7 Alternatives to Tinder to expand your dating possibilities

  • The world of internet dating does not live only on Tinder, and here we give you 7 more interesting alternatives.
  • Tesla and Elon Musk fans are fantasizing about a crazy dating app
  • A famous dating app puts millions of users’ data at risk

The search for love or new experiences about it is not always an easy task. As technology is assumed to be a facilitating mechanism in people’s lives, relying on it to find it is quite common. For this reason, dating apps have hit hard in recent years, with Tinder reigning among all of them. But there is more.

Despite the presumed leadership of Tinder in this area, the internet is too big a bag not to have other possibilities of guarantees. We will propose a few alternatives that may be better adapted to your peculiarities, either because of personality, sexual orientation, or because you want to explore new horizons.

Top alternatives to Tinder

  • Bumble
  • Happy
  • Lavoro
  • Plenty of Fish Free Dating App
  • Meetic
  • Wapa
  • Grindr



Images from the Bumble dating app.

The motto of this app is that “Women take the first step”. What does this translate to? Well, when both parties agree to like each other, only the woman can start the conversation. This decision is explained in giving women greater security, trying to avoid unwanted conversations or possible uncomfortable comments. Obviously, this can occur a posterior, but with a barrier to entry, the number of spam messages is significantly reduced.

The app offers the possibility of meeting people in three different areas. Bumble Date to find a partner, Bumble BFF to find new like-minded friends, and Bumble Bizz if you want to find new professional opportunities.


Has it ever happened to you to go down the street and be spellbound or spellbound by someone? Happn helps you find people around you (who also have the app) that you have come across. You can like it and, only if the other person has done the same you can talk. In no case is it possible to exchange messages without prior authorization (the like of yore).

The operation is quite similar to Tinder. It has a free part, and if you are looking for improvements, there is the paid version. As a difference, through location, if two people have liked each other, the app will indicate where they have crossed paths, but it will never share the current location.



Some of the features are available in Lovoo.

Love is another alternative to Tinder with a different operation. When you download it, you create a completed profile to answer questions that the app itself asks you. In addition, it includes functionality that they call CherryPicks, thanks to which every day the application shows you a list of people that it thinks may be to your liking—a good complement to your radar with which close people are detected waiting to find love.

But, probably the most interesting thing about this app is the option of video call appointments, very useful in these times of coronavirus. If you doubt whether or not a person is worth it, the first date can be by video call.

Plenty of Fish

With a fairly explicit name or at least flashy, another alternative to Tinder that you can explore is Plenty of Fish. In the free version, you can send messages, read them and view the profiles of its 70 million users. It also has a paid version with several improvements.

Perhaps its strong point is that you can add a complete profile and description, hence that interested people have the option of knowing your future match beyond the photos you have posted. That that the interior matters, come on.

Download Plenty of Fish for Android

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This is what the Meetic dating app looks like.

A classic of dating apps is Meetic, more focused on demanding users. Over the years, it has become the preferred option for more mature people and some economic stability, leading to space more of the search for love in all its splendor and not flirting and casual dating.

Its largest audience is between 30 and 40 years old, and the paid version is necessary to send messages. This is highly valued by users, as it is full of real profiles with which you will not be surprised in face-to-face encounters and with which it will be easier to find real love.


Wapa is an application exclusively for women who want to find other girls to establish love or friendship relationships. In addition to lesbians and bisexuals, it concentrates on queer users, so the options are wide.

It has a geolocation system that shows you nearby women in the distance range you want. It also has an interesting option to meet people not nearby (specifying the desired city) if you are thinking of going on a trip or moving and thus meet someone there beforehand. A free version with which you can send messages and like, and a paid version that unlocks several additional options.



Grindr is one of the most popular gay-themed apps.

If Wapa is an option only for them, Grindr is it for them. This app is designed to establish relationships between men, and it has become quite popular. It is not too demanding when completing the profile and its use is very intuitive. Just sign up, enter a username and fly.

The most recurrent complaint of app users is the number of false or incomplete profiles, but something fairly normal is assumed since the free version is extensive and the data required to use it are not too many.