The Metaverse Promises to Change the World – Can It?


When Mark Zuckerberg presented his company’s plans for the Metaverse, there were many that saw this new technology as something silly. Today, more and more people are starting to buy in on the idea and on everything the Metaverse is going to bring to the world. Meta-tech is going to change the way we socialize, the way we work, the way we satisfy our entertainment needs, and the way we use digital applications. In short, Metaverse is going to change our daily routines. However, for this to happen, thousands of professionals will have to put in countless hours or work.


Currently, Metaverse and many of its technologies are still on the theoretical level of their life cycle. There are, of course, things that have been presented to the public and partnerships that will turn many of these theories into actual digital products, but we are still a long way from seeing mainstream technologies or entertainment activities becoming available in the Metaverse. Those who like Assassin’s Creed will still have to use their PS5 or Xbox, those that enjoy Playtech’s games will have to visit a popular online casino in order to play and those that want to document things will have to rely on Microsoft Office products or on the equivalents offered by other providers. However, it will not be long before we see company meetings being held in the Metaverse.

Even though it will take time until Metaverse starts offering a full-scale entertainment experience, there are certain games that have been created for this technology. The three games currently in development cannot compare to the titles being released for 9th-generation environments, but the gaming evolution of Metaverse has to start somewhere. The good thing is that every tech giant will invest in Metaverse technologies, and this means that meta-gaming will progress at a very fast pace. In a way, it will be a little bit like how gaming went from Pong to Elden Ring, but in a much shorter period.

The Metaverse

High Hopes for the Future of Metaverse

There is no doubt that Internet users will go crazy about Metaverse when the technology becomes available to everyone, and Mark Zuckerberg’s aspirations of having one billion active users are not unrealistic. After all, Facebook and other major social media have kept members coming back for more, even though their service is heading towards the end of its life cycle. Meta and other tech companies are putting all their time on developing Metaverse services, and sooner or later, most of the social media activity will take place in the Meta-world.

Meta technology is the hottest topic in the tech industry and developers from countries like France, the US, China or Brazil are investing their time in creating products that people will be able to use when they access their meta environments using their avatar. These services can be anything from chatting with friends and family, checking bank activities or taking virtual tours of museums and theme parks. Just imagine using Meta technology in order to review financial transactions, in order to book a trip abroad or in order to listen to an audiobook.