The best new games and apps for Android this week


If you are looking for new apps and games to try this weekend, you are in luck because we bring you a few that will not leave anyone indifferent. Every week – as long as new releases allow it – we will select the best new apps and the best newcomers, most entertaining or most liked games so that you can try them out for yourself on your Android device.

We will generally select new free apps and games, although we will frequently highlight some paid apps. In that case, it may be an excellent option to use apps to get a balance on Google Play.

I wouldn’t miss them! And of course, don’t forget to share your discoveries with us. Here we go!

The best new games and apps for Android this week

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 11)


As a grand launch this past week, we must highlight StickerConv. It is a useful application that allows you to convert Telegram stickers to WhatsApp stickers and vice versa.

The app works with both static and animated stickers. You have to choose the pack of stickers you want to transform, and you can use it in the messaging app you want.

Best New Android Games of the Week (October 11)

Sudoku Games in Spanish – Classic Sudoku Puzzles

If you are looking for an excellent free sudoku game for mobile, this is the game you need. Sudoku Games in Spanish offers you more than 1,200 different sudokus, with four different difficulty levels and a neat and intuitive graphic section.


Within the games section, we must highlight the arrival of titles such as the new HATSUNE MIKU game launched by SEGA.

It is, of course, a musical game, in which it will be possible to play half of the levels for free until the Launch of the entire game in a few weeks.

Steam Highwayman – Smog and Ambuscade

Another title that should not be lost sight of is Steam Highwayman, a new text-based role-playing game where each player will live their adventure based on the decisions made along the way.

The story takes us to a world inspired by the current steampunk, in which to discover secrets, solve missions and rescue those who need it.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 4)

Project Activate

Project Activate is the latest creation of the Research at Google division. It is a tool aimed at people with motor disabilities, which allows you to use the mobile with movements of the face.

OpenSea: NFT marketplace

After a long wait, OpenSea now has an official mobile application. It is one of the most popular platforms to buy NFTs and explore the non-fungible tokens available in the – increasingly extensive – market.

Best New Android Games of the Week (October 4)

Unicorns on Unicycles

Unicorns on Unicycles is one of the funniest games to hit Google Play in recent months. It is a physics-based fighting game where the protagonists are unicorns riding unicycles.

The game includes more than thirty different levels, each with its physical properties so that no two groups are the same.

Doors: Paradox

The famous developer Snapbreak brings us the third edition of the Doors saga, with even more puzzles and an improved augmented reality mode.

Its graphic section has been updated with new 3D elements, immersive sound effects, and the option to try eight levels for free.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (September 27)


Launch step1


The Launch is an unofficial application aimed at fans of SpaceX and aerospace missions. It is possible to follow the company’s launches, see details related to the crew, the vehicles, and much more.


If you are looking for a new tasks and reminders app, TallTask ​​provides a new approach with a simple interface, allowing you to quickly create tasks or set goals and set you to set deadlines, create notifications, and more.

Best New Android Games of the Week (September 27)

Pokémon UNITE

After a long wait, Pokémon UNITE has officially arrived on Android to delight us with its five vs. five battles in a MOBA-style game based on the Pokémon universe.

Animus: Revenant

The third generation of this saga, Dark Souls-inspired, has landed on Android after a brief period of exclusivity on Nintendo Switch. Animus: Revenant invites us to live an action-adventure in a fantasy world, where neither the enemies nor the environment will make it easy for us.

The game has top-notch graphics and intuitive controls. All this has a price, of course, and in this case, it is 10.99 euros, or 6.99 euros during its first days available in the Google app store.

Actraiser Renaissance

Square Enix surprises us this week with the remastering of one of its SNES classics, which lands on Android to invite us to live a platform adventure with HD graphics, where we will also have to build structures and fight with enemies.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (September 20)

Media Bar

Media Bar

Media Bar is a new and valuable tool that allows you to place a multimedia progress bar on the system status bar. In this way, it is possible to control the playback of music or podcasts simply by sliding your finger across the status bar.

The app is fully customizable and includes various themes and buttons to control content playback. Media Bar is entirely free to download.


Another useful Android tool that has landed on Google Play this week is Barcode. It is an app that allows you to generate, capture and manage barcodes and QR codes from your mobile.

Schedule Mate

The last app chosen this week is Schedule Mate, a task and goal manager with a simple and easy-to-understand design. It allows group tasks in categories of different colors, generates graphs, and shows reminders.

In addition, each task or objective can be associated with a list of things to do, and it is possible to configure alerts so that the app warns us before the deadline of a task is reached, for example.

Best New Android Games of the Week (September 20)


When you merge the Roguelite, Tower Defense, City-Building, and deck building styles, you end up with something akin to Metropolis. In this game, real-time strategy, you will have to create your deck to end up building the largest city of rats – or Ratropolis – in history.

Unholy Adventure 3: Adventure Story Game

The third installment of this famous saga of titles point and click with puzzles has landed on Google Play. Unholy Adventure 3 offers us a graphic adventure full of mysteries. We will have to accompany Peter Grim, the protagonist of the Unholy Adventure saga, searching for his lost daughter while finding the answers to the secrets that the tale has been sowing during the two previous deliveries.

Mechcube: Dark Stories

After a successful first installment, now comes the second game in the Mechcube series.

Like the first, it is a style title point and clicks set in a dark science fiction world, where our mission is to solve each of the puzzles that the Cube hides in each of its rooms.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (September 13)

Sky Weatherman

Sky Weatherman is a new free weather app – albeit with ads and in-app payments that have recently landed on Google Play.

It stands out for offering accurate weather forecasts thanks to its format – hyperlocal similar to apps like the now-defunct Dark Sky. In addition, it has a simple and elegant design and offers various filters that allow you to check the weather in the most optimal way possible in each situation.


The developer behind HabitCoin was tired of the typical habit-building apps and has decided to create his own, with a slightly different approach.

It is a tool that allows you to develop new habits, unlocking virtual “money” that can be used to buy whims within the application.

Each week, money is unlocked as objectives are met, and that money can be used to purchase virtual goods. Instead, the funds will be used for other, more boring purposes if a goal is not met.

Random Lists

If you’ve ever run sweepstakes, raffle, or something similar, you know how tedious it is to pick a winner randomly. A random List is a new tool that facilitates this process, allowing you to create lists and choosing an option entirely randomly.

However, the app goes further by incorporating advanced functions, such as saving lists, organizing them, generating them randomly, or changing the level of randomness.

Best New Android Games of the Week (September 13)

The Sun: Key of Heaven

The Sun Key of Heaven

This new shooter from developer AGaming + is survival combined with RPG and action games elements, all with excellent 3D graphics and fantastic gameplay.


Blon is a fun mix between two classics: Super Mario Bros and Sonic. It is an adorable arcade platform adventure, where we will travel through different worlds controlling a “being” whose mission is to find his brother, who has stolen all the treasures of his family.

The game can be downloaded for free, although it contains payment in-app to unlock extra add-ons.

Car Drift

Car Drift takes tunning, car racing, and police chase one level further, with graphics pop art combined with styling low poly cared for down to the smallest detail, historic vehicles from the 1950s to the present, and much more. Plus.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (September 6)


Humid is defined as a musical social network destined to share and discover music with the rest of the application users. The application allows us to find any song we like and share a 30-second excerpt through any social network or messaging app. In addition, if we discover a new piece that interests us, it will be possible to save it directly to a Spotify list.

Wit – Workout Interval Timer

If you are looking for a new application to train, Wit can be a perfect option, especially if you are into high-intensity interval training. It has a simple interface and comes prepared with different types of exercises.

Best New Android Games of the Week (September 6)

KonMari Spark Joy!

Official game Marie Kondo’s has landed on Google Play for a reason … and it’s better than many expected.

It is an adventure puzzle that emphasizes the story, with simple gameplay combining blocks to disappear.

Murders on Budapest

Murders on Budapest is a graphic adventure told in comic format, where we will delve into the mysteries of a murder that occurred during an excursion through the mountains. Your mission, of course, will be to find out who is behind the murder.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (August 30)


If you need to use your mobile as a Webcam for the PC, one of the best apps you can use is Camo, a tool that we discussed in more detail at the time.

With it, you can take advantage of the quality of your mobile camera when making video calls. It works with Mac and Windows and is completely free to download.


Those still looking for an excellent alternative to Gmail should give try OnMail a. This new email application has a simple design and useful functions, such as only receiving messages from those who matter to us.

It is free to use and offers 100GB of storage. However, it is possible to subscribe to a version premium to enjoy several exclusive benefits.


AnyTracker is one of the hit most useful applications to Google Play in recent days. Its operation is simple: select any number on a web page, and the app will notify you if it changes at any time.

In this way, you can follow the price of products you plan to buy, the followers of your Twitter account, Instagram, or subscribers on YouTube, or anything you can imagine. The app will notify you automatically, and you can even place widgets on your home screen to always keep up to date with what is happening with the numbers you follow.

Best New Android Games of the Week (August 30)


Every lover of action games and graphics retro should give Squarefall a try. Your mission will be to destroy as many blocks as possible to defend the core and obtain the highest possible score. Throughout each level, you can get advantages that will help you beat the cubes more easily.


Northgard is a real-time strategy game focused on Norse mythology. The title has been successfully ported to Android, offering gameplay smooth and high-quality graphics.

Titan Glory

Battles wicks reach your mobile with Titan Glory. You will have to choose your robot from the 12 offered in the game and fight against the enemies in the six different areas. Of course, there is a multiplayer mode that will allow you to fight against other people from all over the world.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (August 23)


Routine is a new free app for Android that will help people who have problems creating habits. With it, it is possible to establish routines and keep track to turn them into habits.

It has a simple but careful design, and thanks to the possibility of creating an account and logging in, our data is available on any device we use.

Beat Splice

Creating music with your mobile is possible; you don’t even need an app like GarageBand. It is much easier to make your beats intelligently with Beat Splice, using different styles, combining samples, and much more.

Opera Football: Live Scores & Matches

Opera, the creator of the famous browser, has launched a new application to follow soccer results in real-time this week.

OperaFootball allows you to follow our favorite teams from different leagues and tournaments globally, with rankings, instant notifications, and much more.

Best New Android Games of the Week (August 23)

Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins

This week has landed on Android Rush Rally Origins, one of the best racing games for Android available on Google Play.

It is a rally game with top-down racing that offers three different game modes to enjoy races offline.

Wall of Insanity

The creators of the Slaughter saga have released their new title for Android. It is an action game set in a dark and hostile world. The game offers an adventure in the third person where you will have to choose your weapons well to finish off the hordes of enemies in front of you.

It has top-notch 3D graphics, an exquisite sound section, and easy-to-use controls.

Trainz Simulator 3

There is not much to say about this game: it is the third generation of the most realistic train simulator on Google Play, with new cities, fourteen trains designed with great detail, and routes that will delight any lover of the trains.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (August 16)

Pluvia Weather – Accurate & Open Source

A new weather app open source has just landed on Android. Pluvia Weather is a fantastic app with a minimalist design and colorful animations available in more than 40 languages.


If you are looking for a new notes application, Noto is a tool that allows you to group notes using libraries custom through names and colors. The app will enable you to archive notes, duplicate them, export them, and more. All this in an app with a simple and minimalist design.

Smart Cursor

Sometimes new emerge accessibility tools can makLifefe easier for any type of user. Smart Cursor allows you to control your mobile using just one hand through a computer-style cursor.

To access it, you just have to slide a finger from one of the sides of the screen and customize the cursor by modifying its appearance and size.

Best New Android Games of the Week (August 16)

PIPES: Zen Garden

In this relaxing game, the mission is to cultivate a zen garden. To do this, each of the different levels must be completed by connecting the pipes to create a closed irrigation circuit.

Tales of the Mirror

Tales of the Mirrors is a visual novel where the player must solve the different mysteries in the Ming Dynasty. The title stands out for its exquisite graphics and for putting the story’s progress in control of the player by making decisions.

Mini Blaster

A simple but addictive game. Mini Blaster is an arcade shooting game with minimalist graphics, where you will have to level up to improve your ship. At each level, it will be necessary to defeat each of the enemies put in front.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (August 9)

Videoleap Editor

After a long period of exclusivity on iOS, one of the best mobile video editors has landed on Android. This is Videoleap Editor by Lightricks, a complete video editor with advanced features, including composing scenes with chroma.

The editor can be downloaded for free, but it contains in-app payments that go up to 69.99 euros.

Best New Android Games of the Week (August 9)

My days in Portia

My days at Portia are probably the closest thing to a Stardew Valley 3D you can find on Google Play. It is an online adventure game in 3D, where you can explore the open – and post-apocalyptic – the world of Portia with other players from around the world.

In this RPG, you will be able to manufacture and build structures and discover hidden relics, either independently or with other players.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro is an action game where you will have to help Pedro recover his kidnapped wife and children. The game offers 37 fun levels that can be covered on foot, on a skateboard, or even on a motorcycle. A banana, jumps, and many shots…

It is worth remembering that it is a title developed by the famous developer Devolver Digital, famous for creating titles such as Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, GRAY, or Fall Guys.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (August 2)



After a few years of development, the S2 music player has landed on Android. This is the excellent evolution of Shuttle Music Player, one of the players for Android’s most popular music of all time, now with a more modern and straightforward interface and the same functions that make Shuttle one of the best apps of its kind. Category.


If you are looking for your next favorite podcast, Moonbeam is for you. The app helps you browse many different podcasts based on your interests and listen to them directly in the app itself.

Water Resistance Tester

Unlike the many deceptive apps that exist on Google Play, Water Resistance Tester does allow you to check if your mobile is waterproof. The app uses the mobile barometer and other techniques to determine if the sealing of the device has deteriorated over time or if you can continue to wet your mobile without fear of breaking.

Best New Android Games of the Week (Aug 2)

Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets

Probably the best air combat game available on Android. The creators of the Sky Gamblers saga return with a new title, which offers the possibility to choose – and customize – more than 100 different aircraft to fight against other players from around the world, either individually or in teams.

Scuderia Racing

Scudería Racing is an entertaining 2D racing game with a bird’s eye view, where you can participate in an entire season or take individual races, either alone or with friends.

Adventure Reborn: adventure story game

The third best new game for Android this week is Adventure Reborn. This adventure game makes us travel to a post-apocalyptic world, where we will accompany Hope, the brave protagonist with a mysterious past, whose mission will be to save her parents before it’s too late.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (June 26)

Uncomplicated Launcher

With a name that perfectly defines its role, Uncomplicated Launcher promises to simplify daily phone operations. It allows to “tune” the mobile with a series of 3D buttons visible and accessible that will facilitate the use of the mobile for elderly people or people with little technological skills.



HalloApp is an application that claims to favor genuine relationships between its users, building simple, secure, and private communication. Created by two former WhatsApp employees, HalloApp does not sell your personal information or include advertising and can be an exciting alternative to conventional messaging apps.

ToonArt Editor

ToonArt Editor

Published in mid-July, ToonArt Editor is an editor photo with which you can easily create drawings and cartoons. Use your photos to create digital portraits that are sure to blow your mind.

Best New Android Games of the Week (July 26)

NieR Re[in]carnation

NieR Reincarnation

After Square Enix confirmed its arrival on Android at the end of June, NieR Re [in] carnation finally lands on the store Google. The latest game in the NieR franchise arrives as an – title adult role-playing shrouded in mystery and horror. Exploration, puzzles, and an intuitive combat system are the ingredients of one of this summer’s titles.


Overboard! is an exciting visual novel that reads like an interactive adventure in which we will have to solve a mysterious murder committed on board a ship. Make the right decisions and pay attention to details. The game is in English and costs just over 6 euros, of course, it does not include advertising.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is an augmented reality game in which you will have to follow and hunt various monsters. Packed with possibilities, it replicates the mechanics of Pokémon GO but with a more adult plot and many more role-playing touches.

Below you can see the previous weekly picks of new apps and games.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (July 12)

Privacy Dashboard

Privacy Dashboard

Your mobile may not be updated to Android 12, but you can have one of the best functions of the new version for free and on any mobile, thanks to Privacy Dashboard.

We have already analyzed the Privacy Dashboard in-depth. Still, it is worth remembering that it is a tool that allows you to see the permissions granted to applications and how they use them and count on the privacy indicators included by Google in the latest version of Android.


a label is a free tool that allows you to create and manage brands to organize your email better. For now, it only works with Gmail accounts, and among other things, it will enable you to create rules to make managing your inbox much more accessible.

Battery Indicators + Battery Charging Animations

A new customization app that just landed on Google Play is Battery Indicators + Battery Charging Animations. Thanks to it, it is possible to fully customize the battery indicators through rings around the on-screen camera, battery bars, the percentage in the form of text, charging animations, and much more. The app is in the early access phase, but it is now possible to try it for free.

Best New Android Games of the Week (July 12)


This exploration and adventure game with graphics low-poly is one of the best to hit Google Play in the last few days. In it, they tell us a story about love, loss, friendship, and family, set in northern Norway. All with just the right amount of puzzles and a mysterious magic bracelet.

Little Fin

The second game selected this week is a free title, where we accompany a fish across the ocean, full of secrets, tunnels, enemies, and more.

Crash Drive 3

If you are frantic racing games, the third installment of Crash Drive is a great option to try this week. It is an online and multiplatform title, where you will have at your disposal vehicles of all kinds, including monster trucks, tanks, trucks, and much more.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (July 5)


Trendy is an ingenious application that lets you know what people’s interests worldwide are in real-time.

To do this, the application extracts statistics from Google Trends and shows which are the topics of the day – or of the week – in any country in the world, through a curious format of bubbles, where those of larger size represent the topics most popular at all times.

The app is still in the development phase, and its operation is not optimal. However, it has the potential to become a most valuable tool.


If you are looking for an excellent alternative to Google Keep, may Quillnote be a good option?

It is an open-source notes app, which includes support for markdown, tasks, reminders, images, labels, and much more, all with an interface reminiscent of the Google notes app.

Although it does not offer cloud synchronization, it gives the possibility of synchronizing the notes with Nextcloud and saving backup copies in ZIP format to restore the messages later or on other devices.


The last app selected this week is SheetCalc, a calculator app somewhat different from the rest.

And it is that the app allows calculations in a somewhat peculiar format as if it were a sheet of paper where you can place and move operations and equations anywhere with a simple gesture.

Best New Android Games of the Week (July 5)

Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

In this adventure game, you accompany Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken, two very famous detectives a decade ago. Now, ten years later, they will work together again on one of the strangest cases of their entire career.

The game tells a story typical of film noir films, with the most curious graphics thanks to its photorealistic appearance. All this, accompanied by a good dose of black humor and an excellent original soundtrack.

Tropico: The People’s Demo

The famous strategy and resource management game Tropico lands on your Android mobile or tablet with this smaller version.

It will be necessary to develop urban planning, make political decisions, carry out covert deals, and much more, to take the island and its population into the future they deserve … or not.

Duck Souls

Don’t be confused by its name: the only thing in which Duck Souls resembles the video games of a particular saga created by From Software is in its devilish difficulty.

In Duck Souls, you will have to advance through each of the 100 levels, all of them full of threats ready to kill you.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (June 28)


Grafobook is a new notes application for Android, totally free, open-source, and with a careful design.

It is an alternative to Google Keep that, among other things, offers the possibility of using rich text formats with bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough, as well as colors for both the text and the labels and notes themselves.

It has a search system based on filters and stands out for its ease of use.


The developer RocketXR wanted to take advantage of the capabilities of augmented reality to make learning about space flights more accessible and more intuitive. It includes detailed models of ships such as the Falcon 9 Block 5, the Perseverance Mars Rover, and the Hubble Space Telescope, which can be examined in great detail anytime, anywhere.

Sunny Side

The creator of Time Rise, an application we talked about a short time ago, now brings us Sunny Side, a new tool modern and straightforward design that provides a clear display of the current UV index, as well as giving guidelines on protection methods to avoid burns or more severe damage caused by the sun.

Best New Android Games of the Week (June 28)

Baba Is You

Baba Is You

This popular puzzle game with retro graphics triumphed on the Nintendo Switch and now lands on Android to delight with its curious mechanics, where the rules change dynamically. The player must act quickly to advance through its levels.

Ever Rise: Islands of Space

A slightly more relaxing game than the previous one is Ever Rise. The story of the science fiction work Islands of Space, published in 1957 by the writer John W. Campbell Jr., is told in a much more visual way through illustrations, text, and relaxing music.

Unmade – a myth of shadow & light

ARTE Experience is a video game developer focused on offering visual experiences of another level with its creations. In this case, it brings us a new interactive novel inspired by Greek mythology, which stands out for incorporating a mechanic based on light, using the lighting sensor of the mobile to adapt the lighting of the game.

It is possible to download UNMAZE for free and test the first hour of play without paying anything. To unlock the rest of the chapters, a payment of 4.49 euros will have to be made.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (June 21)

Opera GX

Opera GX

After several months of waiting, the browser for “gamers” Opera GX has landed on Android, with functions designed to improve the experience of most gamers.

This is a somewhat different version of the Opera browser, with custom themes, feed of news about video games and consoles, bulletin offers games, block crawlers, sync with the performance for PCs, and more.

Spotify Greenroom

One of the latest companies to join the style app craze Clubhouse- is Spotify.

Greenroom is Spotify’s alternative to Clubhouse, allowing you to create real-time chat rooms with other people to talk about all kinds of topics. One of its great virtues is the possibility of publishing the recordings as podcasts once they have finished.

Microsoft Edge Beta

This week the thing is about browsers. In addition to Opera GX, it has also landed on the Google Play version beta of Microsoft Edge, with news not available in the final version and the possibility of experiencing the latest changes before anyone else.

Best New Android Games of the Week (June 21)

The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker

From the hand of CD Projekt comes The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker, a game inspired by the universe of The Witcher, where we will live a role-playing adventure for one player.

The game features different styles of play: cards, puzzles, turn-based combat … . All this, surrounded by a powerful narrative section as only CD Projekt knows how to offer.

The game can be downloaded for free, although you will have to make a single payment of 10.99 euros to unlock all its limitations. Its creators assure us more than 30 hours of gameplay and 20 possible different endings.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

In this roguelike, rhythm is the most important thing. Crypt of the NecroDancer is an award-winning action game where you will have to move your character to the rhythm of the music, either the one chosen by the game or that of our music collection.


A classic just landed on mobile devices is RuneScape. The famous MMORPG game is now available on Android, allowing us to enter a fantasy world with other people worldwide.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (June 14)

Table time

Organizing your day-to-day is about to become a much easier task, thanks to Tabletime, a new free Android application to create schedules.

It has a neat and straightforward interface and stands out for incorporating functions such as the possibility of creating different schedules for each week, showing weekends, synchronizing schedules in the cloud, and allowing you to configure notifications.


applications to There manage our expenses are many, but there is always room for one more, especially if it is of good quality as Akashi.

Akashi is committed to simplicity by adding any cost without entering too much information quickly. At the end of the month, we will see a summary of all our expenses. All data is stored locally, so there is no risk that sensitive information could end up in the hands of third parties.

Best New Android Games of the Week (June 14)

Albion Online

After a long wait, the popular role-playing game Albion Online has landed on Android to allow us to enter a universe where we must create our objects, create armor and weapons, and face other players from around the world.

It is a multiplatform title so that we will meet PC and mobile players. Also, if you have already played the PC version, you can continue with your account in this version.

Breach Wanderers: A Roguelike Deckbuilder

A new “roguelike” title coming to Android is Breach Wanderers.

According to its creators, this game combines elements of trading card titles with deck-building titles differently than other games.

Rainbow Sea

This week’s latest title is Rainbow Sea, an adventure game that stands out for its careful graphics, with a pixel art style that combines perfectly with its story, sad and funny in equal measure.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (June 7)

Seeneva: intelligent comic book reader

Reading comics and books from your mobile level goes up thanks to Seeneva, a free reader with support for multiple file formats, including CBZ, CBR, CBT, and PDF. It includes such valuable functions as OCR and TTS, support for ComicRack metadata, and support for many types of images. All this, without any kind of advertisement and in a free and open-source app.

The Sky by Redshift

Astronomy lovers: this is your app. The Sky is the latest USB creation. It is a complete tool that allows you to see the stars and their position, know the name of the planets, or even know where the international space station is going at this time. Just open the app, point your mobile towards the Sky and start learning – and enjoying yourself.

Best New Android Games of the Week (June 7)

Memory Stamps

Everyone needs a dose of relaxation from time to time. Memory Stamps is an ingenious relaxing puzzle game, which also helps to exercise visual memory.

To do this, you will have to memorize the illustrations that appear on the screen well, to recreate them later when they have disappeared. There will be no timer, and you can take all the time you need to do it. However, if you are challenged, you can resort to the game mode with limited time.

Super Slime Rush

For those looking for a game fun and frantic, Super Slime Rush is a colorful title reminiscent of Fall Guys, one of the great console and PC hits of recent months.

In this case, yes, you will not have to compete against other players, but to reach the end of each level, overcoming the different obstacles that will be on the way and preventing the ball from slime reaching you.


The last game selected this week is Psychofunk, a platform adventure with graphics set in the aesthetics of the sixties and seventies, where you must push the platforms in and out to advance towards the end of each level. There, I will wait for you, the final boss, whom you must defeat to continue progressing.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (May 31)

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper

One of the best new apps for Android this week comes from the hand of OnePlus. It is Wallpaper, the new animated Wallpaper from OneLab, whose appearance varies as we use the mobile, depending on the app we use the most.

Time Rise

Time Rise is one of those simple apps that stands out for its ingenious design. It is a minimalist timer, which emulates the format of an hourglass: you just have to turn the mobile and see how the countdown begins…

Best New Android Games of the Week (May 31)


The Classic for PC and consoles launched in 2020 now lands on Android. Huntdown is an action-comedy platformer with 2D graphics. It offers 20 different levels, each one more fun.

The Longest Road on Earth

Its creators define it as a “narrative game, reflective in nature and deeply personal.”

It is a game without dialogue, with simple mechanics and a very emotional story. It has a price of 4.19 euros.


We conclude the selection of this week – and of the month – with Lilulu, a puzzle and exploration game with minimalist graphics that, in a way, remind us of the classics of the Monument Valley saga.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (May 24)


From the hand of the famous developer TeamViewer comes lifeAR, a practical application that takes advantage of augmented reality to explain in a simple way how to perform everyday tasks, such as connecting an HDMI cable to the TV, programming a thermostat, or turning on an oven.

In addition, it offers the possibility of remote assistance through video calls or gets help in real-time.

My ✦ Expenses

Qe can Mon is the best cost control app for couples and groups we’ve seen in a long time. The application has an exquisite design based on the Material Design visual language and a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

Its functions include inviting other people to form a group, creating different income channels, setting expense budgets, and much more.

Font Keyboard | Emoji Kaomoji

This keyboard app for Android allows you to write with special effects on texts without needing an Internet connection or to access specific web pages. You can use the included fonts for your Twitter or Instagram descriptions, for TikTok, or your WhatsApp messages.

Best New Android Games of the Week (May 24)

Woven Pocket Edition

That of Woven Jha has been one of the hottest releases this week. It is an action and adventure game where you will have to accompany Stuffy, a customizable plush you will have to attend throughout a woolen world full of obstacles and dangers.


The saga Samorost returns in a new installment, a remastered edition of the ClassicClassiched in 2003. The game is entirely free to download

Unholy Adventure

The third of this week’s free games are Unholy Adventure, a title adventure point and click packed with puzzles and a unique narrative.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (May 17)

Ava – Movie Assistant

It is not always easy to choose which movie to watch. That is why there are applications like Ava, a new tool that wants to become our new movie assistant capable of learning from our tastes to recommend the movies that might interest us.

The app is free and has a neat, modern, and simple interface. It has more than 500,000 different movies in its database.

Readian News

Readian is an excellent alternative to services like Apple News, Flipboard, or Google News. It is possible to read selected news from different sources, with a simple format and the possibility of saving articles to read them later.


Sally is a free app that allows us to easily create, manage and track our goals throughout the day, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

Best New Android Games of the Week (May 17)

Fate of Kai

One puzzle game worth trying this week is Fate of Kai. In it, we will discover the story of Kai throughout the chapters of a magical book with hand-drawn illustrations.

Rip Them Off

Rip Them Off is a minimalist puzzle of economic management and defense. Players will have to choose the stores and locations and earn enough money to overcome increasingly complex challenges.


We finished selecting this week’s best games with Bombagun, a free competitive card game inspired by a post-apocalyptic universe. Its creators assure that it is not a game pay to win and that there are no loot boxes of any kind. For that alone, it’s worth giving it a try.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (May 10)


The experimental division “OneLab” of OnePlus has this week launched its first application: Clipt. It is a utility that allows us to create a synchronized clipboard between our mobile and our computer through Google Drive.

The application allows you to quickly transfer text, photos, and files through its browser extension. It is a free app and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.


It’s been a while, but Clubhouse for Android is finally here. Although the popularity of the social network has been decreasing in recent months, the company has not missed the opportunity to try to conquer the Android public by launching its app group voice chat. For now, yes, it is available in beta form.

Edge Side Bar

This tool allows you to have a quick access menu with our favorite applications, accessible from anywhere. It is fully customizable and is a perfect substitute for features such as Samsung mobiles’ “edge screen.”

Best New Android Games of the Week (May 10)

Knights of San Francisco

It lasts only 90 minutes, but Knights of San Francisco promises us that it will be one of the most intense that we have lived in a long time through its text RPG format set in the old city of San Francisco.

It has a natural language system that explains everything in the game in a clear and easy-to-understand language. Its creators assure us that the game provides an experience close to that of tabletop role-playing games.

Burger Bistro Story

If are your thing management games, Burger Bistro Storey is the title you need to download this week.

In it, you will take control of a restaurant, and you will have to keep the customers happy. The future of the business depends on it.

One Escape!

After a failed robbery attempt, you and your colleagues are in jail. The mission? Escape.

To do this, you will have to complete the 60 levels that this adventure game proposes. We control three different characters, each with different abilities that will be useful to complete the puzzles and avoid the traps.