The Best Apps To Learn Programming

Learn to program with the best mobile and tablet applications that you can download on Android.

If you have set out to learn to program, and you don’t know where to start, you should know that your mobile can be a great ally. On Android, it is possible to find apps and tools to learn to program that is very useful when entering this world.

Programming Hero

This app defines itself as perfect for absolute beginners, so if you’ve never programmed before or are familiar with the basics of programming, Programming Hero can be a good starting point.

The app stands out for having an extremely careful design, easy to use, and with an interface that is reminiscent of a game.

And that is precisely the goal: to end up creating a game as we learn new concepts of mobile programming, with more than 100 problems to solve and explanations on topics such as data structures, algorithms, databases, or object-oriented programming.

GooglePlay | Programming Hero


Easy to use, available offline, and in several languages ​​–sadly, Spanish is not one of them–. Code Hub is a tool that makes it easy to learn programming concepts from your mobile phone, offering courses on different technologies and languages.


The app offers us courses divided into topics, each of them with videos and clear examples that help us understand each aspect of programming.

GooglePlay | CodeHub

Khan Academy

We conclude the selection of apps to learn to program with Khan Academy, one of the most famous educational tools in the world.

Although it is not an app created to learn to program, it is a fantastic option since among its many courses it includes many aimed at software or game development, with exercises, activities, and exams that will have to be completed.

The application is completely free to download and use. Behind it is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing learning resources to as many people as possible.

GooglePlay | khan academy