How to update WhatsApp for Android to the latest version available

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On many occasions, the most basic is the most demanded, and many of you ask us how to update WhatsApp for Android. A process that may seem extremely simple but has something more complex behind it. Basically, there are two ways to update, so we are going to tell you, in detail, how you can do it.

How do I update WhatsApp?

Having WhatsApp updated to the most recent version is important for different reasons, although the most important is always having the latest features, performance, and security. And is that having an outdated version of the application is dangerous since they can spy on your phone just for that,

Without further delay, let’s see how to keep WhatsApp updated on our Android phone so that we can enjoy all its news on time. Let’s go there!

Stable application

Stable application

The first thing we need to know is whether we are using the stable version of WhatsApp or, on the contrary, its beta version. If you have not done more than download WhatsApp from the Play Store, you have the stable version, so the pace of updates will not be so frantic.

To update this application, you have to go to the Google Play Store, check if there are pending update downloads, and click to update if there are any. You can also configure that your applications update automatically as soon as you have a WiFi network -or even with data if you have enough-. In this way, you will not have to worry about anything since you will always have the latest WhatsApp update.

“Although there is a new WhatsApp update, it may take several days to reach your device, so forcing the update may be a good option.”

However, as you well know, the updates are progressive, and they do not reach everyone equally. If you want to update it quickly, without waiting for the update to reach the Play Store, you can download the APK from the official WhatsApp page, since in many cases, this is a much faster method than the traditional one.

In addition, in these cases, it is usually advisable to uninstall WhatsApp and do a clean installation of the APK since sometimes some bugs appear when updating in this way.

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WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta

As good geeks at Andro4all, we are loyal users of WhatsApp Beta. It is a test version of WhatsApp, quite stable, which allows us to test all the new features of the application before it goes “officially” to the Play Store.

The rate of updates is almost daily, and the truth is that, despite being a beta version, the operation is practically perfect. For this reason, we recommend you update WhatsApp to its beta version since it is an app that we use daily, and what better way than to be up to date with all its news. Long ago, the beta versions of the Play Store stopped being somewhat buggy and unstable, so install without fear.

When it comes to updating WhatsApp Beta, the operation is almost the same. We must do it from the Google application store, or we can search for the external APK. As in the previous case, if you install the APK, try to do it cleanly since many functions are not activated until we delete the previous version of the app if we use this method.

Why you should keep WhatsApp updated

Why you should keep WhatsApp updated

Updating WhatsApp for Android goes way beyond trying a couple of new versions. With each new version of WhatsApp, the application becomes more secure, so it is important always to keep it updated to avoid all kinds of vulnerabilities.

As in WhatsApp, we recommend that you always keep all your applications updated to avoid compatibility problems and make your Android device a safer place.



As you can see, updating WhatsApp for Android is extremely simple. By updating, you get all the new features, bug fixes, and security measures that developers add to each version. These methods are used to update WhatsApp on Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, BQ, and any other Android phones.

We hope we have helped you find out how ‘wasap’ is updated on Android and that you can now have a fully updated version. And by the way, keep in mind that updating WhatsApp is free, both in the Google Play Store and on the official website. So please do not trust any website that claims to charge you for doing it.