The 8 Best Alarm and alarm clock apps for Android: Choose yours

  • If you find it difficult to get up in the morning, these are the apps you need: alarm clock and alarm applications that you can install on your Android mobile in 2021.
  • Change your boring mobile alarm for your favorite song in seconds
  • How to use a YouTube song as an alarm clock tone on your mobile

We all need a good alarm app on our Android devices to help us wake up in the morning and start the day on the right foot. You probably only use it for a few seconds each day, but I am very afraid that it is one of the most important applications on your mobile. Many still use the tool that their mobile phone includes by default, perhaps without knowing that in the application store, there are other much more complete and interesting alternatives.

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to wake up to go to class or work at the same time each day, or if you intend to improve your sleeping habits – in that case, we also recommend you take a look at our selection of the best apps to wear. fit and improve health -. In this article, we select the best alarm and alarm clock applications that can be downloaded on Android.

Alarm clock and alarm apps for Android: the 8 best you can use

  • Google clock
  • Timely
  • Shake-it alarm
  • Good morning alarm clock
  • Sleep better
  • Sleep as Android
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Alarmy

We have chosen a total of 8 alarm clock and alarm apps for the mobile. All of them offer basic functions, but you can also find other useful tools in them.

Google clock

Google clock

The clock and alarm app, a must for any mobile.

The Google clock tool arrives installed by default on Pixel, Android One phones, and other companies that have decided to use this solution instead of developing their own applications. Perhaps because it is one of the simplest and easiest to use, it does not forget some interesting features that we will not find in other alternatives.

In addition to allowing us to create and activate all the alarms we want, the Google application has options such as integration with Spotify so that each morning one of our favorite songs will wake us up, the possibility of choosing the frequency with which the alarm sounds and even Synchronization with WearOS watch so that if you wear the watch at night, the alarm will vibrate and sound – if the smartwatch has a speaker – directly on it, and not on the smartphone.


Once, it was one of the most famous clocks and alarm applications on Android, accumulating millions of downloads on Google Play. In January 2014, Google got in the way of Timely, acquiring the company in charge of its development and eliminating every one of the in-app payments that it included, and making it free for everyone. Today, it’s still a great alternative, with a greatly customizable layout and dozens of features.

Although the application stands out for its neat appearance, full of fantastic animations, it is also necessary to dwell on some of the details that make Timely one of the best clock applications that exist on Google Play, such as the integration with the Assistant Google, home screen widgets, adaptive pauses, or incremental audio.

It’s a shame that, at the end of May 2021, Timely will no longer be available for download on Google Play. However, it is possible to continue using and downloading it through third-party repositories. However, you can always use any other alternative to Timely from those available in this list.

Shake-it alarm

Shake it alarm

If challenges are your thing and it is also difficult for you to wake up every morning, Shake It Alarm is the application you need. To deactivate the alarms, the application proposes different ways: shaking the mobile, yelling at it, or holding down a point on the screen. In addition, to make the game even more interesting, there is a random mode that will propose a different challenge every morning.

Alarm clock good morning

Selected as one of the best applications in its category by the editors of Google Play, “Good Morning Alarm Clock” undoubtedly deserved to enter this selection of the best mobile alarm apps. The application claims to be a smart alarm, which is based on our sleeping habits to wake us up at the optimal time. Once awake, we will be able to access a panel with statistics, and in case our habits have changed, we will be notified accordingly.

To “analyze” our sleep, the device must be close to us at night. It also includes options such as playing relaxing sounds, choosing between different alarm tones, including our favorite music, or weather information for the next day to know the time that awaits us when we wake up in the morning.

Sleep Better Alarm clock, smart alarm

Created by the famous company Runtastic, behind one of the best apps to measure our career progress, it also offers on Google Play a tool to improve our sleep habits intelligently, analyzing our sleep and waking up at the optimal time.

In addition to recording nighttime habits, Sleep Better offers us daily recommendations to avoid insomnia and other sleep problems. In addition, for those concerned about their privacy and who are not comfortable with a device analyzing them while they sleep, it should be noted that all the functions of the app work even with the mobile in airplane mode.

Sleep as Android

The sleep analysis application par excellence is, of course, another of the best that exists to wake us up in the best possible way. Sleep As Android has been the leader in its category for years, loaded with features and functions that promise to improve our daily sleep habits.

This app fully tracks each sleep cycle and shows graphs and statistics with our progress. When it comes to waking up, Sleep As Android uses natural sounds as an alarm tone, and like other such tools, it will always try to wake us up at the right time.

If you have not tried Sleep As Android yet, it is necessary to mention that you will have 20 days to do it for free, and from that moment, you will have to purchase the paid version of the application.

Smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clock

Although its name could lead us to think that this application also bases its operation on complex sleep analysis to wake up at the best time, the truth is that Smart Alarm Clock is a somewhat simpler alarm app. Still, as it happened With “Shake It Alarm”, you will make every morning a challenge.

In addition to the “normal” mode, through which it will be possible to deactivate the alarm easily and without thinking too much, there are other most curious options: a math test that will not deactivate the alarm until the result is correct, shake the phone, Random barcode or QR code scan, draw a pattern correctly, or enter text.


The last of the applications in this selection is the one that takes the challenges even further. As in other apps in its category, to deactivate the alarm every morning, you will have to perform certain actions correctly. In this case, however, the challenges range from taking a photo of the bathroom, kitchen, or entrance to our house to doing a math problem correctly.