Diablo Immortal is delayed until the first half of 2022. These will be all the features that will be improved

Diablo Immortal is delayed until the first half of 2022. These will be all the features that will be improved

The latest financial results that Activision Blizzard published a few months ago left us with great news by ensuring that Diablo Immortal would be released in 2021. However, the company has changed its plans after communicating that it will not finally be this year when we will see the mobile game, and instead, it is delayed until the first half of 2022.

Blizzard has published an entry on the game’s official blog in which it comments that so far, tens of thousands of players have been testing a preview of this new installment for mobile devices, which has served to modify or perfect numerous aspects and features for manage to create a perfect experience.

For this reason, to make all the appropriate arrangements, he has decided to postpone his arrival until sometime in the first months of next year. He has taken the opportunity to comment on all the news he is working on today, highlighting that some may change.

Diablo Immortal features to be improved.

PvE, the combat of the players themselves against the enemies, is something significant in the game, so the orders that are enabled will have greater relevance and at the same time offer better rewards. Additionally, higher-level challenge rifts will allow you to obtain upgrade materials that cannot be found anywhere else.

Those looking for a PvP experience, fighting against other players, can fully immerse themselves on the Battlefield, the place where champions will demonstrate their skills against each other. In this sense, how the ranks will be obtained is being refined and, above all, balancing all the classes so that none is superior to the others.

Some people do not like playing on the mobile screen too much. Therefore, Blizzard will do its best to adapt to the controllers so that the game is accessible to everyone regardless of how they would like to enjoy it.

Diablo Immortal features to be improved

On the other hand, the company will study how best to obtain the highest level equipment, and the legendary ones are still more coveted. There the Legend level will come into play to offer better rewards when it is very high, which will be a huge motivation for those who dare to play in more significant difficulties.

Finally, Blizzard does not want users to remain hooked every day for countless hours, so it will activate a weekly experience limit so that each one can manage their time however they want. Of course, those who have less time to play will receive an experience bonus to not lag too far behind the rest of the players.