RNGs & How The Differ in American Vs. European Roulette


How The Differ in American Vs European Roulette

The timeline of the Roulette game is impressive and supposedly starts in Italy. The Italian game Biribi led to the creation of the Roulette wheel in 1720. Many historians believe that the early Roulette was invented in French in the 17th century. One historical event from more recent history is linked to the first Roulette seen on the internet. InterCasino was the leading platform to introduce online Roulette in 1996.

What’s an RNG?

The game is based on a white ball that lends on a specific spot. That spot indicates the winning number and color. In land-based casinos, a croupier throws the ball. Live Casinos work differently, and this is where the concept of RNG appears.

The Random Number Generator is the key hardware for numerous games. The program is developed to choose numbers without any specifications or indication. A true number generator respects the randomness of the matter, and nothing can change or influence the outcome.

Another key concept is a Pseudo-Number Generator. The way it works is the same, but it has to choose a number from a range, not just any number. The given value is a condition that limits its action, but the algorithm is not influenced. The results from a PRNG are still random.

How do the RNGs work for Roulette?

When a croupier throws the little ball, gravitation, friction, centrifugal force, and other given conditions interfere. They influence the final result of the game. Online Roulette found a way to get rid of every influencing factor by using an RNG.

While watching on the screen how the Roulette is spinning, the algorithm works fast in a continuous loop to give you an answer.

American Roulette Explained

American Roulette Explained

To better understand PRNG and RNG algorithms, you must first know the differences between the two main types of Roulettes. The programs work the same, but are the game’s odds the same?

American Roulette is distinct game version, consisting of 38 pockets on the wheel. This is the main feature to consider when deciding between the two. On American Roulette’s wheel are the first 36 numbers, including zero and a double zero.

The colors of the numbers are the same for both games, but this wheel has them displayed diagonally opposite. For example, 1 is opposite from 2, and 11 from 12.

House Edge

House edge is the casino’s advantage over you. It’s a number presenting how much a casino makes from your game.

The most critical aspect of online gambling is the RTP. This is different for each Roulette and casino. If you read the Terms & Conditions, you’ll find the exact RTP for whatever game of chance you are interested in. The American variant’s general RTP is 94-95%, so the house edge is around 5%.

European Roulette Explained

The European Roulette has 37 pockets, with the first 36 numbers carefully allocated in the red and black spots. The rules of placing the numbers are different from the first presented wheel. This one doesn’t put the numbers in opposition, and no more than two even or odd numbers in a row.

You see something interesting if you draw a straight line from the pocket containing the number zero. One half of the wheel will have all the low black and high red numbers, and the other one will have the low red and high black.

House Edge

House edge is present for both games. European Roulette presents a house edge of around 3%, meaning your RTP is 96-97%. The odds of getting the correct number are 1 in 37, a bit higher than in the American variant.

Some consider the differences essential and obvious, and some don’t look that deep. Each person decides on their own if that difference is considerable or not.

What should you choose?

Firstly you should get more information about the topic. See what experts say about both types. Understand the betting techniques and systems. Moreover, keep in mind that the European wheel has a French alternative where more betting rules appear.

For example, American Roulette has a Basket bet. This bet grants you to wager on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The payout is 6 to 1, and the house edge is around 8%. European Roulette offers you an opportunity to get back your wager. The En Prison bet is available for you only if the previous spin was a zero.

Secondly, the choice is all yours. If you want to exterminate all the forces that might influence the outcome, choose an online Roulette. The RNGs are well-developed and secure enough. It’s impossible to affect the results, bringing more thrill to the game.

The top online casinos will not bother with counterfeiting numbers. Pride and reputation come first when you are already an established, trustworthy, and famous platform. Rigging games is a waste of time for these casinos, so you don’t need to worry about that.