How To Identify and Know whose Unknown Phone Number is

You receive a call to your mobile from a phone number that you do not have saved in your phonebook, and we all wonder, who owns this phone number? Should I accept? If your answer is negative, you are among the vast majority of people who reject this type of call to avoid spam. But others, on the other hand, bet on a somewhat less drastic decision: search the phone number on Google to find out who it belongs to before he hangs up.

The problem is that the rise of this technique has caused a growth in the number of web pages and services that promise to clarify doubts about this type of mysterious phone number, but that, unfortunately, do not always fulfill their function correctly. For this reason, in this guide, we want to select the most reliable websites, applications, and services to check which number is calling us.

How to identify and know whose unknown phone number is

Find out whose number is with the Google phone app.

If you are lucky enough to have a mobile compatible with the Google phone app likely, you do not even need to resort to a phone number identification website. Google has a huge database of phone numbers whose users have marked as spam so that, when receiving a call, the application itself will warn whether or not it is a call from a malicious source.

Find out whose number is with the Google phone app

But that is not all. Thanks to the fact that the application is also capable of associating the telephone numbers of the calls with those belonging to companies, the call reception screen will show the name of the company itself if it is available.

Some manufacturers, like Samsung, also offer spam detection systems in their phone apps. In addition, in all of them, it is possible to block phone calls from those numbers that we have identified as fraudulent.

Use TrueCaller to know who is calling you

Use TrueCaller to know who is calling you

With a user base that exceeds 250 million worldwide, TrueCaller is the most popular phone number identification platform out there.

For years, this service has been storing telephone numbers to associate them with identities and thus become one of the most accurate tools for identifying telephone spam. The database grows every day since the list of telephone numbers is constantly updated thanks to the participation of the users themselves.

Enter ListaSpam to search for any phone number


With a similar operation to TruesCaller, since it is the users of the platform who add the phone numbers and offer their evaluations, ListaSpam is one of the best websites to identify spam calls. It has a search engine that allows you to find any phone number and thus read the opinions of other users.

The best thing about this website is that it is not necessary to register to be able to search for phone numbers, nor is it necessary to install anything on the mobile – although they have their own app for Android, which offers additional functions such as the ability to block spam calls starters. In fact, with a simple Google search for a phone number, it is most likely that ListaSpam will appear as one of the first search results.

Use “Reply or not” and check if the phone number is reliable

Like the previous page, “Respond or not” bases its operation on user participation. It has a database of phone numbers with ratings from community members, and depending on the ratings; it will be determined if a phone number is used to make spam calls, or if on the contrary, it is reliable.

Thanks to the fact that users can also comment and indicate the ownership of each number, it will be possible to know who the telephone numbers entered in their search engine belong to. As in the previous case, we are talking about a web page, so it is not necessary to install anything to identify the phone numbers.