How to Choose iGaming app for Paying your Local Currency


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Regarding online casinos, technology has grown. Mobile apps are now an essential part of entertainment for customers to play for real money. The convenience part requires that players use the best real money casino apps before playing casino games. A considerable advantage is making payments with the local currency. But how possible is it to find an iGaming app that fits this purpose?

This article will look at the different areas influencing the choice of an app that supports payment in local currencies and the providers. This will include reviews of the principles for casino apps in the UK, New Zealand, and Switzerland. But first, we begin with the benefits of what a local currency payment choice offers gamers.

Advantages of the Local Currency Payment

While all online casinos offer payment choices to customers, only a select few offer a chance to fund with local currency. This simple but influential act has top advantages. A primary effect among the benefits is the higher convenience gamers get. Here are some other top advantages.

  • Players can easily use local payment selections. Online casinos that allow gamblers to fund their accounts with the known currency will list local banking methods. This will allow customers to link their regular bank account with the casino, making funding and payouts easier.
  • Increases trustworthiness. Another significant advantage is that it builds the casino’s reputation. Gamers will readily select the best casino apps that allow them to fund their accounts with the regular payment choice they choose. No one wants to sign up for a casino platform where they will have to learn how to use a new payment option.
  • Another top advantage of local currency payments is that customers can fund with a known secure method. This reduces the sharing of much private information with new third-party payment providers.
  • Casino bonuses. Most online casino sites offer deposit bonuses when customers fund their accounts with a particular banking choice. Most casino review platforms describe these rewards. They come in different ways, especially as gamers only need to fund accounts using the local currency.

Principles of iGaming Paying in New Zealand

Gaming payments in NZ are diverse. Kiwi players are always open to different options, and most online casinos accepting NZ dollars are top sites with impressive reviews from gamers. This is not an easy feat, as the country’s online gaming industry is growing. Healthy competition results in customers in the middle with an impressive experience. Operators list different payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets (popular among Paysafecard, Skrill, etc.), Pay-by-phone, Bank wire, etc.

Principles of iGaming Paying in New Zealand

Credit and debit cards are the most common payment method available to kiwi gamers. The fact that customers can easily save the details on the casino platform and use it for recurrent funding makes it more comfortable. The next tool is e-wallets, a growing payment tool in NZ.  What you will find is that the majority of the sites process funding requests instantly. Withdrawals are fast, with a maximum processing time of 24 hours. There are also little to no fees, as online casinos that add charges lose customers to others.

Principles of iGaming Paying in Casinos in the UK

There are many internet casino platforms in the UK, with mobile casinos becoming a norm. With the UKGC at the helm of affairs, casinos provide stellar services to their customers. You will find different payment methods, with a popular choice like Pay-by-Phone.

Customers also don’t have to wait long before funding requests receive confirmation. Since there are instant play casinos, operators offer customers a chance to fund their accounts and add the bill to the monthly mobile charges. The local currency is strictly in use here, which makes casinos popular as it attracts more customers.

With the advantage this offers, customers can easily find different sites with small funding limits. Now, players visit casino with 5 minimum deposit sites, which falls perfectly under the pay by phone option. Recent laws now bind bank cards for online gambling in the UK. So this selection is now illegal.

Principles of iGaming Paying in Switzerland

According to regulations from COMLOT, online casinos can only list payment choices that guarantee players’ safety and protection of funds. Like NZ and the UK, the best casino apps here also support payouts in local currency. There are different mobile payments that gamers can use. Top among them is Twint, which began operations in 2017 and is a favorite credit card for Swiss gamblers.

Other mediums are prepaid cards, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, etc. While they are relevant in Swiss online casinos, most come with transaction fees. Hence, gamers usually restrict payments to Twint since it accepts the local currency.

Disadvantages of Paying in Local Currency

Using local currency for funding or payouts also comes with certain disadvantages. One of the crucial disservices it provides is that a top casino may be unable to provide online casino games (e.g. slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.) that accept an international currency. Many software suppliers may not like supplying titles to a ‘local’ online casino, depriving customers of top adventures. Another major disservice of local currency payment iGaming industry is the addition of transaction fees from some operators. Although it comes with an easy solution, customers may have to consider other websites.


Online gambling is becoming global. Today online casinos now provide deposit and withdrawal services using local iGaming payment solutions, with currencies for the jurisdiction. This occurs in NZ, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The benefits are impressive, like higher convenience levels and security. Yet, gamers may have to suffer from transaction fees.