How to watch TV for free on your mobile: the 6 best apps for Android

Yes, your smartphone is also a small pocket TV, which you will probably carry with you throughout the day. Thanks to the apps to watch TV over the Internet that exists, you can use your mobile to watch live TV programs through the most popular channels from all over the world.

Some time ago, we analyzed Mobdro, one of the most popular free TV tools on Android. However, we continue to find the complete rivals and incidentally choose the best apps to watch TV on Android.

If you want to take advantage of your TV to see the content of these apps, you only need a Google Chromecast or have a Smart TV, as we saw in the tutorial, to duplicate the screen of your Android on a TV with or without cables.

How to watch TV on your mobile for free: Top of the best apps

  • Mobdro
  • ATRESPlayer
  • RTVE
  • Code
  • your Player

Inside and outside the Play Store, you can find applications to watch TV for free on your Android. Go for it! Next, we will talk about the best options you can find to choose the one that suits you best.

How to watch TV for free on your mobile the 6 best apps for Android


The famous Mobdro could not be absent from this compilation, and it is one of the complete tools for watching television on Android. It offers the possibility of viewing thousands of television channels ordered by categories, from several countries and in different languages, incorporating advanced search tools, the possibility of recording complete programs or marking channels as favorites to access them quickly.

You can also download content to watch it offline, making it one of the best apps that can be used without an Internet connection.

Mobdro, like all the applications that we have chosen for this compilation, can be downloaded for free, although it will show the occasional ad. It is also possible to support its creators by donating bitcoins.


It must also be taken into account that the app is not available in the store due to not complying with Google Play policies. Therefore it is necessary to download and install the Mobdro APK manually.



Atresmedia has Atresplayer, its own application to watch television from your mobile phone, which, like its main competitor ( Michele ), has the possibility of watching the group’s channels –Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, and others– in I live, in addition to being able to see programs on demand.

In this case, it is not necessary to register or log in to watch programs, although you will have to deal with the advertising that will appear before and during the viewing of the programs. In addition, as an outstanding detail, you can add programs to your watchlist, so you do not miss their news.

RTVE a la carte

RTVE a la carte

RTVE also offers Android users their own solution to watch TV from their mobile, with an application that includes all their television and radio channels. Its design resembles that of the aforementioned applications, and we will find practically the same characteristics.

One of the curiosities of this app is its “menu offer,” which depending on the one chosen, will show us different recommended programs or those that best suit our interests.

Of course, there is also the possibility of watching live television channels. However, we will see that certain content is not prepared to be reproduced over the Internet in specific situations. Therefore the application will prevent us from viewing it due to audiovisual rights restrictions.



Despite not being technically an app to watch TV, Kodi has been the most famous media center since its arrival on Android in 2015. Among its myriad features, there is the possibility of adding network television channels, such as We saw in the complete Kodi installation guide.

At first, the application only allows us to add our own multimedia content and organize it to our liking. However, through repositories, it is possible to add add-ons that will be used to import television channels and programs of all kinds and thus improve the experience of watching TV for free on your Android mobile.

Code 1 step1

Play Store | Kodi

YourTV Player

YouTV Player

It is one of the few alternatives to Mobdro that still works on Android in the middle of 2020 – unlike Allify apps, it is one of the best you can watch live TV.

This application to watch TV is, as the first option in this compilation, a tool that unifies all streaming sources in one place so that it is possible to watch live television channels and programs for free, organized by category.

In this case, yes, it is mandatory to log in to the platform to see the channels, and its design is several steps below that of Mobdro in terms of usability and functions. Despite this, it integrates useful features such as notifications every time a program might interest our starts.

YourTV Player is not available in the Google Play Store, so you have to download and install its APK from its official website (remember to activate unknown sources on your Android).

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The best app to watch TV in Spain

If you live in Spain and want to watch live TV for free from your mobile, there is an application far superior to all the others that you can download.

TDT Channels

TDT Channels

You can legally and totally free watch DTT channels on your Android thanks to DTT Channels, a complete application you can download from their website. It is, in our opinion, the best app to watch TV in Spain from your mobile totally free.

With a simple interface, this app based on an [open source project created by Marc Vila gives you access to television and radio channels. You can add your own channels as it is a collaborative project.

On the DTT Channels main screen, you will be able to see all the channels divided into different categories: general, informative, sports, eventual … Touch on the one you want to see, and you will access its page, where you can select the type of broadcast you want to play and Consult a guide with the programming of the chain.

Also, if you click on the heart icon that appears in the upper right corner, the channel will be added to your Favorites list so that you can access it quickly.

In DTT Channels, there is no lack of a channel search engine, which will make it easier for you to find the program or channel you want to watch on your mobile by typing its name.

IF you do not want to complicate yourself and the only thing you are interested in is watching Spanish TV channels from your mobile, for free and legally, this is the most recommended application that you can use.

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Descargar TDT Channels