The best free apps to identify plants and flowers with your mobile

  • These applications use the camera of your smartphone to identify plants, flowers, and trees, become a true botanist!
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Our smartphone is a complete technological tool that, paradoxically, can be very useful to improve our relationship with the most primitive nature.

Surely if you are one of those privileged with a garden more than once, you have been flooded with a botanical curiosity that makes you wonder things like: what plant is this? Why does it grow in my garden? Can I cut down this tree? If I tie a rope to this branch, will it support the weight of my body?

Well, you will like to know that your mobile offers you an encyclopedia of knowledge for lovers of gardening, botany, or horticulture. And it is that using only the camera of your mobile you can discover valuable information about the plants, flowers, and trees in your environment.

In these cases, the easiest thing would be to try Google Lens (a Google app specially designed so that your mobile camera recognizes what it sees, offering information about it). However, unfortunately, this Google technology may remain behind in a good number of cases.

For this reason, we have prepared a selection of applications to identify plants and flowers with your mobile that will be very useful in your adventures with the flora around you.

The best free apps to identify plants and flowers with your mobile

Top applications to recognize plants and flowers for free

  • Plante
  • PlantSnap
  • PictureThis
  • Flora Incognita
  • nature
  • LeafSnap
  • FindPlant


We are perhaps facing the most popular app to recognize plants in the Play Store and the one with the best scientific endorsement. The interesting thing about PlantNet is that it is sponsored by the Agropolis Foundation and developed by various scientific groups. Thanks to this, it promises to identify the plants using a comparison with the images already existing in an immense botanical database, which is constantly growing thanks to the contributions and photographs of its users.

If there is a match between the image of the plant and the database, the app will offer a good amount of information about the plant in question. It will give the user the possibility to “donate” the photograph to this scientific project. Standing since 2014 and available for free on Android and iOS.



It is a complete application to recognize plants and flowers online that promises to identify up to 90% of all species of plants, flowers, and trees, even recognizing their leaves or fruitsUsing the camera of your mobile, you will be able to identify the plant in question, obtaining information about it, such as its taxonomy, its characteristics, and various curiosities.

PlantSnap is completely free and available on Android and iOS. In addition to being completely free, with PlantSnap, you can create your own library of plants and flowers, cataloging the species you come across. In addition, you can be part of a huge community with botanical enthusiasts from more than 200 countries.


It is one of the easiest to use and most downloaded apps to identify plants with photos in the entire Play Store: it has more than 30 million users. And it is not for less, since recognizing plants and flowers with the camera offers you information and advice on the care of flora, so it can be the ideal companion if you are interested in gardening and growing vegetables.

Thanks to its search engine combined with Artificial Intelligence, its recognitions enjoy an accuracy of 98%, well above that of human experts. It also includes additional functions such as plant care guides, the possibility of creating your own file with our favorite plants, watering, pruning, or fumigation warning settings, etc. All this topped off with a simple and friendly interface and Google’s seal of recommendationIt’s worth giving it a shot!

Flora Incognita

Flora Incognita

Bring the world of plants and flowers closer together with Flora Incognita, an application that has been developed by scientists and engineers from the Polytechnic University of Ilmenau and the Max-Planck Institute of Jena. For this reason, you can be sure that the results you will obtain in the plant and flower scan will be highly rigorous.

When the camera of your mobile identifies the plant in question, Flora Incognita will provide you with additional information that includes everything from the fundamental characteristics of the plant to details of its propagation or whether or not it is in danger of extinction.

It should be noted that the app is designed above all to identify wild flora, so if you were planning to use it to help you prune bonsai, another option might be better.


Although the app is in English, it is one of the best free plant identifiers that you can download. Its operation is as simple as it is effective: you take the photo, and the app offers you a complete “biography” of the plant in question, also informing you about whether the plant is sick and what treatment you could apply to it, being a must for fans of the gardening.

As if that were not enough, it includes the value in abundance thanks to an extraordinary extra. Nature ID also identifies animals, providing information about the species, the habitat, or the care they may require. You can download NatureID for free on both Android and iOS.


It is perhaps one of the best-rated applications in this compilation, partly thanks to its minimalist design and easier operation than caring for a cactus: a photo and… magic! You access all the information of the plant of yore.

LeafSnap is capable of recognizing up to 90% of all known species of plants and trees through your mobile camera. Wow, unless you go on a tour of Malaysia, this app will cover absolutely all your floral needs.



We finished the compilation with FindPlant, an interesting app that, although it is in English, its main virtue is that it is completely free. This means that it does not include features or content shielded for a fee.

For the rest, it works identically to the other applications seen here: you take a photograph of the plant specimen through the app, and it will bring you back all the information available about it. FindPlant has an up-to-date plant database and is initially only available on Android.