Best Free Weather Widgets for Android Phones

You probably already have a good weather app installed on your mobile. But you can always go further, either with a rain and storm alarm or with a weather widget with which you can see the status of the weather directly from your home screen.

Today we focus on the latter case, selecting the best downloadable weather widgets for Android.

Weather widgets for Android: the best you can download for free

  • Overdrop
  • Yahoo Weather
  • Geometric Weather
  • Today Weather
  • Carrot Weather
  • YoWindow Weather
  • MyRadar Weather
  • Appy Weather
  • AccuWeather

Among the widgets that we have chosen, you can find them of all kinds. Some of them are animated weather widgets, while others are much simpler and allow you to catch a glimpse of the weather status at a glance.

Weather widgets for Android the best you can download for free


On its day, we already analyzed Overdrop, a minimalist weather app with an exquisite design, which stands out for having a modern and easy-to-use user interface, and for including a large collection of useful widgets for the home screen.

Overdrop has widgets of all styles and for all tastes, with minimalist, colorful and simple designs, as well as some inspired by other popular widgets such as the Google Pixel weather widget.

In total, there are more than 50 different widgets, which allow you to show the status of the weather in real-time, as well as the date and time of the remaining battery level.

Today, Overdrop could perfectly have the best weather widgets for Android for its immense variety. In addition, we are talking about one of the most advanced weather apps with the best design.

Yahoo Weather

One of the classics in weather apps is Yahoo Weather. Its interface may not be as polished as that of other applications of this type, but it does have some useful widgets that show all the information that we might need when consulting the weather.

Geometric Weather

Another weather app that stands out for having a simple and careful design is Geometric Weather. And of course, it also includes a good handful of quality widgets for the home screen.

One of its advantages is the possibility of customizing the widget with different styles to adapt it to the style of our home screen.

Geometric Weather

Today Weather

Today Weather

It is one of our favorite weather apps, and it is, among other things, because it has an exquisite design, which also extends to the appearance of the home screen widgets that the application has.

All of them maintain a simple and elegant aesthetic, according to the design of the application. In addition, it is possible to choose between different sizes and different widgets to choose from.

Carrot Weather

Since its arrival on Android, Carrot Weather has already become one of the best weather apps out there.

It is a very original app, with somewhat unusual messages for an application of this type. It also has a customizable widget. The app is free, although some of its functions are paid.

YoWindow Weather

With a design similar to Yahoo Weather, YoWindow offers an accurate weather experience thanks to the various sources of obtaining meteorological information it uses.

All this is combined with a useful weather widget with different styles to choose from. Among the collection of widgets, we find clock and weather widget, weekly weather forecast, 14-day weather forecast, or widget for current weather.

MyRadar Weather

MyRadar takes the experience of weather apps one level further, giving the possibility of consulting an animated weather radar. Said radar can be had in a widget on the home screen to check weather changes to our location quickly.

Appy Weather

Winner of one of the Google Play Store design awards, Appy Weather, is one of the best weather apps out there today. It has a minimalist but colorful design and offers a more personal experience by displaying information that is easy to understand by any user.

Its widgets are handy and maintain a minimalist design, according to the aesthetics of the application itself. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your home screen, without a doubt, Appy Weather is the app you need.


Probably one of the most famous weather apps out there. AccuWeather is not only an app to check the complete status. It also includes widgets of different styles, which can be customized to check the weather forecast in the most visual way possible.