Best apps to learn, practice and solve math with your mobile

  • Learn math with these applications: practice and solve operations using your mobile.

Your mobile can be a great tool to improve or reinforce your knowledge, thanks to the excellent education apps available for download. For example, Calculator is an entertaining game that helps you learn math with detailed graphics.

After showing you which are the best Android apps for college, we will focus on just one educational field: math. No matter what level you have, you can use the following apps to learn, practice, and solve math using only your mobile phone.

Best apps to learn, practice and solve math with your mobile

Math apps: the seven best you can use

  • Photomath
  • King of mathematics
  • Microsoft Math
  • Graphing calculator + Math
  • GeoGebra
  • Smartick
  • Free Formulas
  • Socratic
  • Fx Calculator

Depending on what you are looking for, some math apps may be more suitable for you than others. Next, we will choose seven of the best that we have been able to find to solve operations and equations from your smartphone.


We have talked a lot in Andro4all by Photomath, an app available on Android to help you with math. Just by focusing on a mathematical problem with the mobile camera, Photomath shows you the solution and explains the process step by step so that you can understand how it has reached the final result.

In addition, you can also edit the problems with the scientific calculator and use its interactive graphs to learn more about the solution. As a noteworthy fact, Photomath is an app to learn mathematics; it does not need an internet connection to work.

King of Mathematics

The level of this application for mathematics is similar to that of secondary education. In the beginning, you are a farmer who must answer well to mathematical questions to improve the level.

Among the problems, you will find addition, subtraction, equations, geometry, arithmetic, statistics, and powers, among other topics. In summary, King of Mathematics is one of the best apps on the Play Store to learn or reinforce your mathematical knowledge in a fun way.

Microsoft Math

Microsoft itself has its app for math and problem solving, and not only that, but it’s also one of the best you can download.

This is Microsoft Math, a fantastic tool that will help you practice and improve your skills in this field.

Graphing calculator + Math

This application, developed by Mathlab, is perfect for solving mathematical problems and unraveling the operation that leads to the final result.

Enter the problem you want to solve in the upper bar, and the app will help you with its different calculators: graphing, scientific, fraction, algebra, and matrix. It should be noted that the free version requires an internet connection and has ads.


GeoGebra is one of the most advanced apps in the application store since it allows you to solve problems, make graphs of functions, polar and parametric curves; perform statistics and calculations; experiment with sliders, dots, and graphs; obtain intersections, integrals, derivatives, etc.; save and share your results; and look for new free activities to keep improving your knowledge.


This math app is geared for children between 4 and 14 years old.

Each day, they can do 15-minute sessions that adapt to their pace and abilities. Smartick combines math, logic, programming, and reading comprehension so that children learn using their mobile for only a quarter of an hour a day.

Free Formulas

High school students, university students, or even engineers can use this app to learn about formulas of any difficulty. Geometry, trigonometry, algebra, equations, analytical geometry, derivatives, and integrals are available in this math application, allowing you to share the formulas with other users.

In addition, Free Formulas has a search engine to quickly find the formula you are looking for and a favorites folder to save the most used recipes there.


Microsoft is not the only great company that has its application for learning mathematics. Google is another of the significant firms that offer a tool with which to practice and solve operations.

Socratic doesn’t just show you the solutions to problems and mathematical equations. With it, you will see the steps to follow until you reach that solution to learn, and it is easier for you to understand the procedure.

Fx Calculator

Fx Calculator offers users multiple functions: the primary and scientific calculator, an equation solver, a camera that solves the problems you focus on, a calculation history, and a comprehensive calculator.

It also contains a list of math and physics formulas and a programming calculator. In summary, Calculator Fx is a great math app that turns your mobile into a complete calculator.