13 Premiere Movies And Series To Watch In April 2023 On Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max And Streaming

13 premiere movies and series to watch in April 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and streaming

What do you think? Are the streaming platforms getting their act together with the arrival of spring, or are they letting themselves be defeated by the inactivity and overwhelming movie releases? Yours is the decision, we have reviewed the most interesting things they have to offer us this month, and frankly, things are coming. Watch out for this news; some of them are to your liking.


If cult anime is your thing, keep an eye out for this series that Netflix brings to our screens based on the 2009 visual novel, which inspired a manga that forms the basis for this series. In it, a group of friends turns their microwave into a device that can send text messages back in time. They begin experimenting with the gadget, which draws the attention of a secret association linked to time travel.


A Spanish-style ‘Warren File’ with high doses of comedy and costumbrismo and a cast headed by Toni Acosta and Belén Rueda. This film, directed by Carlos Therón, one of the most popular names in recent Spanish comedy, narrates the real events that led to the formation at the end of the 1990s of a peculiar investigative team specializing in paranormal phenomena: the Hepta group.

  • Available on Netflix from April 14

Power Rangers: Yesterday, Today, and Forever

The locomotive of 90s nostalgia at full throttle: the Power Rangers return in a festival of memories that recovers many original protagonists, including the great Rita Repulsa. This little special guarantees waves of memories, and while the franchise is alive and kicking with great new seasons of the series and high-quality comics, this is the return of the genuine Power Rangers who took the West by storm in their day (the ones that have survived). , clear).

  • Available on Netflix from April 19


With Christopher Nolan about to release his new film in theaters, ‘ Oppenheimer ‘, it’s time to recapture his latest sci-fi odyssey that has, as always, elements of spy and thieves movies. Don’t let his convoluted scientific theory of him mislead you: this story of time manipulation is fast-paced and worth revisiting.

  • Available on Netflix from April 23

Sweet Tooth – T2

The adventures of the post-apocalyptic deer boy continue. This adventure for all audiences is based on the excellent comic by Jeff Lemire and tells the story of this boy who, like many others his age, was born with antlers, making him the scapegoat for a plague that decimated The world population. Produced by Robert Downey Jr., we will learn more about the origins of the terrible pandemic in this new season.

  • Available on Netflix from April 27

Peter Pan & Wendy

Although Robert Zemeckis’s ‘Pinocchio’ was not particularly well received at the time (it indeed had to compete at the time with the much superior version of Guillermo del Toro for Netflix), Disney knows that live-action remakes of its classic animated work. In this case, it is a direct premiere for Disney+, directed by David Lowery (responsible for indie phenomena such as ‘The Green Knight’ and ‘A Ghost Story’), and the cast includes Jude Law as Captain Hook.

  • Available on Disney+ from April 28

Hellboy Animated

With the arrival of ‘Gods and Vampires’ to the Prime Video catalog, you can now enjoy the two animated films of the character created by Mike Mignola, along with his predecessor ‘The Sword of Storms’. Two stupendous adventures that are very faithful to the aesthetics and plots of the original comics and that also feature the voices of the actors from Guillermo del Toro’s films, also produces here: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, John Hurt, and Doug Jones.

  • Now available on Prime Video


Captivating is the aspect of this adaptation of David Cronenberg’s masterful film from the late eighties. In the film, Rachel Weisz is the new double version of the gynecologist twins played by Jeremy Irons. Still, otherwise, everything seems to follow similar lines: two experts in the female physique want to revolutionize medicine, but their contrasting personalities -despite their identical physiques – will complicate the purpose.

  • Available on Prime Video from April 23


Billed as the second most expensive series ever (after ‘ The Rings of Power’, also from Amazon ), this series works in a completely different register than Tolkien’s adaptation. Here the referent is perhaps a kind of more accessible Christopher Nolan and tells how two secret agents whose memory has been erased meet again years later to find out who betrayed them in their day. The Russo brothers signed them, responsible for the most remembered films of the MCU, such as ‘ Avengers: Endgame ‘.

  • Available on Prime Video from April 28

Somewhere in time

If you think that time travel movies are incompatible with overflowing romanticism, this film with a script by Richard Matheson (‘I am Legend’) based on his novel may change your mind. The great Christopher Reeves plays a playwright who becomes obsessed with a photograph of a young woman (Jane Seymour) to resort to hypnosis to travel back to 1912 to meet and begin a romance with her.

  • Now available on Filmin

DavisThe strangest release of the month is, without a doubt, this mixture of comedy, action, and science fiction in which a determined nun (Betty Gilpin, whom we remember from ‘GLOW’) faces alone against an artificial intelligence that wants to take over of the will of humanity. A curious proposal that comes with the stamp of Damon Lindelof, creator of series like ‘Lost’, ‘The Leftovers’ and ‘ Watchmen ‘, so originality is guaranteed.

  • Available on HBO Max from April 25

Open body

Last year’s most notable and personal Spanish fantasy film was this mix of Western, rural drama, and folk horror that won several awards, including the Melies d’Argent for Best European Film of the Year. Its director Ángeles Huerta tells us, with a steady hand and an enveloping atmosphere, the story of a teacher who, at the beginning of the 20th century, is sent to work in a Spanish town dominated by tradition and superstitions.

  • Now available on Filmin


Before his jump to American cinema with Marvel’s ‘Eternals’, Ma Dong-Seok took advantage of his peculiar physique to star in action movies in South Korea, where he became a kind of force of nature in brutal and devastating action movies. Here she plays an ex-gangster who wants to lead a legal life until a women-trafficking gang kidnaps his wife, and he has to get his hands dirty again.

  • Available on Filmin from April 2