Amazfit GTS: analysis of the best smartwatch in value for money

Amazfit is one of the Xiaomi sub-companies that we already know a lot about due to its trajectory in recent years, in which the firm has released devices such as the Amazfit Bip that we already talked about at the time and that to this day continues to be An incredible option if you are looking for an ultra-cheap, entry-level smartwatch with which to get started in the world of smartwatches.

Amazfit GTS analysis of the best smartwatch in value for money

And now, we will talk to you about the Amazfit GTS, one of the best watches that the company has, which I have been testing for a month, and of which we are going to see its strengths, but also its shortcomings. Although I already anticipate that it is a device that is worth it, and a lot, thanks to some aspects such as its design or its autonomy.

Amazfit GTS: a technical sheet of characteristics and specifications

Amazfit GTS


Screen 1.65-inch AMOLED display at resolution (348 × 442)
Pixel density 340 pixels per inch
Compatibility From Android 4.4 and iOS 9
Battery           220 mAh capable of lasting more than 20 days
Others Accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, light sensor, GLONASS GPS, Bluetooth 5.0
Protection Resistance to water and dust. Submersible up to 5 ATM

The best of the Amazfit GTS

A design that is inspired by the lines of the Apple Watch but does not copy it

The design of the Amazfit GTS is one of its great virtues, since it brings us a very clean aesthetic, with few frames that, if the background is black, are imperceptible and symmetrical, which, at least in this type of watch, gives a much better appearance.

The clock has charging pins in its lower part that will allow us to fill its battery, while on its right side, we only find a button, centered, that will allow us to turn on the screen, turn it off, and return to the home screen when we are browsing device menus.

The best of the Amazfit GTS

It is a watch with a square crown, it is not a copy of the Apple Watch, but it has certain similarities, such as the scarcity of frames and symmetry. Personally, I like square smartwatches better, and this is a good example of how to do things since it is light, its screen looks good, responds well to the touch, and aesthetically it seems very beautiful.

It is built in aluminum, which feels very good in the hand, but the strap is made of rubber, and it may not be to everyone’s taste, but luckily, there is an infinite number of alternatives to this.

The straps of the Amazfit GTS are 20 millimeters and are interchangeable; in fact, any strap of the Amazfit Bip will work for this. In Amazon or Aliexpress, you can find alternatives to the rubber strap that comes standard, so you can wear the material you want on your wrist.

A perfect looking screen and software

The device’s screen is a real delight, rest assured, since it has a density of 340 pixels per inch. To give you an idea, Xiaomi’s flagship, the Mi 10, boasts 380 pixels per inch.

The translation, basically, is that we are facing a screen that, although it is on a clock, does not look bad, but rather gives us the impression of looking at the screen we have on our mobile, but in a much smaller format.

By lowering the upper curtain on the home screen, we can access the brightness control, do not disturb mode, the flashlight, and the device lock. The brightness of this reaches a maximum of 430 nits, which means that even under sunlight on a clear day, we can see the screen’s content without problem.

The Amazfit GTS has an Always On Display mode that will show the time and steps at all times if we wish, although in a somewhat more minimalist way than as we see it with the watch faces of the terminal. That is, you do not have the home screen arranged on the screen all the time, but the time and the steps appear straightforwardly.

A really good looking screen and software

The experience with the screen has been completely satisfactory, whether outdoors or indoors; the screen looks great, and it can also regulate the brightness autonomously through automatic brightness, so you do not have to worry about raise it and lower it.

In addition, at the software level, we have the most interesting things, such as the flashlight mode, which fills the screen with white to illuminate us at night, or the possibility of customizing the main screen to add the icons that allow us to control the playback multimedia, or the countdown, which in my experience I have used every day and which makes time management much easier.


The autonomy of this watch is outstanding since I think that nobody likes to have to charge the watch they wear on their wrist every day, and this device allows us to spend almost a month without having to reach for the charger.

And it is that, if we have the heart rate measurement activated and the notifications, the autonomy will be around two weeks, or perhaps a little less, while if the only thing we activate is the reception of notifications, this can reach up to 20 or more days.


Like the vast majority of these types of devices, charging is done using a magnetic pin charger that is included in the box, and just by bringing it closer to the device, it will start charging it without us having to do anything. Comfortable and simple.

On the other hand, there are aspects such as the Always On Display that can also drain the battery, so it will depend a bit on the way you use the watch, but you can be sure that it will exceed a week and a half. Of use…

The less good of the Amazfit GTS

Small details

This Amazfit GTS offers an excellent experience in every way. However, there are small details that could be improved. For its price, we do not ask for more, but it is not perfect, things as they are.

First of all, there are times when the screen is not as responsive as we would expect from a smartphone, although in my opinion, it is something that compensates thanks to its resolution, which, as we have said, offers a good experience.

On the other hand, I would like to be able to choose what is seen in the quick settings curtain, since although these icons are well-chosen, perhaps for my use, it would be better to replace the lock button with, for example, the alarm button. However, we indeed have total customization in the rest of the watch’s aspects.

The less good of the Amazfit GTS

Andro4all’s opinion

After testing this watch for more than a month, I can say that it is one of the best smartwatches you can find for just over a hundred euros or even the best since it offers us around experience about its price.

Autonomy, which is one of the sections that I consider most important, is very satisfactory. We can also adjust our use to extend it if we need it, something that comes in handy for situations where we want to extend it for a day.

On the other hand, the design of this watch has dazzled me from the first moment. It is a device that is not bulky, has good construction materials, and has few frames that, in addition, with its AMOLED screen, seem non-existent when we have a watch face with a black background.

Price and where to buy the Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is available for purchase in online stores such as Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress, and its retail price is 129 euros. However, we can find it for a little less on some occasions, which leaves it at an excellent price than you should take advantage of.