1– Chapters: 52– Average duration: 25 minutes

Once upon a time, the human body

We are facing one of the most mythical series of the 80s, about the cartoons of that time, which, in addition, is one of those series that once seen are never forgotten. Taking the human body as a reference, we will have the opportunity to put a face and voice to those parts of our body, be they neurons, red blood cells, or viruses. It is, in short, an ideal series to watch with the family.

– Year: 1986– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 26– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

The Adventures of Tintin

classic of European comics, rivaling the irreducible Gauls, it came to us at the beginning of the 90s to give shape, sound, and animation to such classic stories of the Belgian reporter and his inseparable pet Snowy, such as the remembered The Crab of the gold clamps, in a smuggling story, The Secret of the Unicorn, where we will discover a lost treasure, or The Black Island, a forbidden place. If you liked his drawn stories, get ready to meet the most famous journalist in the comic world.

– Year: 1992– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 13– Approximate duration: 20 minutes


The adventures of another girl taking up arms, almost in a similar way that happens with Marco, invites us to reflect on family, nature, and coexistence among fellow men, where differences should not be an excuse to unite. This song to freedom and childhood, also created by Isao Takahata, was one of the most celebrated children’s series in the 70s and 80s, with boys and girls glued to the television watching Heidi accompanied by Niebla, Pedro, and Clara.

– Year: 1974– Seasons: 2– Chapters: 52– Average duration: 20 minutes

Maya the Bee

Suppose most of us know the series that I was mentioning to you so far. The series, available on Filmin, is based on a classic children’s book by Waldemar Bonuses. What can I say about this production, where we will have the opportunity to enter the depths of the forest and share experiences with adorable insects, not like the ones you find in the field, with a protagonist as funny as she is determined to help those who need it most.

– Year: 1975– Seasons: 4– Chapters: 104– Average duration: 20 minutes

David the Gnome

Environment. What boy or girl born in the 80s has not fantasized, when walking through the forest, of meeting, in the lower part of the trunk of some great tree, with one of the adorable gnomes that populate this story? With an ancient tradition in the Nordic countries, the myths of gnomes and trolls came to our country to teach us to respect nature, fauna, and flora alike and convince ourselves that we must take a step forward when it comes to protecting the environment.

– Year: 1985– Seasons: 1– Chapters: 26– Average duration: 25 minutes

The tiny ones

Finally, although we could recite series for you for paragraphs and paragraphs, we wanted to let you know that, perhaps, behind those small ventilation ducts in your house, you can find beings so small that you will surely not see them as their song says. This animated series, created by Bernard Deyriès, is based on a series of novels by John Peterson, an American author.

– Year: 1983– Seasons: 2– Chapters: 29– Average duration: 20 minutes

Gummi bears

Going back to the 80s, in our country, we could enjoy countless classic animation series with a fun style capable of making the little ones in the house reflect. This cartoon series, Disney brand, arrived in our country in the 90s and invited us to enter a colorful forest, where very salty bears lived, capable of having extraordinary powers. However, they should be careful with the humans since their lost wisdom could be used by undesirables to do evil.

– Year: 1985– Seasons: 6– Episodes available: 65– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Star Wars Vintage: Ewoks

Perhaps we are facing one of the worst treated secondary characters in the entire history of the galactic saga, and this is something that has a crime. Still, the Ewoks, back in the 80s, enjoyed an arrogant success, which made them worthy of a series of animated films and a couple of his own stories in film format, of which many of you will not have a clue existed. If you want to discover a little more about these cuddly beings from the planet Endor, take a look at this animated series from Disney +.

– Year: 1985– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 26– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Once upon a time, inventors

The animation saga of Once Upon a Time, which has series dedicated to our planet, the human body, or the history of Humanity, brings us closer to the most relevant inventions of the human being, as well as knowing who was behind them. Thanks to this animated series for the whole family, we can discover Gutenberg’s printing press, Stephenson’s steam engineMendel and his famous peas, or the revolutionary theories of Albert Einstein.

– Year: 1994– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 24– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Duck adventures

The childhood of boys and girls born in the 80s are remembered by mythical animation series, among which was this wonderful adventure, where we will have the opportunity to follow Uncle Scrooge and his nephews on adventures around the world, always with a group of thugs on the lookout for the fortune of the McPato clan and with the brave help of Gadget Duck and Bubba. Perfect adventures for the whole family.

– Year: 1989– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 35– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Wallace and Gromit

Animation through stop motion, that technique that uses the purest crafts with a recording technique that takes thousands of hours to be a finished product, is the way this television series from the late 80s was presented before the audience and that is now available on Filmin for those who did not enjoy the adventures of a crazy inventor and the silent anthropomorphic dog with which he lives.

– Year: 1989– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 4– Approximate duration: 30 minutes

The spectacular Spider-Man

Although the animation genre may seem to you for children and people with little intellectual maturity, at least as regards the superhero genre, believe us when we decided that this is one of the great animation series of the first years of the 21st century, and you can enjoy it on Netflix. You already know the story of the arachnid hero and, in addition, in this title, you will be able to enjoy the great villains of the saga, who will put the good old Peter Parker in more than one trouble.

– Year: 2008– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 26– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Darwin Duck

Through a kind of spin-off of the series starring Uncle Scrooge, this new animated series from Disney studios was a success at the time and introduced us to the hero that no one had asked for, but from which little by little we would all end up in high regard. This Disney + animated series brings us closer to the adventures of this superhero and his assistant Launchpad McQuack. As usual in these cases, he must fight evil and live a double life under the alias of Drake Mallard.

– Year: 1991– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 91– Approximate duration: 20 minutes