Incredible Photos with the Best Photo Editors for Your Mobile

  • Free, easy to use and with multiple functions to edit photos, these are the apps that we recommend in this article.
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Mobile photo editors have grown enormously in recent years, and it is now possible to carry out a complete editing process without turning on the computer. This is how we are going to show you in this article, in which we recommend the 7 best apps to edit photos on your Android.

Each of these image editing apps has different characteristics: some are dedicated to professional editing, and others with simpler functions ideal for faster editing. Whether you are looking for one type of editing or another, when choosing a photo editor for your Android, you must consider a series of aspects.

Apps to edit photos on Android: the 7 best editors

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • VSCO
  • Prism
  • Pixlr
  • Photo Lab

There are many apps dedicated to photo editing in the Google Play Store. To make the selection, we have relied on the different types of users that we talked about at the beginning: those who are looking for something more professional and those who want a simple and fast edition. We started!

Adobe Lightroom

Talking about photo editing is talking about the Adobe interface. Currently, Photoshop Lightroom is the best photo editor on PC, and its mobile version tries to follow in its footsteps. It is a complete photo editor for Android, which stands out for its immersive mode, its integration with the PC interface, and for providing us with a “totally Adobe” experience.

Lightroom CC allows you to edit the classic photo parameters, adding some extra options. Tone division, lens correction, work folders within the app itself. It is designed to edit photos more professionally on Android. Being so integrated with the PC version, the photos are automatically synchronized, as long as you have your Adobe accounts paid and linked.

It is not the first time we recommend this app; we already did it by giving you several reasons to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos on Android. One of the most important is that it supports RAW, allowing you to both take and edit photos in this format.



From the hand of Google comes Snapseed, which we subjected to a comparison with Adobe Lightroom. Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps to edit photos on Android, focused more on a quick but professional retouching of images. In addition, it stands out for the simplicity of its use, which makes it an ideal tool if you are inexperienced in editing.

Snapseed allows us to work horizontally and vertically, the menus are straightforward, and by adding some intensity, contrast, and playing with tones, the photographs are already spectacular. In addition, it gives the option of developing photographs in RAW format to edit them later, thus being one of the best apps to get the most out of RAW photos.

Snapseed also allows us to play with the tone curve of the photograph, something that most experts will undoubtedly appreciate and that few applications allow. In short, a free, complete, and quality photo editor that will turn your photos into a work of art.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Another Photoshop app available for Android is Photoshop Express, which allows quick and easy editing of photos without sacrificing true professional functions. As you can imagine being an Adobe app, it is a complete tool that allows you to develop photographs in RAW format.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you do not require great knowledge of photography to use it. You can use Auto Adjust to correct skewed images, modify color, sharpen specific elements, use the blemish remover to correct some details, or create quality collages.

These are just a few of the app’s features, but it has many more. In short, Adobe Photoshop Express has everything you can expect from the mobile version of this great Adobe photo editor.


Although photography enthusiasts do not usually recommend applying filters to images, it is better to edit the parameters manually; with VSCO, things change. This editor, which also has support for photos in RAW format, has the best catalog of filters that you can put on your photos, with the possibility of regulating the level of intensity with which they are applied.

An app that has been on the market for years, from the beginning, managed to position itself at the top of photographic editors. It has a fairly powerful photo editor, with which we can adjust the classic parameters of the app. If you subscribe to the editing platform, you can use more than 200 presets to modify the appearance of your captures. Besides, it works as a social network, in which you can share your photos with other users.

Free, easy to use, and with a wide variety of filters to edit your images just by applying them, VSCO is one of the best editors that you can use right now on your Android.


Prism step1

Prism step2

Prism step3

More than 50 million downloads accumulated in Google Play Store Prisma, a free photo editor for Android. Its strong point is the artistic filters that you can apply to your images to turn them into authentic works of art. It will be difficult for you to choose since its catalog consists of more than 300 different filters. In addition, every day, Prisma launches a new filter that is added to its offer.

After applying the style that you like the most, you can continue retouching your photos with tools such as exposure, contrast, brightness, etc. Like VSCO, Prisma also stands out for the global community it has created, with millions of users who share their photographic creations and wait for you to publish yours too.



Whether you are a professional photographer or not, Pixlr is a good editor that you can use to modify and improve your captures. The app’s extensive tools, such as automatic correction, multi-layer blending, or styling, make it one of the most comprehensive in its category. If you control photography, you can enhance images through Pixlr presets or more advanced features like creating masks.

After Pixlr passed through our analysis table, we specified that it is not an editor as advanced as Lightroom or Snapseed. If, on the contrary, you want a simple and fast edition, you can use the dozens of filters that the app has. However, it is a perfect option if you are looking for a “multipurpose” photo editor to carry out different creations without the need to download other apps.

Photo Lab

If you are looking for a photo editor with a more artistic or fun approach, we introduce you to Photo Lab, a free download app for your Android mobile or tablet. It has more than 800 filters, frames, effects, and photomontages to produce artistic works from your images. For example, you can join your face with that of an animal to create a striking photomontage.

With Photo Lab, you can make collages with many images, become the cover of a famous magazine or share a photo with your favorite “celebrity.” In short, Photo Lab is a free photo editor, easy to use, and with a wide catalog of tools to get the most fun part of editing.

What do we demand of a photo editor?

Not all of us use photo editors in the same way; some are looking for a tool for more professional retouching, and others are looking for something more “amateur.” However, all editors must have something in common: that they are easy to use, free, and compatible with the vast majority of Android phones and tablets.

What do we demand of a photo editor

In addition, photo editing apps must be optimized to ensure proper operation on your device. It goes without saying that the more functions the editor offers you, the more benefit you can get from the image retouching process. On the other hand, some functions tip the balance towards some editors or others, such as the possibility of editing photos in RAW format.

This is a characteristic feature of more professional photo editing apps. However, some good editors base their value on having a wide variety of filters to modify your images. We recommend you try the different options that we give you below because you can find the photo editing app that best suits your needs.