Why the iPhone SE doesn’t have 5G and why that won’t be a problem for Apple

The iPhone SE is quite a quirky phone. With an exterior identical to the already veteran iPhone 8, the new Apple phone comes with almost high-end hardware, the A13 Bionic, the same processor as the popular iPhone 11. Despite this, there have been many criticisms that the new smartphone of the Cupertino company has received. What if its design is outdated, what if the frames, what if the screen is small …

However, no one has criticized that the iPhone SE of 2020 does not come with 5G technology. While virtually all Android brands are gearing up for 5G, Apple appears to be in no rush. And let’s face it, if Apple launches a smartphone without 5G, it is because this technology will still not be relevant in the coming years.

Apple goes from 5G: is the firm of the bitten apple wrong?

According to analysts at the firm Counterpoint, the new member of the Apple family is expected to exceed 15 million units sold. It will not only attract all those users who are looking for a “small” phone, but also all those owners of a low/medium range Android phone fed up with the Google operating system and who unfortunately cannot afford a high range of 1,000 euros ( although there are alternatives for less money ).

And this leads us to wonder, has it been a smart move to have launched a phone without 5G that will have such acceptance? We do not know, but one thing is clear, Apple knows that 5G is very green and will not be important for a couple of years. The 5G would only have increased the price of this iPhone SE, and therefore, it would not have been so attractive anymore.

Because while Android brands bet on 5G and sell it to us as essential in 2020, with its respective increase in the price of phones, Apple stands out from this trend by launching a powerful phone at a contained price.

5G will not be essential until surely 2022-2023, at which point many iPhone SE users will switch devices. In other words, Apple still has a 2-3 year margin before finally focusing on 5G. Hence, your new iPhone SE does not have this technology or need it.

In short, the new iPhone SE does not have 5G because it does not need it. In the same way that most phones selling us this 2020 at scandalous prices do not need it. Apple can be criticized for many things, but they know how to sell their products well and when 5G is necessary, be aware that they will be the first to sell it to us as a real revolution.