How To Put Accents In Word

How to put accents in Word

We will explain how to put accents in Word, something that will also work for the rest of Windows 10 and any other application you have installed. There are times when the language of your operating system is misconfigured or when you are using a keyboard with a non-Spanish layout that does not have accents, so it does not hurt to know the alternative method to be able to put it on the vowels.

We will start the article by telling you the key combinations with which you can write accented vowels in Windows whatever the keyboard you have and regardless of the language configuration you have. Then, just in case, we will also tell you how to put the keyboard in Spanish in Windows.

How to put accents on your keyboard

How to put accents on your keyboard

The first key combination is the best known and is to press the accent button to the right of the letter Ñ. When you press that button ‘, no sign will appear, but it will wait for you to press the next button. For example, if you type ´ + u the result will be ú. This is the classic method, although it is not the only one with which you can write accents.

If your keyboard does not have this button, you have other key combinations available. In all of them you have to hold down the Alt key and type a combination of numbers so that, when you release the Alt key afterward, an accented vowel appears. The Alt is the button that is usually below, to the left of the space bar. These are the combinations:

  • ALT + 160: á
  • ALT + 130: é
  • ALT + 161: í
  • ALT + 162: or
  • ALT + 163: u

Add the Spanish language to your keyboard

Add the Spanish language to your keyboard

Now we are going to remind you how to add the Spanish language to your keyboard. First, go to Windows Settings, and in it, click on the Time and Language option. These settings are where you can change from the date of your computer to everything related to the language you are using, both in the operating system itself and on the keyboard.

Add the Spanish language to your keyboard

Once you are inside the Time and Language menu of the Windows configuration, click on the Language section (1) that will appear in the third place in the column on the left. Once inside this section, go down to the Preferred Languages section and click on the Add a preferred language (2) button if you don’t see that Spanish is there.

A new window called Choose a language to install will open. In it, use the search engine to locate and select Spanish, and then press the Next button. You will go to a second step where you must check the Set as display language box to give it visibility in the favorites. Next, click on the Install button that you will see at the bottom of the screen.

When a language is on the preferred list, when you select it, icons with arrows will appear to organize it according to preferences, being able to put it at the top to give it more priority when writing or using the voice.

Once you have the Spanish language installed, when you have two languages, a language selection button will appear on the taskbar, specifically on the right side next to the clock. When you click on that button, a window will open in which you can now select Spanish as the keyboard language, and by doing so you will immediately have the Spanish distribution.