How to use your mobile as an electronic DNI reader (DNI 3.0): forget about the USB reader

Carrying out procedures related to public administrations is much more comfortable and simple since the electronic DNI was launched in 2006. Thanks to the chip that incorporates the card, which you can request at any DNI issuing office, you can identify yourself at the electronic headquarters of the organizations using your personal PIN.

Everything improved in 2015 with the arrival of DNI 3.0, a document that you can read directly from your mobile without needing a USB reader. The process can be somewhat cumbersome, so we will explain how you can use your mobile as a reader of the DNI 3.0.

Differences between electronic DNI and DNI 3.0

Before getting fully into the process, let’s talk about the key differences between the previous electronic DNI and the current DNI 3.0, which you will already have if you have renewed the document from 2015 onwards. As the National Police Corps website explains, technological changes in society require constant updating of the DNI.

And yes, some modifications were necessary to facilitate the use of the system, in addition to improving its security. Thus came the DNI 3.0, which incorporates a chip with a dual interface that allows you to use it not only through hardware but also wirelessly with NFC technology, which you should require yes or yes on your smartphone.

In this way, the user avoids having to have a hardware device, such as a USB reader, and downloading certificates or installing drivers on their computer. In short, using the DNI 3.0 is much more comfortable since you only need your ID, mobile, and computer.

How to read your electronic DNI (DNI 3.0) with your mobile

To use your mobile as a DNI 3.0 reader, the first thing you must do is confirm that it has NFC technology. After that step, you must download the “DNIe Reader for PC, using the mobile” app on the phone and the DNIeRemote program on the computer. Below you have the download links for both.

Play Store | the DNIe reader for PC, using the mobile

Once the necessary tools have been downloaded and installed on both the mobile and the computer, you must activate the NFC technology from Settings> Connections> NFC and payment. Then, open the app on the mobile and select the option Connect with WIFI, and open the program on the computer and choose the option WIFI in the pairing mode.

To begin the connection between both devices, you must capture the QR code that appears on the PC screen with the mobile camera. In addition, you must enter the 6 digits that make up the CAN of your DNI, that is, the numbers that appear in the lower right corner.

After finishing this step, you must bring the DNI to the back of the mobile phone to read the NFC chip. With a slight vibration, the terminal will notify you that the reading has been correct. Finally, to finish the link, you must enter the PIN of your electronic DNI, a code that only you should know.

How to read your electronic DNI

By definitively linking the DNI 3.0, your mobile will become its reader, so you can do without the old USB reader. On the following occasions you want to use it, it will be enough to bring the identity document to the terminal to identify it.

In addition, we also recommend using the widget of the app “DNI Reader for PC, using the mobile phone” by placing it on the phone’s home screen, as it will allow you to access its functions more quickly, thus saving time. To identify yourself while you carry out procedures of the public administration.