Fancy playing GTA V on your Android phone?

We explain how to do it Fancy playing GTA V on your Android phone?

  • That’s how easy it is to play Grand Theft Auto V on your Android mobile

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can play GTA 5 on your Android mobile or tablet with the help of the Remote Play function of PS4 or through Xbox Game Cloud.

The Grand Theft Auto saga or also known as GTA, is not only one of the most popular video game sagas but also one of the best-selling  Its most recent title, GTA V, is one of the most downloaded on platforms such as PlayStation and, rarely, there is still someone on the face of the earth who has not yet tried it.

Despite being an incredible video game, full of action, humor, and especially a lot of freedom, GTA V can only be enjoyed natively on desktop consoles or computers. Unlike other games in the GTA saga that can be purchased in the Google application store, the fifth installment cannot be enjoyed on a mobile phone, which is normal considering the power it requires.

Now, you cannot put doors to the field. The good thing about Android is its infinite possibilities, and that is that if you want to play GTA V on your mobile phone, you can do it – albeit with a bit of cheating.

What is needed to play GTA V on your Android phone – or any other PS4 game –

If what you’re looking for is some kind of GTA V Mobile or some leaked GTA V APK, it doesn’t exist. Therefore obviously, we are not going to download any GTA V APK on our Android device. What we will need in our case is a PlayStation 4, an Android phone – it doesn’t have to be Sony – and a good internet connection. At some point, GTA V may also be available through other streaming platforms such as Google Stadia or Xcloud (Xbox Streaming). But right now, the only way to play GTA on our mobile is using PS4 Remote Play.

Although surely there is nothing better than enjoying the Sony console on the television in our living room or living room, it will not be the first time we cannot vitiate our favorite hobby because someone in our family is using it. Nothing happens because, as we already anticipated, we only need to install PS4 Remote Play from the Play Store to use our smartphone as if it were a television

It is a free app that allows us to pair our PlayStation 4 to our smartphone to enjoy our favorite video games, be it GTA V or any other. Moreover, in addition to viewing all the content of the Sony console, we will be able to use the mobile device as if it were remote control. However, we recommend using a Bluetooth remote control or the DualShock 4 itself.

What is needed to play GTA V on your Android phone

Once the app is installed, we will have to configure our PlayStation 4 :

  • We will go to the Settings, Remote Play connection settings, and activate the option.
  • After that, back to Settings, Account Management, Activate your PS4 as main.

Once all this is done, we will only have to have the PS4 turned on and our smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network and start the app to enjoy GTA V or any other game that we have in our library.

Obviously, the experience will not be the same as a television, but it can save us from some trouble. Just remember that if we want to pair our DualShock 4 controller with our smartphone, we will need to have Android 10.

In this easy and simple way, we can play the PlayStation 4 on our Android phones. But be careful; remote Play is also compatible with other iOS devices and Windows / Mac computers. What more can we gamers ask for?

Play GTA V on Android with Xbox Game Pass

Play GTA V on Android with Xbox Game Pass

GTA V on Android with Game Pass.

But not only PlayStation users can play Grand Theft Auto V on their Android phones. If you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, the cloud version of GTA V is included in your subscription from April 2021, so you can play GTA V on your mobile.

To do this, all you need – in addition to a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate Active – is to have the XXboxGame Pass application for Android on your mobile and to have a compatible controller that you can connect to your mobile such as the official Xbox.

It is worth bearing in mind that GTA V is not one of the Xbox Game Cloud games that can be played without a controller, so you will necessarily need one to play from your mobile.