Facebook is down and not working: How to know if it is crashing

Facebook servers increasingly suffer more failures that directly affect users of the company’s platforms. We already saw how it was possible to know if WhatsApp was down and not working, an essential process in those moments when, no matter how much you check your Internet connection, you cannot receive or send messages in the messaging app.

When WhatsApp falls and Instagram falls, the most common thing is that Facebook also does, which later usually apologizes without giving many explanations about what happened. Help information from Mark Zuckerberg’s network tends to be late for users, so it seems like it’s best to check for yourself that Facebook is down and not working.

First signs of Facebook’s downfall

You try to enter Facebook, and the web tells you that something has gone wrong, that they are working to fix the problem. Perhaps you can enter the web, but the publications do not load, the page remains blank, or your comments or private messages are not sent. These are the first signs that something on Facebook is not working correctly, at least for you.

The first thing you usually do when having problems on social networks like Facebook thinks that it only affects you. You disconnect the phone from the Wi-Fi network, test mobile data, restart the device … None of that is useful; it seems that Facebook has insisted on not working.

You can ensure this when using other apps that require Internet access, which will continue to work usually. Once confirmed that the failure is only on Facebook, it is time to take action and clear up the following question: does the social network problem affect all users or just you?

How to know if Facebook is down and not working

You can answer that question thanks to several lifesaving tools when excellent digital services go down. The first one is DownDetector, a website you will have to enter and look for the “Facebook” option. Once inside its section, you will be able to see the current state of the network and confirm if it does not work at that time.

In addition to that critical feature, you can also report your problems using the “I have a problem with Facebook” button or check bugs that have been resolved in the last few days. The incident map is also important, where you can see which areas are experiencing failures in the Facebook servers.

How to know if Facebook is down and not working

Another similar tool is Outage Report, where you will also have to enter the Facebook section to consult the information on the platform. You can confirm if Facebook has severe problems, which countries are suffering the consequences, and how many reports it has received in the last 20 minutes.

Like DownDetector, Outage Report also has a map that reflects the affected areas and a button (“Not working for me!”), With which you can report your problems with Facebook. Does the same utility have The Service Down? A website that is responsible for receiving reports and informing you about the failures of digital services can also help you.

How to know if Facebook is down and not working 1

Another good option to check that Facebook has fallen globally is #FacebookDown, commonly used on Twitter. The microblogging social network has become the secondary platform to which all users go to complain when Instagram goes down and does not work, just like Facebook or WhatsApp.

A few seconds per #FacebookDown on Twitter are needed to confirm that Facebook’s servers are down. If it is still not 100% clear to you, turn to those useful websites like DownDetector to make sure that Facebook has gone down, and you can only wait until it is active again.