7 Best Applications to Download Torrents on Android

Downloading torrents is something that you have been able to do on multiple occasions with your computer, but did you know that you can also do it from your mobile or tablet? In this article, we recommend the 7 best apps to download torrents on Android and thus get the files you need.

In the Play Store, there are many Torrent clients, but not all of them have the functionality or the appropriate design to offer you a good user experience. After analyzing the available options, we have selected the best clients to download torrents from mobile, and then we will talk about them.

The 7 best apps to download torrents on Android mobiles

Perhaps the names µTorrent or BitTorrent are familiar to you because you have used these programs to download torrents from your computer. In Android, the popularity of these tools remains, although other important applications can also be very useful as a download center for these types of files.



μTorrent is the most popular Torrent client for Android

There is no doubt, the most popular Torrent client for Android is µTorrent, an app that you will be able to master without problems if you have used its program for PC. More than 100 million downloads in the Play Store support the operation of µTorrent, which has a very clear design that will make it easy for you to download files directly to your mobile or tablet.

With no limits on download speed or file size, this Torrent client has everything you can look for in these types of applications: good design, operation, and speed when downloading torrents. In addition, you can use its WiFi-only mode to save data on your mobile rate and choose the folder in which the downloaded files will be stored, among many other options. Without a doubt, it could sneak in as one of the Android apps too good to be free.



Bittorrent 2

Bittorrent 3

Also created by BitTorrent, this application shares a large part of µTorrent’s functionalities and design: fast downloads, no speed or size limit, WiFi mode, and dark theme, among others. After the latest changes were made to BitTorrent, its interface has been improved, and files can now be selected within a torrent to minimize the use of space used on the device.

In BitTorrent, you can add both downloaded torrent files and those with magnetic links. In short, it is a complete tool that will be of use to you if you want to download torrents at high speed with no size limits.



Flud 2

Flud 3

Many years have passed since we recommended Flud to download torrents on Android. That advice is repeated in this article, as Flud is still one of the best torrent clients for this operating system. With a design based on simplicity, this application also offers you the possibility of downloading or sharing files directly on your mobile or tablet without download or upload limits.

With support for magnetic links, Flud allows you to prioritize downloading those files that you need most urgently. Like the other options, this app also has a dark theme and battery-saving mode to activate downloads when the device is connected to a WiFi network. On the other hand, the use from a tablet is just as comfortable as from the phone since Flud has an interface optimized for them.


Torrdroid 2

One of the complete Torrent clients for Android is TorrDroid, which has accumulated more than 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 in the Play Store. In addition to downloading torrents on your mobile or tablet, TorrDroid is also a search engine that gives you quick and easy access to these types of files.

Enter a search term, and the application will show you the results found. Then, you have to click on the chosen file to start the download in the same app. In addition to this function, TorrDroid can also open files that you have downloaded from other pages or that come from magnetic links.

tTorrent Lite

tTorrent Lite

In this list, we cannot overlook tTorrent Lite, one of the most popular high-speed torrenting options. Among the features of this app, we find the choice of files within a torrent that has several, the possibility of creating and sharing torrent files, or the WiFi mode so that the files are only downloaded when you are connected to this type of network.



torrent 2

torrent 3

Defined by its managers as the fastest torrent client for Android, WeTorrent is an application with a beautiful and clean design with which you can download torrents without a speed limit. Of course, you can download several files simultaneously to your Android mobile or tablet and open both those files that you have downloaded and those that come from magnetic links.

By activating WiFi mode, you can enable downloads to only take place when you connect to a WiFi network. In addition, in WeTorrent, you can stop the downloads and resume them whenever you want. Finally, from the application itself, you can open, view, and delete downloaded files.




MediaGet 2

MediaGet 3

We finish with MediaGet, a free app to download torrents on Android that stands out for its integrated search for files on the web. Please enter your search terms, and MediaGet will show you the results it has found on the web. You can then select the torrent file you were looking for and download it directly in the app.

From the main MediaGet screen, you can manage all the downloads, stopping and resuming them when you need them. With over 10 million downloads and a great average rating of 4.7, MediaGet is hands down one of the best torrent clients you can use on Android.