How much your mobile is worth: how to calculate how much you can ask for it

Surely, at some point in your life, you have decided or decided to change your phone. While it is true that depreciation on Android can be a big problem for those who sell -and a great advantage for those who buy-, we can always recover a certain part of what was initially spent on our phone. Many users do not know how much their phone can be worth when it comes to selling it, and who end up setting a price that is too high that prevents them from selling it, or on the contrary, a price that is too low, based on what they are given for it in certain stores.

Today, we tell you how you can calculate what your phone is worth in the second-hand market so that you can sell it with a certain guarantee that the price you have set is consistent with the product you offer.

Where and where not to check what my phone is worth

Where and where not to check what my phone is worth

In this little guide on how to sell your second-hand phone at a great price, first of all, we will tell you where you should not check the price of your smartphone. Some certain pages and stores sell and buy used mobile phones that, although they may be recommended, are not so good to sell for a simple reason: they must profit from the purchase they are making. When a store buys your phone, they will probably think of selling it for practically double what they paid you, so they will offer you a ridiculous sum.

To give you an idea, for example, Cex WeBuy offers you 479 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, as long as it is pristine. A mobile that costs almost a thousand euros. They, on their website, claim that they sell it for 850 euros, so they are making 400 euros of profit for your phone, something that would not sit very well with the seller. These pages or stores should be the last resort or something to consider if you do not mind losing hundreds of euros and just want to get rid of the phone.

The great references, Wallapop and HTCmania

The great references Wallapop and HTCmania

Wallapop has become, over time, one of the largest sales platforms. The negotiations on this platform are fast, friendly, and effective, as long as you know who to do them with. Get rid of the cliché that there are only scammers and stolen phones, as the scoring system indicates that a seller/buyer is trustworthy.

If you are looking for a certain mobile model on Wallapop, you will surely see dozens of ads. There are always two extremes, the scammer who sells you a Galaxy S9 for 200 euros and the smart guy who sells it to you at the same price as in stores, but with two months of use. Removing the extremes, you will find quite a few serious ads in which you can see the average price that is asked for that mobile in the second-hand market.

In my case, I have bought and sold in Wallapop more than ten times, operations that have ended in 5-star ratings, since I have bought at a good price and with “guarantees”, and I have sold under the same conditions. Pages like Milanuncios or Vibbo also serve to estimate this average price, although the truth is that with the arrival of Wallapop, they are somewhat in the doldrums.

The great references Wallapop and HTCmania 1

HTCmania has quite an interesting sales section, where you will patiently sell your phone. You will see the average price with relative ease, although this page has a big problem: the users themselves. We are facing a great technology forum in which there are users desperate to charge their phones.

These benefits buyers, since you can find real bargains, such as mobile phones recently released and sealed or used for a few hours at hundreds of euros less. However, this punishes the sellers, who ask a logical price for their phones and see how others offer the same practically free. Therefore, in my personal opinion, you should fix Wallapop in the top 1 of portals to watch.

The great references Wallapop and HTCmania 2

On the other hand, you should look at the official price on Amazon. In many cases – more than you think – users are based on the price that the firm puts on the phone without being aware that Amazon can sell it for hundreds of euros less. Currently, Amazon is asking for 470 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Do you know how many ads there are in Wallapop for this mobile at 450 or 500 euros?

Your second-hand price should be, at least, about 100 euros below what Amazon asks for, and you will go down according to the brands of use, wear, accessories that you have, and others. The second-hand sale is a complex process, which many do not want to go through, and hence the use of stores that pay poorly for your phone but save you the adventure of doing it yourself.

From here, we recommend patience and a little vigilance when buying and selling phones online. You can sell your phone at a good price if you know how and where, so we do not recommend surrendering to the first second-hand store you find, which will make a big profit for having bought a phone for hundreds of euros at a small price.

Recommendations before selling your mobile

Now that you know how to set an appropriate price when selling your mobile, we recommend that you visit our article in which we tell you everything you must do before handing it over to its new owner so that you do not lose anything that you have stored in him, and also prevent other people from seeing what you have stored.