Why We Need Removable Battery Mobiles to Return

There is no doubt that today’s smartphones have little or nothing to do with those we could buy years ago. Not only are they more powerful, but they also have better designs, better photographic sections, and are much larger.

However, not all the changes that smartphones have undergone have been for the better. To give a couple of examples, most phones today do not have a headphone jack port, making it impossible to connect a wired headset to listen to music. On the other hand, there is the issue of the repairability of the terminals and, more particularly, the impossibility of changing the battery of our device quickly and simply.

Why we would like to see mobile phones with a removable battery again

Why we would like to see mobile phones with a removable battery again

A removable battery in a Samsung.

It is a fact that today’s smartphones are much more difficult to repair than before—thinner smartphones, more complex constructions, and above all, great difficulty when accessing the internal components. So if a mobile phone breaks down, you either buy a new one or take an expert with you.

That the battery of your mobile begins to weak? You buy a new one and change it without a problem … or at least that’s the way it should be. Nowadays, doing something as simple as changing a battery is an almost impossible mission. However, some repairs are not so complicated, or at least they should not be.

It requires opening the smartphone completely, removing glue, and handling sensitive items. In the past, you only had to remove a plastic cover, remove the faulty battery and insert a new one. In less than five minutes we had a new mobile.

The firms are justified because if users want increasingly elegant and thin phones, removable batteries are not an option. However, what all the brands are doing is denying us the right to repair.

Why we would like to see mobile phones with a removable battery again 1

The LG G6 also had a removable battery.

We have gone from mobile phones lasting about five years to between 2 and 3 years. Apart from that, if companies care so much about the environment and nature … why don’t they make smartphones easy to repair so that users don’t generate so much waste? The answer is simple.

The fact that a battery wears out quickly is not synonymous with having to change the mobile completely. Hence the need for firms to bet on removable batteries again. Now, this would mean fewer sales for brands, and that is something that they cannot consent to.

Will we see smartphones with removable batteries again? The truth is that it is something impossible, but we are sure that many users would be delighted with it.