Basics To Learn About Blackjack Card Counting At Amunra


Blackjack Card

The chance of winning a big score in blackjack is higher than in other games. It depends entirely on which cards are left and which are already out. Keeping track of your change and recording the outstanding denominations is called blackjack card counting, and knowing about it will help you win at Amunra at

Why It’s Important To Count Cards

Players, if they are constantly counting, can determine their chances accurately. It allows one to determine what is the best bet to place during the next round of dealing.

Counting the cards, an Amunra member can choose one of the most suitable options for action:

  • If there are still useful cards left, the bet can be increased;
  • When the balance is such that it’s likely to provide a profit to the gambling establishment, then it makes sense to make the minimum bet.

When starting the game, it’s important to be clear about the ultimate goal of winning from the gambling establishment’s dealers on different points and bets. For example, the gambler has five in hand, but he didn’t add another six to them. At the same time, the dealer took another ten, which increased the previously available in his hands fifteen. A bet won in this way is a good result obtained on a single card of small denomination.

People who are used to counting cards during a game are called counters in the language of professionals. The main thing is to stick to a few rules:

  • Fully own the chosen counting system;
  • Use a method consistently. Don’t give in to gambling and trust your intuition.

The Main Rule Of Counting

Modern casinos use six decks during blackjack, each deck consisting of fifty-two cards. This number is chosen to make it difficult to keep count. The basic system is based on the fact that you need to count all the cards and calculate the probability of one or the other.

The disadvantage of this tactic is that the dealer discards the rest of the deck played after three or four hands. Then the game is played with the deck mixed again. As a consequence, the gambler can lose the pluses earned in past deals.

The system is based on the assumption that during the next deal a card with a value of ten points will open. An Amunra visitor, with this knowledge, assigns different values to the cards:

  • From a two to a six, plus one;
  • From a ten to an ace, minus one;
  • From seven to nine – zero.

Observing the deal and remembering the cards that came out of the game, the user counts exactly the assigned values. The counting starts with zero. When counting, the sign before the number is counted, so that the result may be not only positive, but also negative.

For example, after the deal the following cards come out: three (plus one), eight (zero), Jack (minus one), queen (minus one), two aces (minus two). The result of the calculation will be minus three. This means that the deck is dominated by junior cards. The bigger the result, the more senior cards can fall out. Players know that in such a case, the probability of winning is much higher.

Brown’s Algorithm For Counting

Julian Brown, who received his doctorate in mathematics, was interested in how to count in blackjack. He decided to improve on the system proposed by Thorpe, removing any significant flaws from it. In the new system, aces and nines were also included in the calculation. This system is simple and anyone can use it while playing at Amunra at any online casino or a land-based gambling establishment, even if they don’t have any special knowledge.

Counting is done by memorizing the cards that are out of the game and identifying those that are left in the deck.