AI’s Affect On The Gaming Industry


AI Affect On The Gaming IndustryAI has been affecting the gaming industry for some time now, and it’s all positive. Artificial intelligence, to give it its full name, is arguably one of the most essential tools in gaming, and this applies whether you’re developing content, hosting it or even playing it. But just how has it, and does it, manage to have such an impact?

One of the first things to understand about AI is that it has managed to have a positive influence in all areas of gaming. So, instead of it being limited to elements of video gaming that happens on console, for example, it’s a technology that is also ideally suited to interactive services such as playing live casino games online. And it’s perhaps having versatility like this as to why artificial intelligence is as prominent as it is within the various gaming sectors.

As we mentioned above, AI affects all areas of gaming, very much from content being created to it being played. And a prime example of how it significantly impacts development is with more recent video game titles such as Fortnite. What Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite do, is use AI to work out which parts of the game players are enjoying and which not so much. This then allows them to deliver updates that will only serve to improve the overall experience for most gamers.

AI Affect On The GamingAnother aspect where the introduction of AI has been handy is with skill level. It wasn’t so long ago that when firing up a video game, be it on console or PC; you had to decide which skill level to play at. But now, a lot of games operate with what’s known as dynamic skill levels. And in short, this means that the AI is monitoring how skilled a player is at a game and then will make adjustments accordingly. When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense because, generally, the more time you put into a game, the better at it you become.

Most of the people reading this will have played an open-world game such as one of the Grand Theft Auto titles over the years. But, did you ever consider how clever NPCs in the game became and how it was possible? Well, it’s something AI has been integral with improving. What artificial intelligence has allowed for is for NPCs to become smart. They know how to interact with in-game objects, how to behave and basically how to blend in.

And finally, we mentioned casino earlier, and an area where AI has been absolutely crucial is in guarding against problem gambling and fraud. AI learns patterns of behaviour, and when behaviour changes in a negative way, it’s immediately spotted, which allows operators to take action. It’s just another way that AI has had a positive influence on the gaming industry as a whole, and this will continue to be the case for years to come.