Pokémon lberia: Play Pokémon made in Spain on Android

  • Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mercadona, the rain in Murcia, and various politicians are the protagonists of the Spanish version of Pokémon, ideal for combining entertainment and laughter.

Pokémon Iberia, the original Spanish version of Pokémon, has a version for Android. Madrid, Seville, the rain of Murcia, and even Mercadona appear in this peculiar game that we teach you to download and install on your mobile in this detailed guide.

In Pokémon Iberia, you will also have to capture small creatures, although your rivals will be somewhat more special than in the original version. Before learning how to play Pokémon Iberia on Android, we will learn more about the mechanics of the game and what Spanish topics you can find in it.

Pokemon Iberia play Pokemon made in Spain on Android

Pokémon Iberia is available on Android.

Pokémon Iberia maintains the fun level of the original Pokémon, giving it a touch of humor thanks to the integration of various Spanish topics. To give you an idea, the game begins in Albacete, where you will get your first pocket monster, as it happens in the original game.

Iberia, which gives the game its name, is the territory in which the game takes place in full. It is made up of cities such as Madrid, Seville, or Murcia, in which you will have to make it rain, in a clear reference to the lack of water in Murcia. There is no lack of one of the most recognized supermarkets in the country, Mercadona, through which you will also have to pass to beat the game.

Pokemon Iberia is available on Android

In Pokémon Iberia, you will have powerful opponents, such as politicians of the stature of Pedro Sánchez. The final battle is the toughest, as he has to defeat Felipe VII to pass you the Iberian League. As you can see, this peculiar game does not lack the locations and characters characteristic of the country, and there are more surprises that you will discover as you progress.

This Spanish version of Pokémon became popular to play on computers, and it is appreciated that its creator has developed a version for Android. At the moment, it is in the testing phase, although it is possible to play without complications or lags as long as you do it with a powerful mobile. In our case, we have used the Huawei P40 Pro.

How to download and install Pokémon Iberia on your Android mobile

Pokémon Iberia is not available for direct download through the Android app store; it is its own creator who has shared the download link in a Forocoches thread. To install the game, the first thing you must do is download these three files:

You can download the files directly to your mobile or do it on your computer and then transfer them, although this last process can take a few hours, depending on your terminal. Also, you must bear in mind that the Pokémon Iberia archive must be unzipped first.

Once you have the three files on your mobile, the first thing you should do is install the JoiPlay APK – you must activate the unknown sources – and the JoiPlay plugin APK.

  1. Open JoiPlay and click on the + button in the lower-left corner.
  2. In the “Game Name” field, enter the name of the game. When you have completed these steps, it is time to proceed with the installation of the game, which requires this procedure:
  3. In “Executable File,” click on “Choose,” look for the Pokémon Iberia folder on your mobile and select the “Game.exe” file.
  4. In “Icon,” click on “Choose” and select any image you want to use as the game logo.
  5. Finally, click on “Add” to add Pokémon Iberia to JoiPlay. You will see how it appears on the main page of the app; you have to click on the Pokémon Iberia icon to open it and start playing.

How to download and install Pokemon Iberia on your Android mobile

Once the game is open, you have to click on the JoiPlay icon in the upper left corner so that the screen controls appear. From there, the game will begin, and you will have to control your character using all your knowledge as a Pokémon trainer to win the Iberian league.

We remember that the game is still in the testing phase, so that you may find some bugs during it, such as a lack of text fonts or small lags. However, it is fully playable and will manage to give you good times of entertainment while you are surprised to discover the surprises “made in Spain” that it hides.