How to change the color or put any image on the Google keyboard

Google Keyboard 5.1 is now available to all users on Google Play. As we told you at the time, this is an important update, as it introduces an interesting change on a visual level: the themes.

Until now, on the Google keyboard, we could choose the colors, one white and one dark. But with this update, we now have themes of different colors at our disposal, and we even have the possibility of putting an image as the keyboard background, something that we have already taught you to do.

How to change the theme on the Google keyboard

To change the keyboard theme, we have to go to the keyboard settings. To do this, first, we access the settings of our Android device and look for the option “Language and keyboard.” Once inside, we press on the Google keyboard option, and there we will see the topics section.

When we press, we will see the different colors that we have available for the keyboard. We choose the one we want, and when we open the keyboard again, it will appear with the new theme. Here we can also choose whether or not we want the keys to having a border.

How to change the color or put any image on the Google keyboardTo put an image, click on the option dedicated to it, and the terminal gallery will open. We choose the image we want, and a screen will appear to adjust by pinching the size of the image to the keyboard with our fingers. In the next and last step, we will be able to adjust the brightness. A brighter, we will see less the keys and more the image, and with less brightness, the opposite.

How to change the color or put any image on the Google keyboard1Google Keyboard 5.1, what’s new

In addition to themes, this new Google keyboard update introduces support for more languages, such as Welsh, Burmese, or Turkmen. We will also see the recent emojis in the suggestion strip, and support for Android 7.0 Nougat is added.

Lastly, some known bugs have been fixed, such as some issues with TalkBack. We remind you that very soon, more than 70 new emojis will arrive on keyboards, in addition to a hundred more in support of gender equality.