How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

You just sent a message to your contact, time passes, and you get no response. Have they blocked you? From the beginning of the application, WhatsApp allows users to be blocked easily, a fairly common practice when someone no longer wants to communicate with you through the app.

And how can you know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? Today we tell you the different methods to discover if you are blocked in the application to stop waiting for a response to that message that has not even reached its recipient.

There are several ways to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp without having to speak or send messages to the contact. All of them are very simple, they do not take more than a few seconds, and they are totally reliable -as a whole- to discover if that person you are talking to has blocked you. So let’s tell you everything you need to know about blocking WhatsApp.

I don’t see your WhatsApp profile picture. Have you blocked me?

If I can’t see your profile picture, have you blocked me? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you should know that the fact that you cannot see the information of contact or their statuses does not mean that they have blocked you. As the company itself states from its FAQ pagethat we cannot see the information of a contact does not always mean that we have been blocked. In fact, several options can be disabled, and that could explain this situation.

According to WhatsApp, if we cannot see the information of a specific contact, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The contact has changed their privacy settings to “Nobody.”
  • We ourselves have changed the time for the last time so that no one can see it.
  • The contact in question has changed their privacy settings to “My contacts” and does not have our number stored in their phone book.
  • The contact has blocked us.
  • There is a connectivity problem with the application itself.
  • The contact in question does not have a profile picture set up.

As we can see, although there is a possibility that we have been blocked, it could also be the case that it is a simple coincidence for one of the reasons we mentioned before.

The double tick is not ticked in the conversation.

The double tick is not ticked in the conversation

We suppose that you already know how the ticks work in WhatsApp, but in case it was not clear to you, we will give you a small reminder of what each of the WhatsApp ticks means.

  • A tick: means that your message has been sent to the recipient
  • Double tick: means that the recipient has received your message
  • Double blue tick: it means that the recipient has read your message

If the message you have sent remains in a single tick, it means that it has not reached your contact. When they block you, the messages are not received on your recipient’s mobile, so if a reasonable amount of time passes, you cannot see the photo of your contact. The message does not reach him; you can gradually increase your suspicions that you have been blocked.

Again, this method individually is not valid, since simply, if we remove the WiFi or the data from the terminal, the message will not reach us. However, if the days go by and you still do not arrive, the chances that a user has decided to block you on WhatsApp increase.

You cannot make voice calls to your contact.

You cannot make voice calls to your contact

This is one of the most reliable methods to find out if I have been blocked on WhatsApp. If you can’t make a call to your contact’s number, the chances that they’ve blocked you are pretty high.

Unless it has run out of coverage promptly, it is quite difficult in the middle of 2019 that mobile cannot receive a call, so it is easy to check if you are blocked in WhatsApp in this way.

You cannot see that he is online or his last connection time.

You cannot see that he is online or his last connection time

As you well know, WhatsApp allows you to hide the last connection time, and when you activate this option, it is also impossible for the user to see yours. What is not avoidable is that it appears that we are Online when we are with WhatsApp open.

If you suspect that your contact is online and you can’t see him, he has likely blocked you. If you were also aware that the connection time was active and it no longer appears, you could increase your suspicions.

You cannot add it to any group.

You cannot add it to any group

Another reliable older woman, trying to add a contact to a group and that it is impossible for you. This is a fairly clear indication that you have been blocked by said contact, since normally, it is possible to add any WhatsApp contact to a group, as long as you have both added.

What is possible is that you coincide in a WhatsApp group, but you will still not be able to send messages through a private chat.

So how do I know if I am really blocked on WhatsApp?

In short, there are several methods on Android to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Some, individually, are not enough to find out, but collectively they are totally infallible, and in case all are met, I am terrified that, indeed, someone has decided to block you.

  • You can’t see his profile picture.
  • The double tick is not marked, no matter how the days go by
  • You cannot add it to a group
  • You can’t make a voice call
  • You can’t see if it’s online

And that’s all! These are the easiest ways in Android to know if our contacts do not want to know anything more about us. We hope they haven’t blocked you, but if that’s the case, surely these tips will be useful to you.

Extra: is it possible to “unblock” me if someone has blocked us on WhatsApp?

Believe it or not, on more than one occasion, we have received the question of whether it is possible to unblock in some way if someone has blocked us on WhatsApp.

And the answer, as you may have imagined, is no. There is no way to unblock yourself from a lock magically, so the only solution is to try to communicate with the person and try to “make amends.”

To do this, you could try to send him a message through WhatsApp even if he has blocked you.

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