Is it possible to manage a Facebook page without a personal profile?

Following the recent events involving Facebook, many people have decided to leave the Zuckerberg platform permanently. Users number in the thousands, and the #DeleteFacebook campaign proves it. According to the recent Facebook statistics many people are deleting their accounts, even some personalities and large companies, such as Elon Musk, Tesla, or PlayBoy, have decided that it is a good time to slam the door on Facebook. However, it is still a reality that Facebook is an important platform for small businesses and blogs, which depend on traffic from social networks to publicize their products.

That leads to a question, what can a user who cares about their privacy do if they want to keep their business page or blog afloat? Can you manage a Facebook page without having a personal account on the social network? The answer is that, unfortunately, no.

You need a personal profile, yes, but you don’t have to use it.

You need a personal profile

Many users have asked on Twitter the same thing that the headline of this article says. All the answers are negative. When asked by a Facebook user in their official forums, Rick Sánchez, a member of the Facebook help team, offers this answer: “You must have a Facebook account and a personal profile configured to create a Facebook page, since each page must have an administrator to log in and administer the page, or have a role on the page ”.

I have decided to try it for myself and, indeed, if you want to create a page on the Zuckerberg social network, you must have a personal profile on it. In other words, if you want your business to continue to have a presence on Facebook, you must also have a presence on Facebook. You may have considered the idea of modifying your profile and using it as if it were the page itself, but I regret to tell you that this goes against the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Be that as it may, entering the Facebook ecosystem implies having a Facebook account. If you go to and choose “Create the page”, the first thing it will tell you is to log in with your account. If you access Business Manager, the business management platform (and therefore pages), you also need a personal profile on Facebook. Be that as it may, Facebook will do it to get hold of your data.

Become a secondary profile? No, it’s illegal.

Become a secondary profile No its illegal
Become a secondary profile No its illegal

Anyone reading this will think, “Well, I create a secondary profile, I appoint it administrator, I remove my profile, and I delete it calmly”, but no! Facebook expressly prohibits having two accounts on the social network. I quote: ”Facebook is a community whose members use their real identity. Having more than one personal account is a violation of the Facebook Community Rules ”.

If we read these terms, Facebook states that using the real name is mandatory to “create a more secure environment.” The text continues and states that “if we detect that you have several personal profiles, we can ask you to close the other profiles. Likewise, we can close the profiles that pretend to be other people ”_.

In conclusion, if you want your page to follow Facebook, you will have to continue being on Facebook. If you are one of those people who is concerned about your privacy, but you have a business that depends on the Zuckerberg network, I am sorry to tell you that you will have to go through the hoop yes or yes.