Live Dealer Slots: How Does It Work?


Live Dealer Slots

Live dealer casinos are not as widespread as physical and online casinos, yet they occupy a niche in the online gambling market. Although there are just a few live dealer service providers and games accessible, many gamers would only play this variant of casino games.

These games offer a more realistic experience than online casinos while maintaining the safety, convenience, and accessibility of that gaming mode. Simply put, live casino games are a hybrid of physical and online gaming.

Keep reading for an overview of live dealer casino slot games, a short glance at the systems and match providers, and other things to know.

How Live Dealer Slots Work

Live dealer slots combine the land-based slot machine features of a human operator dealing decks or whirling the roulette wheel with the mobility of internet titles like Diamond Heart Slots Game. You may experience live dealer games while sitting in the home, thanks to surveillance cameras streaming over the web. A video is set up to capture the dealer and the gaming area, and the picture is relayed to you so that you may view it on your PC or other devices.

To execute playing options, you use the same sort of graphical interface that you would have in non-live casino sessions. When you make a choice to play, the whole process is shown on a screen for the real dealer to observe and act. Here’s a step-by-step demonstration from a live casino slots session.

You put a stake in the live casino slots machine and push the button to bet the maximum amount you want for that round. The dealer monitors the process and waits for the outcome of the spinning of the wheel. After the process, the dealer sees the result, and you do as well, and you can proceed to payout if you win or repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Live dealer baccarat games operate in a similar manner, with the exception that you generally only see the dealer turning the wheel. The playing surface or table arrangement is often digital, similar to playing on a casino website without a live operator.

Are Live Dealer Slot Machine Games Worth It?

If you like trying new things out, we recommend attempting a live casino slot at least once. This is a very different kind of gaming from land-based and internet slots.

With this option, you’re not just idly rotating the reels and waiting for the results. Rather, you’re placing bets, watching the operator spin the wheel, and sometimes conversing with them.

You could also enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and one-of-a-kind concept. Mermaid’s Fortune, for example, depicts a woman on the seashore dressed as a mermaid.

You do not have to risk a lot of money playing live casino slot machine games. You may simply spin the wheel a few times to determine if you enjoy the experience. If you do, you may combine live casino slots with your regular favorites. Moreover, you can access these games any time via your mobile phone or PC.

Benefits Of Live Dealer Slots

Live slot machines have a few distinct advantages over traditional online slots. You may wish to try these games after reviewing the benefits listed below.

1. You Can Chat with the Dealer

Online slots are among the casino’s least engaging games. They do not have dealers and are intended to be played alone. Players usually add a social aspect by taking pals to a land-based casino or playing online with their colleagues.

These experiences, however, are not the same as live dealer slots. Live slots provide a unique possibility to include social components into the game. You may communicate with the operator while waiting for the wheel to spin or interact with other players.

2. There is a Chance to Pick Your Favorite Dealer

You should experiment with several croupiers when you begin playing live dealer casino games. This technique allows you to meet numerous dealers and choose which one you are more comfortable with.

If you have a preference for a certain croupier, you may find out which hours they’ll be performing and gamble whenever they’re available. This improves the gaming experience for you.

3. You will Enjoy Slots in a New Way

As a fan of slots games, you might have been looking forward to new ways to enjoy yourself in front of the machines, and this could be the chance.

Live dealer slots are unlike anything else you’ve witnessed. They let you play a slots-style game with a dealer and an exciting ambiance while enjoying the benefits of normal internet casinos.

Cons of Live Dealer Slots

Before you go ahead to play live dealer slots at the casino, consider the drawbacks of this gaming mode.

1. Limited Selection

Despite their numerous advantages, live slot machines have yet to gain traction in the gaming industry. Evolution Gaming is the only creator who still provides them. In addition, Evolution has only created one live casino slot. Mermaid’s Fortune is still their only real-time slot machine.

Perhaps these games will become popular in the future. But as for now, they haven’t gained enough traction to necessitate more alternatives.

2. Higher Stakes

Slot machines are popular in both land-based and online casinos because they are inexpensive to operate. They may have high upfront costs in the form of cabinets and licensing agreements; however, they are quite affordable because no dealer is required.

However, live slots do have additional costs. Providers must employ dealers to operate these games and create elaborate backdrops. Creators do not bear all of these expenses on their own. They also expect you to pay for the extras with higher starting bets.

3. Not Really Slot Machines

These games are known as live dealer slots. However, they are not casino games in the traditional sense. Mermaid’s Fortune, the lone game currently on the market, is essentially a casino variant of Wheel of Fortune.

Your outcomes are entirely determined by where the wheel’s index points at the end of a spin. This genre is ideal if you want something different from traditional slot machines. It will, however, not appeal to slot purists.

4. Current Graphics Not as Great as Regular Online Slots

Evolution and other creators will most likely continue to make detailed visuals if live slot machines become more popular. The current graphics, however, do not look as good as those seen in regular web slots. New slot games have superior visuals and configurations that outperform the aesthetic of live slots.


Live dealer slots are beginning to get a lot of attention from gamers around the world. However, while this mode of playing slot games has many advantages, there is still room for improvement.

In the end, it depends on what you want as a gamer. But, we can definitely say that every slot player deserves to have a feel of how live dealer slots work. It will make for a good experience.