This is How Verse works, the new Application to send and request money from your friends

A few years ago, talking about managing our money with the mobile phone was unthinkable. However, today, it is very common to have our bank accounts controlled from the smartphone, as well as pay by NFC with it . Many of us have parked the credit card, just pull out the phone and go.

Apart from paying, you can do a lot of procedures with our devices, and today we are here to tell you about an app that knows how to make the most of these procedures. Sending money and receiving it from your friends to share expenses or settle accounts is the strong point of Verse , so keep reading, as this application will be very useful.

This is how Verse works

Send and receive money with Verse

Send and receive money with Verse

Surely a friend has asked you for money or you have asked him or her, or perhaps you have planned a vacation and you have complicated your head to share the expenses. With Verse you can send, request, transfer or receive money with your phone completely free and secure . You just have to download the application, register your phone number and card and start working.

The application does not charge us any type of commission for our efforts , but rather facilitates and speeds up our work. You may still not see clearly what Verse is for , so we are going to give you some good examples to make it clearer.

  • Pay, request and share expenses. Let no one forget to put their share in the common pot and pay off their ‘little’ debts.
  • Pay your share of gas when you carpool.
  • Split the bill when you go to dinner with friends or request and collect the amount from each one.
  • Organize parties and pay for tickets by mobile in Verse.
  • Make joint birthday gifts. Create a pot online and pay together
  • Change money when traveling at a cost much lower than that of banks.
  • Send or request money to Europe without any cost or commission.

As you can see, Verse can be used in countless situations . You can balance accounts with friends, send money to Europe without commissions, change money … The application is also a “cash safe” legal identity, which means that you will be safe and protected when doing your business.

Send and receive money with Verse 1

To encourage and reward the use of the application, Verse gives you one euro for each friend who joins the application , in this way, it will be much more comfortable and pleasant for you to form a group of friends who use it. You can get more information about the app on its official website .

Our opinion

After testing Verse, we have found that it is one of the best applications to send and receive money . The interface is quite friendly, following the design lines of Material Design, although somewhat inspired by iOS. It is quite easy to work through the application, the menus, in the form of a pop up , show us the options to pay, request money or create an event , in which other users can participate by contributing money.

In short, we are facing a free application, with a good design and intuitive for the user, what more can you ask for? We are delighted with the app , so we recommend that you take a good look at it for yourself.