8 Best Applications to Download Movies on Android, Free and Legal

If you want to watch movies and series in offline mode, discover how to download movies, series, or TV shows for free from your Android mobile with legal applications.

Currently, audiovisual entertainment has evolved by leaps and bounds, the way to consume this medium is through the streaming format, be it movies, series, documentaries, concerts … All these types of activities are now through a screen and in the comfort of our home as long as you have an Internet connection.

8 best applications to download movies on Android free and legal

To watch movies and series, several entertainment services have been created, including Disney +, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more. However, after the free trial, you must make a monthly or annual payment depending on the plan you have purchased to continue enjoying the content.

For this reason, some development companies have been given the task of creating specialized mobile applications in the world of cinema, music, gaming …, where they logically offer their services for free as an alternative for those who do not have money to pay for some streaming service.

This time we show you the best applications to download movies to your Android mobile totally free and 100% legal. Join us!

These are the 8 best applications to download movies on Android

  • Netflix
  • Google Play Movies
  • Crackle
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hoopla Digital
  • Hotstar
  • Plex
  • Pluto TV

Previously we showed you some apps to watch series and movies on mobile phones/tablets. Now, you will see a collection of applications from Google Play that you can use to download legal movies from your mobile device with the Android operating system.

The great thing about these apps is that they are free, and they allow you to enjoy the seventh art in the best audiovisual quality.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in recent years, and, of course, it has a mobile application with functions that you will like. Although you have to pay for a membership, thanks to its extensive catalog, you can enjoy movies, series, and documentaries and even download free movies so you can watch them offline.

And don’t worry about paying; there are many ways to get Netflix cheaper, either by sharing your profiles with family or friends or by being a joiner on platforms like Together Price.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is one of Google’s native apps host thousands of blockbuster movies, yet these titles come at a price.

The good news is that the application periodically offers certain movies totally free. This content is usually old, but it is still an excellent alternative to watch and download free and totally legal movies.


Google Play Movies is one of Googles native apps that hosts thousands of blockbuster movies yet these titles come at a price.

The Sony production company is diversified in different areas, and one of them is the creation of programs and applications. One of his most popular creations is Crackle; this application has the function of providing audiovisual entertainment through Android devices.

In turn, this platform has a large catalog of successful films, various television programs, and many genres to choose from. Thanks to its sober and minimalist interface, interaction with the app are effortless, and one of its most attractive functions is the possibility of downloading any movie or series at no cost.



One of the preferred services to legally enjoy animes with Spanish subtitles is Crunchyroll. And as expected, this service has a mobile application full of the best animes that have made their mark on our hearts.

In addition, you will have the joy of watching various films from independent production companies and some hit Nickelodeon shows. Although one of the negative points of Crunchyroll is its invasive advertising, it is justified since that is the platform. As if that were not enough, it allows you to enjoy and download audiovisual content completely free.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

One of the complete entertainment applications to watch and download free movies is Hoopla Digital. It presents a large entertainment library where you will not have to pay a single euro.

Thanks to the platform, you will be able to delight yourself with movies, television shows, e-books, music, and even comics. And for the user’s convenience, the app also comes with support for Android TV and Chromecast.



If you are a lover of Bollywood cinema, the Hotstar application is the one for you. It is one of the best apps to download Indian movies on Android. As you read, the app has been designed and is specialized in showing movies, television shows, and live sports clearly from the Republic of India.

And to improve the user experience, Hotstar has different languages, especially English and Spanish. Its interface is quite easy to use and is an excellent alternative to enjoy different and quality content.



Plex a few years ago is not even the shadow of what it is today. Now on its renewed platform, it is possible to get a library with more than 1000 films of all genres, and, of course, its catalog includes Hollywood hits.

Although the app has advertising, it is not invasive, so it does not interfere with the user experience when browsing through it. Best of all, it allows you to download movies in ultra HD quality for viewing without an internet connection.

Pluto TV

Another alternative to download movies for free is through Pluto TV. This application has hundreds of television channels from all over the world, exclusive content with various categories (action, comedy, drama, horror, sports, family, mystery, and even reality shows).

Being a free platform, it includes its usual advertising. However, it is not annoying at all. Its interface is very comfortable to use and is organized with movies and series for all tastes, so you don’t need to be an expert in the field to learn how to handle it perfectly.

We hope that these 8 applications can help you download movies from your Android mobile totally free and thus enjoy streaming content from anywhere without restrictions. If you liked this article, discover how to watch TV for free on your mobile with these 6 apps for Android.