How To see all the applications installed on your mobile, and all the ones you have ever downloaded

If like me, you are fond of downloading and trying many different applications throughout the life of your smartphone, perhaps it has ever happened to you that you do not remember well the name of that useful app or that photo editor that gave such good results. Gave and that you deleted from your terminal.

How to see all the applications installed on your mobile

Fortunately, and to avoid the hassle of re-downloading all the applications of the same type until we find the one we liked so much, there is a little trick. There is a way to see all the history of applications that we have downloaded to our phones quickly and easily.

How to see all the applications downloaded since you use your account

The trick is very simple; even some of you will already know it. The first step is to enter the application store in the Google Play Store. Next, we will slide our fingers from the left towards the center of the screen, and the typical side menu of all Google applications will be displayed. We can do this by sliding both from the main screen and enter an application to see more information.

How to see all the applications downloaded since you use your account

Once that menu is visible, click on the “My applications and games” section. There we will find a list of all the applications that we have installed in our terminal and their status (updated or updatable). Finally, if we slide to the right, we will find the long-awaited application history called “All”.

In this tab, we will find the apps that we have had in our terminal, both those that we have installed and those that we have already removed. If we want to remove an item from this list (for which it mustn’t be installed), just click on the cross that appears in the upper right part of the application card.

In this section, we can also see the status of the downloads (installing, updated, etc.). Finally, it is important to note that only those games and applications that we have downloaded from a specific Google account will appear. If we have two different accounts, only one of them will appear.

This tool may seem a bit obvious or very basic. Still, I am sure that it does not hurt at all for those who need some advice since they are taking their first steps in the green android operating system or because of the use they make of their terminal, they are not used to browsing the Google Play store.

How to view your installed applications

If we want to see the apps currently installed on the mobile, it is even easier. You just have to enter the settings of your mobile and look for the applications section, which may vary depending on the mobile and the version of Android that we have.

In a Motorola Moto Z, we enter “Applications and notifications” and “Application information”. After a few seconds of loading (the more apps you have and the less powerful your mobile is, the longer it will take to load), we will see the complete list.

How to view your installed applications

We can choose between seeing all the applications, seeing only the installed ones, or seeing only the disabled ones. And we also have the option of including system apps in the lists, which are pre-installed at the factory on the system partition of the internal storage.

From this section, we can see more information about each app, such as the space they are occupying in storage, data usage, or the battery used. From here, we can also uninstall them one by one or, in the case of system apps, disable them, although only those that are not strictly necessary for the basic operation of the phone.

At this point, if we have doubts, before disabling a system app, it is important to find out what its function is because it may be necessary for a mobile function, and we are using it without knowing it. For example, we can disable the printing service, but then we will not connect the mobile to a printer unless we install another app for it.