Is Mobile Gaming Dying?


Is Mobile Gaming Dying

Some people believe that mobile gaming is done. After all, computers and consoles are more affordable, better, and more powerful than ever before. Is this the case? Well, mobile gaming is not done. As a matter of fact, it is becoming more and more common as we speak. There are a few reasons why this is happening.  We will try to explain all of them below.

Mobile Phones Are Powerful

In order to play the latest games on your smartphone, you will need to have a powerful phone. Luckily new devices are just that. For instance, iPhone offers over 1300 gflops. Keep in mind that Xbox 360 offers 250 gflops. In simple terms, smartphones are more powerful than older gaming consoles and computers. This simply means that now you can play any game you like and get the ultimate graphics you will enjoy. It is a clear sign that mobile gaming is growing nowadays, although it have a different approach and monetization structure. Most smartphones of the newer generation are like these and they truly offer a lot.

Smartphones are developing even faster than consoles or computers. While not all people have a console (the actual number is actually low) or computer, almost all people have a smartphone. Even budget phones are becoming more powerful and more capable than ever before. Now you can even pick a gaming phone which will be impressive.

Yes, smartphones need to be that powerful. First of all these devices have tons of options and they need processing power to make the features useful and fast. When it comes to gaming only, these devices need processing power in order to run advanced games and offer the graphics you will like. Let’s take an example. A decade ago you were able to play a good-looking game on your console or computer. A game on your phone back then was grainy and obsolete. Today the situation is different. You will play the game on your smartphone that has the same or even better graphics than the one you play on a computer.

This is a trend. Manufacturers have been making their smartphones better and more powerful on a daily basis. Each new generation is spectacular and offers an increase in processing power and also RAM. These two are essential for gaming. There are a lot of other facts and features but these two are the ones to look for in a smartphone if you want to use it for gaming.

Mobile Games Are More Profitable

There are two reasons why we can claim this. For instance, GTA 5 made an impressive profit of over $639 million. On the other hand, we have a small Clash Of Clans smartphone game. Well, this game made a profit of over $1.2 billion! Another example is Fortune Clock Casino listed at which claims that 90% of players use mobile devices. As you can see, smartphone games are more profitable. They can be used by more people and they are more convenient. You can play the game at any given moment and you can make transactions when playing.

The second reason here is the presence of microtransactions. This means that gamers will make small transactions that are typically up to $20 but most of them are much smaller. These microtransactions can help develop invest more into the game and make them even better. Most players will make these transactions hence you can see why smartphone games are more profitable and why they have a much better potential.

We must add that these transactions will allow you to get some feature or an item in the game. This can be as simple as an outfit for your character or it can be a new weapon, new mission or etc. There are countless options. The same options are available when using a computer or a console. However, there are fewer gamers using these platforms hence the profit is simply lower. This is one of the reasons why developers have been focusing more and more on smartphone games. As you may know, most games you were able to play on a computer only, are now available on a smartphone as well.

The number of smartphone users has been growing on a steady basis for a long period of time. This is another trend we like and we know will remain active. In simple terms, this means that more people will use a smartphone and more will play games. If we add that smartphones are becoming more affordable than ever, we can only imagine the potential. This also means that developers can reach more gamers in no time.

The Final Word

No, mobile gaming is not done. It is better and more common than ever before. These days, when technologies are growing rapidly, you can get a special phone for gaming and play any game you like on the go. There are countless options and possibilities and all you have to do is to choose the game you want to enjoy. This also means that mobile gaming is developing as we speak. New games are better than ever before and they offer much better graphics, more features and so much more.