You can also download all these iPad apps on Android tablets

Some believe that one of the reasons why the iPad is better than any existing Android tablet is the quality of the existing applications in the App Store. And, although it is partly true, it is also true that in recent years we have seen how more and more developers have taken their iPad apps to Android to offer a similar experience to those who bet on the Google operating system.

If you have just bought an Android tablet, or you already had one and want to enjoy an experience as similar as possible to that of Apple’s tablet, today we select the best iPad apps that you can also download on Android, most of them free.

You can also download all these iPad apps on Android tablets13 iPad apps that are also on Android tablets

  • Lightroom
  • Sketchbook
  • Office
  • Notion
  • Spotify
  • Crunchyroll
  • Nebo
  • Comixology
  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Pocket Casts
  • Spark
  • Carrot Weather


Not only is it the best photo editor for Android, but it is also perfectly optimized to work with Android tablets and take full advantage of the large screens of these devices.

Adobe’s Advanced Photo Editor is one of the must-have iPad apps found on the App Store and one of the best tools for amateur or advanced photographers.

Among its functions, we find the possibility of creating or importing predefined settings or presets, developing images in RAW format, selective editing, and much more.


The famous company specialized in design software has a fantastic drawing app for iPad, which is also available for free on Android tablets.

It includes endless brushes and creative functions, with the possibility of modifying the thickness, pressure, and many other options.


If you use your Android tablet to work or study, you need a good suite of office applications. And the Microsoft Office tools are some of the best you can use.

It is one of the best apps for iPad, and without a doubt, Microsoft Office for Android is an essential tool that can be downloaded.


NotionThe ultimate productivity app. The notion is much more than a notes application, task manager, and app to write texts. Once you learn to unleash its full potential, you can use this app for iPad –which is also on Android– to organize your entire life.


SpotifyAnother essential iPad app that you cannot miss on your Android tablet is Spotify. The most popular music streaming service app has a city ​​app for Android tablets, perfectly optimized for large screens.

Since high-end tablets generally have higher-quality audio systems than mobiles, using Spotify on your tablet is one of the best ways to take advantage of these devices.


CrunchyrollProbably the best application to watch anime on Android. Crunchyroll is a fantastic app for lovers of this type of content, which not only has a version for the Apple tablet.

On Android, it is possible to download Crunchyroll for free and enjoy its content on our Android tablet.


It is not free, but without a doubt, Nebo is one of those paid apps worth it.

Suppose you have a tablet with a stylus like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S7 +. This app for iPad available on Android is essential: it allows you to write freehand, and thanks to its text recognition system, transform your notes into digital text, organize them or share them in different formats.

Comixology Comics

Its name says it all: with this app for Android tablets, you can read your favorite comics in style, enjoying the large, high-resolution screen of your device.

It has a catalog of more than 100,000 comics in digital format, among which it is possible to find content from Marvel, DC, or Image. You can also use this app to read manga on your Android tablet.


NetflixAt this point, Netflix does not need any introduction: the application of the most popular streaming platform for series and movies is one of the best iPad apps that you can also install on Android tablets, with support for the large screen as well as for technologies such as HDR or Dolby audio.


YoutubeOn YouTube, it is another one of those apps that do not require any presentation. With a very good version of its app for iPad, YouTube offers an immense catalog of videos from your favorite creators, which you can also enjoy in high resolution on your Android tablet.

Pocket Casts

Pocket CastsBeing one of the best apps to listen to podcasts that exist on Android, Pocket Casts could not be missing in this selection of the best iPad applications that are also on Android.

The application is also totally free and allows you to discover, subscribe and listen to thousands of podcasts of all kinds, download them to consume them offline, and much more.


Spark 1Gmail is fine, but you can always go one step further. In its analysis, Spark showed us why it had become one of the essential iPhone and iPad apps for thousands of people, and that is that this email client offers such useful functions as the ability to create templates, connect any type of account, dark mode, home screen widgets, and many more features, all accompanied by a great, intuitive and well-designed layout.

Carrot Weather

Carrot WeatherIf what you are looking for is a good weather app for your AndroidCarrot Weather is one of the best options that you can download on tablets.

Originally, this application was released on iOS, and for a few years, it was one of the best apps for iPad and iPhone. But its developer saw the potential offered by the most used operating system in the world and decided to take his app to Google Play, totally free –although with ads–.