The 15 Best Netflix and HBO war series

We are full of contradictions, and finding that we detest violence but love to enjoy it in fiction is common. War movies and series are one of the most entertaining subgenres for a large part of the audience of streaming content platforms, such as Netflix or HBO, and that is why we want to offer you our selection of war and epic confrontations, As we already recommend spy series on Netflix, in line with the war and its deceptions.

Las 15 mejores series de guerra de Netflix y HBO

Black Crows are one of Netflix’s most unknown war series.

So you should be prepared to face perfectly trained military equipment, modern combat techniqueswars that happened centuries ago, and the occasional series that includes some of the best battles ever filmed on television.

We run straight towards the enemy with this list of war series

Whether you enjoy more classic wars, such as Knighfall, or you prefer modern combat in the interesting Age of Tanks, we have the perfect war series for you, available on Netflix and HBO.

  • Medal of Honor
  • The Liberator
  • Knighfall
  • Troy: The Fall of a City
  • The age of tanks
  • Black crows
  • Rebellion
  • Game of Thrones
  • Traitors
  • Hitler’s Circle of Evil
  • How they became tyrants
  • Homeland
  • Primal
  • Spartacus
  • Churchill’s New Secret Agents

Medal of Honor

We begin our foray into history latest with a documentary series, available on Netflix. That will take us to meet characters of diverse cultures, which, however, are related to military exploits that have already been marked in the books of war. This tribute to inspiring true stories of members of the United States Army has excellent production. It will make us enjoy curious interventions in Korea, Italy, or Afghanistan, with its heroes and protagonists deserving of Medals of Honor.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

The Liberator

Perhaps, if you are not too fanatic or fanatic of the war genre, you have never heard of this television series. Still, I am sure that only take a look at the trailer. You will be surprised by the production that the team has had to give the form a story of a group of brave American soldiers who managed to make a dent in the history of World War II, becoming bastions of freedom. By the way, this Netflix series is based on real events.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 4– Approximate duration: 50 minutes


The ancient history, at the least centuries back in time, is usually one of the best ways to stimulate the creativity of the writers of half the world, as most countries have their stories available to tell concerning their ancestors. On this occasion, we will have to travel back in time, to the time of the Crusades, to find out what happened to the Knights Templar, who after the Fall of Acre lost the Holy Land and the Holy Grail. Years later, they reappear in Paris with the mission of recovering the chalice of Christ.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 18– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Troy: The Fall of a City

It is possible that the history of the city of Troy and its fall is one of the most repeated and commented on in the entire war genre, both in film, on television, or in literature, but it is not worth going back for that. To review it. On this occasion, under the Netflix umbrella, we find a television series to witness a love story mixed with ancient gods and epic warsParis, a shepherd, will learn a secret from his past regarding his true identity and will end up falling in love with Helen of Sparta, this being the starting point of the well-known Trojan War.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

The age of tanks

The war has many characters, both direct and indirect. Still, something that never changes is that humans are usually served different types of machines and weapons to fight their supposed enemies. On this occasion, leaving aside the horses and approaching one of the vehicles preferred by generals around the world, we bring you a documentary series that explores the history of tanks, those iron machines capable of traveling through inhospitable terrain and bombarding with an unusual facility, in the modern era and how they have changed the geopolitical configuration of the world from theFirst World War.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 4– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Black crows

If you were looking for a different war series from the usual in this genre, we believe we have found one of those rarities that few can say they have seen. The series, available on Netflix, will show us the day-to-day life of recruits from a terrorist organization; we talk about both men and women and will offer us in detail hard aspects to witness, such as the use of child snipersslaves in the 21st century or spies infiltrators, all to destabilize and punish the so-called infidels.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 30– Approximate duration: 30 minutes


On this occasion, we will not have to move too much, both physically and in time, since the events that are narrated in this television series, available on Netflix, place us in the city of Dublin in 1916, during the violent Easter uprising. This tragic date, the hard history of our continent, was the beginning of a tense and fierce confrontation between the famous British army and the Irish revolutionaries. Terrorism camouflaged as rebellion is the main plot of this production.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Game of Thrones

Wherever there is a television and an internet connection, there will be hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people who are already part of the Westerosi family of worshipers. Suppose you like fantasymedieval stories, but that takes us to alternative universes where everything is possible, dragonsclass, and nation struggles and, ultimately. In that case, you want to join the club of those who love this series, I am not entertaining you more, and I leave it up to you when to start enjoying this masterpiece. The wars, by the way, are innumerable throughout its eight seasons, with an emphasis on some epic battle of the sixth season, which is already part of television history.

– Year: 2011– Seasons: 8– Episodes available: 73– Approximate duration: 55 minutes


Suppose you are looking for war series with the background of World War II. In that case, you should give this Netflix fiction a try, which brings us closer to the months after the end of the war and how US intelligence agents recruit the official Feef Symonds to identify possible Russian spies infiltrated within the British government. From then on, the game of cat and mouse will not wait, while distrust of Feef grows by the minute.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 6– Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Hitler’s Circle of Evil

When someone pursues an ideal their whole life, if they have the perfect allies and circumstances, they may end up being part of the story. This documentary series, available on Netflix, tells us about Adolf Hitler and his closest circle, made up of marginalized workers, wealthy playwrights, and war heroes, in the early days of his rule in Germany. Between power struggles, betrayals, and conspiracies, this group, led by the devil himself, managed to control the country and chart a terrible future for the rest of the world.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

How they became tyrants

Could it be that you have always wanted to be, deep down in your soul, a being capable of dominating the rest of the mortals around you? With a sarcastic tone that helps degrease the seriousness of these proposals regularly, this Netflix documentary series, narrated by Peter Dinklage, brings us closer to the figure of six prominent tyrants of our recent history and how they managed to rise and stay in power. We will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the dark stories of Idi Amin, Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Muammar El Gaddafi, or Kim Jong Hun.

– Year: 2021– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 6– Approximate duration: 30 minutes


Few presentations need this miniseries, based on the novel by Fernando Aramburu, which explores the pain caused by the terrorist gang ETA during its hardest time in the bosom of two Basque families. Controversy aside, the series has managed to unite critics and the public, in addition to carrying out an exercise in atonement for the pain and tragedy that our country has experienced for decades. One more step to forget the troubles that the madness of terrorism caused in the citizenship and that has been converted into an audiovisual collector’s item. The war was pain and suffering so close that it still hurt.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes


This original work by Genndy Tartakovsky, responsible for animations such as Star Wars: Clone Wars, offers us an unconventional vision of war, so much so that we face a science fiction work that places us in a timeline where the human being and dinosaurs coexisted in the same period. This adventure follows a caveman named Spear, who ends up befriending a tyrannosaurus named Fang, bonding over tragedy as they must contend with the terrifying creatures that inhabit a prehistoric world too prone to death and violence.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 20 minutes


When television series began to displace cinema, back in the early second decade of this 21st century, Spartacus was one of the television series that caused the most impact on the audience, both for the harshness of its images, with the sex and violence by the flag, as by the level of production that raised the bar for future series to come. On this occasion, we will learn the story of one of the most famous gladiators of the seventh art, the one known as Spartacus, in addition to his battle companions, while they are captured and forced to compete to the death, with the subsequent revenge planned.

– Year: 2012– Seasons: 4– Episodes available: 39– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Churchill’s New Secret Agents

Perhaps you were thinking of fiction or a documentary series, but what we present below is one of the most curious reality shows that we have come across. Will be 14 participants to begin a rigorous selection process, the same that made the British spies who participated in World War II. If you want to know all the secrets of British espionage from the middle of the last century, this program is one of the best entertainment that Netflix offers you.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 5– Approximate duration: 45 minutes