How to set a password to your mobile applications

One of the first things you do when buying a new mobile is to put a password on it so that no one can access it. However, Android devices still do not offer the ability to block access to applications natively.

Fortunately, there are many security apps to keep your mobile 100% safe. Among them, we find tools that allow you to set a password to the apps that you want. For example, you can put a password on WhatsApp so that no one reads your WhatsApp conversations, on YouTube to make your viewing history private or on Twitter, so that no one can post for you.

Password for applications: how to put it so that nobody enters

Unless your mobile includes the option natively, you will need to download an app that allows you to protect applications with a PIN or password. We are going to select the best ones that you can download.

Security Master

Security Master is a free app for Android that protects your mobile with tools such as antivirus. However, in this article, we will highlight its AppLock function, which is used to block access to applications using a password or pattern.

After downloading the app and opening it, you will enter the main menu. There you will find AppLock, with the icon of a closed padlock. Click on it to see which applications have privacy problems. Choose those you want to protect and click on Protect. You will then be able to choose between PIN and pattern lock.

Set the password with which you want to protect the app, and you are done with the configuration. Enter the application you have blocked and check that now it asks you for a password to be able to use it.

Security Master


This is one of the most popular Android programs to set passwords to applications. Download it, select the app you want to block, and choose the method you want to do it with. You can choose between PIN, pattern, or fingerprint (the latter only if you have an Android version higher than 6.0 Marshmallow).

After setting the password, enter the locked app and confirm that only you can access it. So you won’t have to worry when someone else picks up your phone. In addition to this, AppLock has other exciting functions such as call blocking, a widget for quick lock / unlock, and a random keyboard to guarantee the security of the password.

AppLock step3

App lock

More than 1 million downloads already accumulate this application in the Play Store. As its name suggests, Application Lock works as a security method to limit access to the apps installed on your mobile. After installing and opening it, you must establish a pattern, which will be the one required each time you want to enter it or the apps that you have blocked.

Next, click on the AppLock option that appears in the main menu to choose the applications to which you want to limit access. Once the selection is made, and after having granted the necessary permissions, the selected apps will ask you for the pattern that you entered at the beginning to access them.

App lock

Norton App Lock

While we wait for Android to launch an app lock feature for all users, we look at the Norton App Lock service. The function of this app is simple: block the applications of your choice with a PIN or pattern so that your information remains private.

By accessing your particular App Lock, the app will recommend which programs need the most security. Select those of interest to you and then set the code or pattern with which you want to block it. That’s it, the applications will be blocked, and only you will be able to access them with the password that you have configured yourself.

Norton App Lock step1

Norton App Lock step2

Norton App Lock step3

With just a simple search in the Android application store for “application lock” or “App Lock,” you can find many other applications that serve the same function. To highlight a few more, we also mention Applock – Fingerprint Pro and Application Lock (developed by Smart Mobile Tools).

Test how they work, analyze the security they provide to the applications on your phone and choose your favorite. Also, don’t forget to use more security methods on Android so that your mobile is 100% safe.