No, Netflix in Spain is not worth it … at least according to this study

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Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the most popular streaming series and movies platform in the world. With millions of active users that connect every day, the truth is that we are sure that few households will no longer have an account on their televisions. However, is it the best platform? Is it profitable to have a Netflix account?

According to a comparison carried out by Comparitech, analyzing the differences between Netflix libraries in different countries of the world and of course taking into account the price of the service, which is not the same in each country, everything seems to indicate that Spain is one of the worst countries were to pay for Netflix.

Spain, one of the worst countries to pay for Netflix

Spain one of the worst countries to pay for Netflix

Spain is one of the worst countries to hire Netflix, according to this study

According to this study, Brazil is at the head of the countries where it is most profitable to hire Netflix, followed by South Africa and India. Although Brazil has a somewhat lower library (4,286 titles compared to almost 5,500 of the other two), its cost per month is much lower in its most basic plan, at only $ 3.99 compared to $ 5.76 from South Africa $ 6.67 from India. In terms of premium plans, South Africa and India overtake Brazil, which drops to the third position.

But let’s go to what matters, the least profitable countries. Curiously, in the European territories, Netflix not only has a worse and much more limited catalog than in the rest of the world (except for Switzerland, none exceeds a library of 4000 movies and series) but also its prices are much higher.

In this regard, Denmark is the worst country with a base price of $ 12.63, followed by Switzerland with a price of $ 13, although, as we have said, it has a larger library.

As for Spain, it is ranked 10 with a library of 3,974 items and $ 9.50 per month or 7.99 euros. If we go to the standard plan, we move up to fifth place because of $ 14.26 or 11.99 euros. Luckily something more profitable comes out of the premium plan, and here we are in position number seven.

The truth is that Netflix Spain does not come out very well compared to other countries, but the truth is that the competition in our country does not offer much better content either. HBO’s catalog is inferior, and Disney + is much more focused on a certain audience. Of these, only Amazon Prime is saved, and it is that for very little money, it offers an incredible number of series and movies, all without forgetting the rest of the advantages that Amazon offers with its premium service.