The 6 Best Apps for walking and going for a Walk

  • Go for a walk with your mobile and the best apps to keep track of your walks.
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Thanks to the applications to do sports at home, it is no longer necessary to join a gym to burn calories. On Android, we have countless apps with which to get in shape without paying a euro.

Thus, in the Play Store, we find many walking applications with which you can not only control the kilometers you walk or run, but you can also keep track of all your walks. Measure how much you walk each day, which route you have followed, and follow your progress easily and intuitively.

With these walking and running apps, you can keep complete track of the exercise you do directly on your mobile, so if you don’t, think twice and download your favorite.

The best apps for walking and going for a walk on Android

If you want to download the best walking application, go directly to Google Fit. Its simplicity is admirable, and it is totally free. If not, take a look at the rest of the list because you will surely find one that fits your lifestyle:

  • Pedometer – Step Counter, Calorie Counter
  • Google fit
  • Sportractive – Running and Walking
  • RunKeeper
  • Weight loss while walking
  • Endomondo

Pedometer – Step Counter, Calorie Counter

Pedometer Step Counter Calorie Counter

Just as we did with the best running apps, in this article, we help you discover the best walking apps.

The first one is Pedometer, a simple application that uses the mobile sensor to count the steps you take, the calories you burn, and the distance and time you have walked each day, among other functions.

It is an easy-to-use and private pedometer, as it does not force you to log in and therefore does not store your data in an account.

However, it does allow you to keep track of each day that you have walked, seeing all the data in the form of graphs. In addition, according to those responsible for the app, it does not use the GPS of the mobile, something that helps you save battery.

Price: Free. | In-app purchases: from 3.19 to 42.99 euros.

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

Google Fit activity and health tracking

Google Fit, with a dark theme included, is one of the best applications to keep track of each workout you do, both from your mobile phone and from your smartwatch.

Using the sensors of these devices, the app records your speed, your pace, your steps, your route, the time spent, etc. In addition, you can use it to walk without having to be connected to the Internet.

With Google Fit, you can analyze the progress of your walks and set goals to meet day by day. Thus, you can obtain Cardio Points within the program created between Google and the World Health Organization to improve your health. Remember, just taking a 30-minute walk a day can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep better, and increase your overall mental well-being.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best walking apps of 2021, as it is easy to use, it can record your walks automatically, and, above all, it can be downloaded and used totally free.

Price: Free.

Sportractive – Running and Walking

Sportractive Running and Walking

Sports active is another good application that you should try if you like to go for a walk since it tracks each of your walks, analyzes them and helps you meet all your goals.

You can easily customize the app’s interface to show those aspects that interest you when exercising: distance, distance, calories, time, speed, pace …

This sports app also has other interesting functions, such as voice prompts that guide you during exercises or signaling the different speeds in training with colored marks on the map.

On the other hand, you can also write down your body measurements and keep track of them since they will probably vary as you walk daily.

Price: Free. | In-app purchases: 1.49 euros per item.


Millions of users already belong to the RunKeeper community, one of the most popular sports apps.

In addition to running, this application is also useful for going for a walk, as it also shows you the data on the distance traveled, the time walked, or the pace you have maintained. It is entirely in Spanish so that you can use it without any problem.

In addition to the usual monitoring in these apps, RunKeeper highlights the social nature of the platform. In your profile, you can publish all your workouts, achievements, and plans, as well as share them on networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Also, from the app, you can take photos while you walk to publish and share them with other users.

Price: Free. | Purchases within the app: from 0.74 to 42.99 euros per item.

Weight loss while walking

Weight loss while walking

As its name suggests, this walking app helps you lose weight with professional training plans focused on going for a walk.

The difficulty levels are 3 to adapt to the different fitness states of the users. The app offers you a 3-month training plan in which you must walk 3 to 7 days each week.

Little by little, the intensity will increase, although you will always have the help of an audio guide that will help you in each workout. In addition to following the plan recommended by the app, you can also track your calories, distance, time, and pace daily. In addition, it is worth highlighting the music playback function of this app, with which it will be even easier to animate the walks.

Price: Free. | In-app purchases: from 4.99 to 20.99 euros per item.


Another of the best-known applications is Endomondo, which has also managed to form a wide community of athletes worldwide. If you download this app, you can carry out an exhaustive follow-up of each walk you take, with the most common data: distance, time, pace, speed, etc. In addition, you can receive that information by audio while you train, so you do not have to look at the mobile screen.

As in RunKeeper, in Endomondo, you can share the data of your workouts with other users, as well as the goals that you meet. You can also receive and send messages of encouragement while you train, follow your friends’ workouts live, and share your progress on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram.

Price: Free. | Purchases within the app: from 0.99 to 49.99 euros per item.

These are the best walking apps you can download to your mobile in 2021. This list is constantly expanding, so we recommend checking it frequently to discover new applications.