Technologies You Can Find In Online Slots


Technologies You Can Find In Online Slots

Slots machines date back to the 19th century featuring only 3-reel designs with limited symbols and a single payline. 5-reel slots came into existence much later. Online casinos such as the Kaboom Slots operator emerged in the 1990s with simple video slots resembling the classic fruit machines. As technology advanced, multiple payline electromagnetic video slots were introduced with various themes and elaborate graphics.

Online slots offer higher RTP, lower minimum bet amount, and higher bonuses than land-based casinos. And, with the evolution of mobile technology, the slots are now at your fingertips. These advantages of online slots could not have been possible without advanced technologies such as Random Number generators mainly used by the casino software to generate fair results, thus building trust amongst the players.

In that context, cyber security is the most treasured technology for online slots. For that, technologies such as blockchain encryption technology are blessings for the casino. Additionally, having an efficient and secure payment service is the key to serving many individuals.

Technologies that online casino slots use

Random Number Generation

The random number generator used in online slots is a software algorithm that randomly generates a number or a series of numbers from limited or unlimited outputs in the database. It functions as a live dealer technology which the game developer integrates into it for fair gaming.

RNG has two subtypes:

  • pseudo-random generators
  • true random generators.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pseudo-random Number Generators

This software mimics a true random generator and mainly depends on algorithms to give the desired output. It works on the settings adjusted by the casino operator. A distribution of lowest to highest is provided, and the result is displayed immediately.

Pseudo-random generators may be adequate for some applications but unsuitable for online slots that need proper cryptographic implementation.

True Random Number Generators

True random generators solve the security issue as they have secure cryptographic implementations required for online slots.

True RNGs ensure fair results and are used in other online casinos based on variables such as dice roll, wheel of fortune, etc. This technology also takes into account physical issues such as network problems due to bad weather.

It is hard to imagine a technology other than RNG to be used in online casino games such as lotto, Jackpots, slots, coin flips, etc.

Encryption Technology

Encryption technology is used to make the information such as personal and financial details filled by the players to join the casino unreadable unless a key or password is used to decrypt or unhide it.

Encryption technology safeguards digital data from the third party by using mathematical algorithms. End-to-end encryption is used by major online casinos, which breaks the data into codes, making it inaccessible to anyone except the player and the casino operator.

Mobile Technology

Initially, players mostly gambled in slots only on desktops or laptops. This limited the popularity as laptops and desktops are not available everywhere or to everyone.

Today, almost everyone across the world has access to mobile devices. So integrating the casino software to work on mobile phones was a market-changing strategy. Playtech was one of the earliest companies to launch mobile-based gambling games, and the idea revolutionized the entire industry.

Among the apparent advantages smartphones have over personal computers are:

  • portability
  • accessibility
  • simplicity, and more.

According to a study, 50% of online gamblers play on their smartphones which majority belong to the age group of 18-34. In contrast, 14% of the 65-plus people play on their smartphones.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is another security method used by online casinos to protect players’ information by restricting any alteration of the data. It is almost impossible for players to break into the blockchains, therefore preventing hackers from extracting or altering the player’s data, thus protecting both the online casino site and the player.

Blockchain technology creates secure and structured data using properties like decentralization, consensus, and cryptography, ensuring a full-proof security system.

Efficient Payment Service

Online casinos are expected to have regular withdrawals and deposits from the players, so having an efficient payment service is critical for an online casino business.

Nowadays, significant casinos keep up with current payment services such as digital wallets, pay later cards, and even cryptocurrencies. These payment services are faster and easier than traditional methods such as debit credit cards and bank transfers.

Casinos accept standard payment as well to serve various customers. Withdrawal by conventional methods such as bank transfers may take a few days before being credited to the bank account. Casinos have specific deposit and withdrawal schemes and regulations that should be read by the players before depositing any investment in their casino account.

In a nutshell

Online casinos would not have existed if not for the advancing technology. Today the online gambling market is worth over 200 billion US dollars, and it has only been possible for technologies such as RNG, Security systems etc. Advancing technology strives to improve game experience and security. Moreover, with the emergence of virtual and augmented realities (AR and VR) technologies, the online gambling site will achieve a lot more and is expected to grow by 11.4% by the end of 2028.