Change Default Apps on Android Easily and Quickly

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The ability to choose the default Android apps is one of the top-rated customization features of the operating system. So much so that even iOS decided to copy it in 2020.

And despite this, not everyone who uses Android knows that they can choose their favorite applications as default apps to carry out different actions, whatever the make and model of their mobile.

Therefore, in this guide, we will explain step by step what the default apps really are and how you can change them on your Android mobile or tablet.

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The launcher is one of the default applications on your mobile that you can change.

What are the default apps?

Every time an application executes an action that must be performed externally. In another app—, the operating system has established a series of default applications in which that action will be performed.

For example, if you open an Internet link received in a WhatsApp chat, it will open in the browser that you have chosen as the default.

These types of applications that open by default when executing actions can be changed. So if you’re using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or any of the many downloadable Android web browsers, you have the ability to choose your favorite as the default.

And not only the browser: Android also allows you to choose the default home, SMS, phone, calls, and Virtual Assistant application you want to use on your mobile.

How to choose the apps that open by default on Android

Best of all, changing our default apps is extremely simple.

You can do it on any mobile, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Xiaomi —with MIUI or Android One—, Huawei, Samsung, Pixel, realme, or any other model of any brand; the process is the same in any of them.

These are the steps to follow to change the default applications on Android:

1. Go to the “Applications and notifications” section in your mobile settings

The first thing you should do is open the settings application of your mobile.

Once there, go to the Applications and notifications section. As of Android 9, that is the section’s name where you can find the option to choose the default applications, although it may appear on your mobile with a different title.

2. Choose the option “Default options.”

Once inside that section, tap on Default applications. If this option does not appear, you may have to display the “Advanced” menu available on that same page.

Choose the option Default options

Choose the option Default options 2


3. Select the default apps you want to use on your Android

Finally, you have to choose your favorite applications as default. You will see that several different categories appear, in which you can select the applications compatible with each type of action or system element.

In addition, in the last option called “Open links”, you have the possibility of which app will open when executing each type of link. Thus, if, for example, you receive a link to Instagram, you can choose to open it directly in the social network app, in the browser, or any other compatible app.