Top 8 alternatives to Gmail that you can download on Android

Gmail is a reference in email; it is undeniable that it is one of the most used and well-known apps in the Android world; however, it is not the only option to manage your email accounts. There is a range of applications that offer you options very interesting and cutting-edge, for example, data encryption and advanced security protocols.

If you are looking for an email client other than Gmail to manage your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other email accounts, here are eight alternatives that you will love.

Top alternative apps to Gmail on Android

You can download all the applications on this list for free from the Google Play Store and use them without any fear of having your email account closed or something like that.

  • ProtonMail
  • myMail
  • E-mail
  • Aqua Mail
  • Temp Mail
  • Blue Mail
  • Spark
  • Microsoft Outlook



We start this top with the ProtonMail app that has an excellent encryption service to guarantee the security of all your information, it is also very easy to use, and its interface is very modern.

Its most outstanding features include swipe gestures and customizable labels, sending emails with an expiration time, and all its programming is open source, so there is no cheating or information leakage.



This is a very popular application where you can use all your email accounts since it is compatible with the most popular email services in the world. The feature that stands out the most about myMail is that it offers a very efficient level of security, and you can protect and control access to the app with a PIN.

In the same way, you will create a unique personal signature for your different email accounts. Also, you will have the ability to view all your emails on the same screen, thanks to its email chain function.

Email by Edison

If you are looking for a fast email application with very useful features and a simple interface, try Email by Edison. It has an integrated intelligent assistant. You can keep all your unified email accounts without problem; it also has a search system by contact or keywords and allows you to reverse email shipments and other actions. One detail in its favor is that even though it has advertising, it is not invasive.

Aqua Mail

Aquamail is an app that has gained popularity on Android, thanks to all the customization options. To use it, you do not need complex configuration, and your login method is very secure. It has the backup option and restores from the cloud with the most popular services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive; it also allows the synchronization of contacts and calendars for Exchange and Office 365; in addition, it has its text editor, options styles and formats, themes, among other functions.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail

This is a different app than the others on this list. However, we decided to add it because, with it, you can create a new temporary email address instantly. Ideal for use on those websites that ask you for an email account to register, but where you do not want to use your email account, you avoid spam email very efficiently.

The only detail is that you cannot send emails from this app, only receive.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail

With Blue Mail, you can make your emails more manageable, and it is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, etc.

It has a reminder function so that you do not forget to check a specific email. It does not have ads and allows you to unify all the emails from different accounts in the same tray.



Spark Mail has excellent email templates, an intelligent inbox where you can classify your emails with various interesting functions such as reminders and follow-up, send later, postpone, pins, etc. An interesting feature is that you can configure a gesture to easily sign all your emails.

With Spark, you can use your Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Hotmail, Office 365, iCloud, Yahoo accounts, and any email account configurable with IMAP and POP3.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 1

We finished our top app with Microsoft Outlook, which can be said to be Gmail’s main competition. Among its most outstanding features is that you can manage calendars, view your files in the cloud, whether they are from OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox, and you can configure it to show you the highest priority emails. Likewise, it includes Office, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint integrations; it works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365,, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

For greater security, you can configure the login with Microsoft Authenticator.