Things You Need to Know to Succeed on Instagram and Gain Many Likes


IG is a platform you’ve got to be on if you want to be successful. More than half (59%) of 18 to 29-year-olds and 33% of 30-49 year-olds use the platform. That is a significant number of potential customers that you can reach. You may ask friends and family to help you with Insta likes, but this point will be 100% improved when you buy 25 likes on Instagram.

However, it isn’t just as simple as posting pictures and hoping that some people will engage with your brand. So, what are the IG heart rules you should be aware of?

Things You Need to Know to Succeed on Instagram and Gain Many Likes

1. More Likes on Instagram Improve Results

The first thing any brand needs to do on the platform is to ensure you have a great audience and many IG likes. There are numerous ways to gain them, but reaching out to contacts you already know is one of the best options.

Another is to follow and like others on the platform. When you subscribe to a brand, Instagram tells them and offers them to follow you back, and this strategy yields quick results and many likes.

2. Improve The Quality Of Your Images

Quick snaps on a low-quality camera aren’t going to attract likes on IG. You need to invest in quality images and videos, and you also need to ensure you use software that improves image quality.

There are numerous image editors available on the market. These options can help sharpen images and also add elements to help you make the most of the content and gain more Instagram likes.

3. You Need To Publish Regularly

Another factor is to ensure you regularly publish on your Insta account. And this shouldn’t just be photos, and doing regular videos and photos helps you grab your audience’s attention and hearts on IG.

A short clip of less than a minute can help you build quick impressions on any video. Adding a different photo may also help you attract new likes on Instagram.

4. Improve Audio on Videos

Audio on your video may become a great way to get more engagement for your page, and audio can be very challenging. Ensure you have good microphones and editing software to add music/voiceovers.

There are also services online that can provide high-quality and royalty-free sound effects, voiceovers, and music. This may be beneficial on your way to success on IG.

5. Likes Attract Likes

One of the critical aspects of running an Insta campaign is to realize that popular publications often attract more attention and IG hearts. Audiences will be more likely to interact with the posts, and the platform will display the post more to other users.

However, getting those first few Instagram likes can be the most challenging aspect. We have provided a way to achieve this short-term goal above.

6. Post at the Right Time

Workers seem to not be at their desks working on their tasks, especially during the midweek. Research has found that most engagement with posts happens between:

  • Tuesday and Thursday,
  • and during the middle of the day.

post at the right time

Therefore, ensure you’ve got publications to publish on those days to gain more IG likes. That doesn’t mean you don’t release content on the other days, but you need to ensure that:

  1. You have the right images.
  2. You have prepared the footage.
  3. You publish them on the most effective days.

7. Add Elements

There are lots of elements that can be added to your posts with ease. For instance, an image or video can have the following:

  • text,
  • sound,
  • and animations inserted into them.

These changes add a unique element to the content and attract your audience’s attention and Instagram likes.

IG has an inbuilt editor that allows you to insert elements into stories, which reduces the need for you to have expensive software. However, other editors can help you to make clips unique and have a more extensive selection of options you may use to achieve more Instagram hearts.

8. Create Better Scripts

When using video content on IG, you need to plan how your publications will encourage people to engage with them. Some expert Instagramers are now creating scripts for their videos.

These professional scripts provide the following:

  • story structure
  • and a proper storyline that attracts audiences as it is an emotional pull.

A good script has a purpose for the main character that they can quickly reach. A script is also a good way for you to make sure that clips aren’t too short or too long and will potentially bring many likes on Instagram.

8. Buy Lighting Equipment

One of the worst things that can make images or videos look unprofessional is that there isn’t the best lighting. Achieve proper lighting conditions through professional equipment.

The equipment doesn’t have to be expensive; some sets are available for less than $25. Lighting can make a big difference to how an image turns out, and you can be surprised at how many much engagement for IG you can get.

9. Influencer Attracting Likes

Another strategy is to get involved with influencers who can attract new audiences to your account. You can try getting mentions from the partners that will attract their fans to your profile. This option is quick but can be expensive, especially when you are using highly-followed influencers.

Other micro-influencers can be a good way for you to reach a smaller number of Instagram hearts. There are also cost-benefits as micro-influencers tend to want less money or will do it for free when they are early in their career to get more publications to their audience.

10. Competitions

Competitions are an excellent way for brands to get more IG likes for a piece of content. You can host a competition for a gift. In the competition, you could provide entries into a prize draw for the audience to like your photo or video.

Competitions can be a perfect way to:

  • attract more engagement with your posts
  • and amplify the results of your competition.

After all, the more people like your competition publications, the more people will enter the competition because of the fear of missing out. However, if you are feeling nervous during such battles you may hide the likes until the results are known.

11. Multiple Postings Per Day

Don’t think that one post or story per day will be enough. Instead, focus on building both video and images. Some of your audience prefer video, and others are more inclined to give Instagram likes to photos.

Posting one of each type of content daily can help you attract both sets of audiences and encourage more IG hearts.

12. Ask for Engagement on Instagram

One of the easiest methods to get more likes on your photos and images is to ensure that you request them. In the comments, you should ask people to like, follow, and share it, regardless of what it is. Here are some ideas on how to do it wisely:

  • If you agree, please like this post.
  • Leave a comment under this post if you disagree with this idea (a bit provocative but still workable).
  • Share this video with your friends in Stories if you find it useful!

Research has found that when you ask someone for something and give them a reason (e.g., it will help us out), the uptake of that action will increase significantly. You can start by asking just for IG likes, but you can expand the options quickly if you find this is working.

13. Cross Promote

Finally, another option is for you to cross-promote your photos and videos on other channels and direct audiences to your Insta account. For instance, sharing your publications on TikTok or Facebook can help you reach larger audiences that can help you build a significant amount of Instagram likes really quickly.