How To Make your Instagram Best 9 and see your best photos

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The year is coming to an end, and once again, it is time to look back. Just a few weeks ago, we explained how to see our most listened to Spotify songs of the entire year 2020, and now it’s time to talk about Instagram, which, like every year at this point, has been flooded with publications with the nine best photos of each user.

But how do you make this top with the 9 best photos? The one is known as “Best Nine” or “Top Nine” allows to generate a publication that brings together the nine images or videos that have been accumulated the most “Likes” over the last year, to later share it with the world. In this article, we explain how you can get yours.

How to make your Instagram Best 9 and see your best photos of 2020

So you can get your own Instagram Best Nine.

Although there are applications on Google Play that allow you to carry out this same process, the truth is that it is not necessary to install another app on your mobile to be able to do so. Otherwise, we can use websites such as Bestnine, which offer the same function totally free.

To do this, you only need to access the page either from your mobile or from the computer and enter your Instagram username in the text box. Finally, touch the “GET” button to obtain the image with the nine photos of our profile with the most Likes. And the page itself will offer us the possibility of sharing the image generated on Instagram Stories, in the form of a publication or through other platforms such as Twitter, or simply save it in the device’s storage.

So you can get your own Instagram Best Nine step1

So you can get your own Instagram Best Nine step2

So you can get your own Instagram Best Nine step3

And that’s it. It is convenient to comment that the process may take several minutes from when our username is entered until the page generates the final image. Therefore, it may be a good idea to turn to other alternative tools such as Top Nine or Best nine. Co. All of them can be used for free, and it is not even necessary to give the email address so that we will not receive advertising messages after using the service.