Edit your videos like a pro with the best video editing apps

  • The best apps to edit videos should be free and have a simple and intuitive interface.
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  • The phones with the best camera on the market

An excellent photographic system is one of the main requirements that we ask of a smartphone. Yes, your mobile records good videos, but what happens next? Fortunately, quality cameras are becoming more common among terminals, some even counting with 4K video recording. You no longer need to go to the computer to edit them; you can do it from your phone with the best apps to make and edit videos on Android.

There are many video editing tools, but not all of them fulfill their function as they should. To make your task more accessible, we have analyzed the Play Store in search of those apps that have everything to help you create great audiovisual pieces.

The nine best apps to edit videos on Android for free

Once the characteristics of an excellent app to edit videos on Android are clear, it is time to make the selection. After thoroughly researching the Google App Store, we want to recommend the following free video editors. As a clarification, the order of the following list is random; the apps are not ordered under any criteria.

Index of contents:

  • InShot
  • FilmoraGO
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Quik
  • KineMaster
  • YouCut
  • VivaVideo
  • Cyberlink ActionDirector
  • VideoShow


Our selection begins with InShot, a video editing app with more than 100 million downloads from the Play Store alone. And it is no wonder because it is a free editor, easy to use, and full of functions that allow you to carry out professional editing: cut clips, edit audio, include transitions and music, merge videos or enter labels, among others. Many others.

You will have the possibility to compress and convert clips, in addition to working with a wide variety of formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, or 3GP. In addition, you can change the image’s dimensions to adapt them to the characteristics of the social network in which you want to publish the video, for example, Instagram. InShot has a premium version with which you can remove the watermark in the exported video and access other extra functions.


The best professional video editing program on Windows and Mac also has a version for Android, and it’s called FilmoraGO. The app is designed to be used with the smartphone in a horizontal position, as in some other examples that you will know in this list. Editing is quite simple, with a selection of categories that you will find on the right of your screen, thanks to which you can add music, change transitions and add themes, among others.

If you press Edit, you will see a whole toolbar appear with which you can modify even the smallest detail of your recordings. Of course, you can also work with several videos simultaneously and join them at will. FilmoraGo contains purchases; some filters, transitions, and layers are paid, but you can use it to make a complete video editing without spending a single euro.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

After the disappearance of Adobe Premiere Clip from the Play Store, Adobe has opted for Premiere Rush as a video editor for Android. As you can expect, as it is an app from this company, Premiere Rush is an editor that offers you all the tools you need to edit pieces at a professional level. We checked this after analyzing the application.

Available on the Play Store since May 2019, Premiere Rush begins with a tutorial to explain the most critical aspects of the editing process to the most novice users in this topic. After this first step, you will have direct access to tools such as the multitrack timeline, inserting labels and titles, voice overlays, filters for clips, or sound adjustments, among others.

This video editing app is focused on quick and easy editing without sacrificing professional quality. Once the assembly is finished, you can select which social network you will share it so that the app automatically adjusts its size. Unfortunately, not all Adobe Premiere Rush features are free, and to access the full version, you must pay a subscription.


Developed by GoPro, Quik is another free video editor that you can use on your Android to create eye-catching pieces in just a few steps. You can add the photos and videos you want to make the final piece and select one of the 23 different editing styles that the app offers you, each of them with meticulous graphics and transitions. Also, you can add songs from your collection as Quik supports MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, and WAV.

If you don’t like the editing style of the app, you can always trim and reorder the clips as you please. To these, you can insert texts and emojis, play them in fast or slow motion or render them in high definition. In addition, you can choose to save it in film, portrait, or landscape format to prepare it for publication on social networks such as Instagram.


KineMaster is a powerful horizontal video editor that has all the tools you need to make good edits. After choosing the ratio of the video, you will access a media browser where you can select the clips you want to insert in the timeline. Afterward, the editing of each pin is individual, being able to retouch its color, add graphics to it, cut it or rotate it without the changes affecting the others. Of course, you can also use effects, filters, and transitions to retouch the video.

With this app to edit videos, you can also insert music to play with the piece’s rhythm. Finally, you can choose the resolution and the frames per second when exporting the video, thus controlling its size. Most KineMaster features are free, though a $ 4.19 / month subscription is available to remove the watermark, skip the ads, and access premium resources.



Developed by InShot, YouCut is another video editor for Android that is very useful to carry out quick and easy edits, a fundamental aspect for those who do not have much control of this tool. With an interface designed for vertical use, with YouCut, you can easily add clips, trim them, change their order, insert transitions and graphics, and add sounds.

One of the strengths of this app is that it is free and has no ads, a fundamental aspect of being able to do a good edition without being bothered by advertising. In addition, when you export the video, you will see that YouCut does not add a watermark to the piece, a detail that is also worth highlighting.


With a score of 4.4 on Google Play and more than 100 million downloads, there is no doubt that VivaVideo is one of the applications preferred by users. With it, you can create movies with a selection of your photos, as well as edit videos and record yourself in the purest TikTok style.

It is a relatively simple application in its options and with effects and transitions that you will have to download. You can also add music, text, and blurred backgrounds to clips to create more original videos. VivaVideo is ad-supported and watermarked, so if you want to get rid of them and unlock more options, you will have to sign up for its premium version.

Despite being one of the most popular video editing apps, it is not one of the most recommended. And it is that its security problems and the fraudulent techniques carried out by its developers have made it no longer a recommended app. However, its capabilities as a video editor for mobile phones are undeniable.

ActionDirector, the Cyberlink app, is another of the most prominent video editors for Android, thanks to a simple interface and the extensive resources it offers to users. With support for videos up to 4K, ActionDirector is focused on the editing and production of action videos. Thus, you can change the playback speed of specific fragments, add music to play with the rhythm and add titles and text to complete the editing.

Once the final cut is achieved, you can export it and share it at full resolution without losing a bit of the quality of the original clips. In short, Cyberlink ActionDirector is a simple, accessible, and feature-rich video editing app for creating good action pieces.


The first thing we find is a relatively colorful main screen, with a selection of themes and effects that we can download. Also, a helpful section, among which we find tools to compress, go from video to audio, trim, and convert.

You can edit videos from your gallery or record them directly with what they call Super Camera, with which you can apply filters and add music while recording. The editing tab shows the most common tools, such as transitions, sound effects, and filters, along with other more original ones such as voice-over. You must bear in mind that VideoShow will leave a watermark on your creations. To do without it, you must go to the cashier and subscribe to the paid version, available for 22.99 euros per year.

What do we demand of a good video editor?

As we said, there are many apps to edit videos on Android, but not all of them are as complete as we might hope. Next, we explain what requirements a good video editor for your mobile and tablet must meet, and, in addition, we give you some tips to achieve good results when editing your pieces.

What do we demand of a good video editor

  • Free and with an intuitive interface: it is essential that the video editor you download on your Android is free, and we already anticipate that the best editing apps meet that requirement. In addition, the application’s interface must be intuitive so that its use is simple both for the most professional users and for those who are editing a video for the first time.
  • Broad format support: short route has an edition of the application barely has support for the two or three most popular video formats since it will significantly limit the possibilities of adding videos to the piece. Therefore, you should look for an app to edit videos that has the broad support of formats.
  • Color editing: the color captured by the video camera is not always the one you want, so the app must offer you the possibility of applying filters and effects to the different clips to modify the image’s tones. Be careful because it is not advisable to use them without sense since you risk an overloaded edition that ruins the photos.
  • Audio control: the audio of a video is just as important as the visible part; that’s why you should look for an editor that allows complete editing of the sound. Being able to raise and lower the volume of each of the clips is the minimum you should ask for, in addition to the use of music. This last part is critical, as it will allow you to play with the rhythm of the video. Here we also have some advice to give you, and that is that you must be careful when choosing the song that you add to the piece. For example, if it is a video of shots and fast transitions, it is not very good that you put a ballad in the background since it would not go according to the rhythm of the piece.
  • Transitions: those transitions between shots that we talked about before are other vital functions that you should require from the video editor that you are going to use regularly. These will allow you to innovate more when creating the piece and bet on a more complex edition, having the option of avoiding the usual change of plane by cutting.
  • Resolution when exporting: what is the use of having videos recorded in 4K if you ship them in low resolution? A good video editor should offer you extensive resolution and format options when rendering your work. When doing so, you should pay attention to keep the high resolution of the images.