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We at Techsmartest.com provide an exciting opportunity to “write for us”. For those who are passionate about writing or eager to brush up their writing skill or simply consider writing is in their forte and can be useful for our audience, it is the right place to start their journey.

Our writers are well versed in covering niches Smart Office Products, Gaming Products, Technology, and Home Improvement with their skill of penning down perfectly.

All our word wizards are requested to go through our guidelines carefully before writing for us. Please adhere to the detailed guidelines before proceeding ahead with the writing.   

Here Come the Detailed Guidelines

  1. Write to us blogs should be more than 800+ words.
  2. We offer you 2 links per article, 1 for your landing page and a link to another page with related content (major news site).
  3. The article must have an internal link to the relevant article at Techsmartest.com.
  4. You have to send info-graphic images to make your post attractive. Dimensions of the image should be 800 X 450 pixels.
  5. Content should be with sub headings and proper alignment.
  6. Our esteemed writers are requested to deliver plagiarism-free and unique content.
  7. The write-up must include a catchy introduction followed by a snappy and to the point content.
  8. The headline must be something that revolves around the topic and can attract the eyeballs of the readers.
  9. Make sure to include the biography of the author, the detailed background and professional achievement of the person, and why the opinion of the author can make a striking difference in this matter.
  10. Those who are not authors can also try their footsteps in the vast field of writing. As long as you deliver content that appeals to our audience, we would love to associate with you forever.
  11. Your blog post must look catchy; don’t forget to add relevant pictures, statistics, or infographics if possible.  
  12. A detailed solution to the problem must be added in the entire write up that a reader can relate with much better. 

Why Write for the Techsmartest?

If you write for Techsmartest.com, you can reap the below-mentioned benefits:

  • The social presence of Techsmartest.com will help you to increase your views on various social media channels.
  • The option of linking back to your website in the write up is great to develop organic search volume for your articles.
  • The provision to link back the article that you have published on Techsmartest.com is highly effective in increasing your website views by widening your audience base. 
  • Those who are planning to start with tech write for us can get immense opportunities to be popular with this collaboration.
  • Guest blogging with us is always helpful in building a strong relationship with your audience. 
  • If you write for Techsmartest, visibility of your brand and content can gaze the eyeballs of our audience. It will help you to effectively increase your reader base too.
  • The overall reach of your website surely is on the higher side because of your association with us.

How to Become a Techsmartest Contributor?

Let’s have a look at the tips on how to become a writer for the Techsmartest and publish it successfully on our website. 

We have a separate column named as write for us in the header part of our website. We would request all the enthusiasts to hop on to that tab for having a better understanding of what kind of articles we publish here.

Quality is the main criterion for the article selection as it can add value to the readers. On the other hand, top-notch quality write-ups help to grow our audience pool bigger.

Write content that is solely focused on quality and adding value for readers.

From Gaming products to smart office products, we tend to cover a wide area. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned list to know about the type of content we publish:

  • Blogs on the latest gaming products of the industry.
  • Latest technical advancement in a well-versed blog post.
  • Ideas for home improvement in the format of the blog post.
  • List of the latest products in the format of a blog post.
  • How to or DIY related articles.
  • Insight on the world of technology in the column of tech write for us.

Brainstorm for a Bomb Idea:

  1. Select your area of interest, to begin with, the research.
  2. Draft a blog post once you are done with the research.
  3. Try to find out what’s trending in that particular segment by implementing your knowledge in a particular field.
  4. Address the challenge or a common concern that a reader can relate with. Slowly and gradually proceed towards the solution. 
  5. Try to share your own experience that can evoke curiosity among the readers to read your article further.

Best practices to be a writer with Techsmartest


  • Be creative and original. Refrain from just copying or dumping some information collected from the internet. Add some fun facts or something that entices readers to read the whole article.
  • Your opinion matters the most. Yes, you heard it right! Since you are going to write for us as a contributor, a touch of personal expertise is what we want to see in our expert guest writer. 
  • Please make sure that the length of the articles you submit should not exceed the limitation provided by the Techsmartest authority. 
  • It is always better to use images clicked by the author. In case if the images are taken from the internet or any other source should be acknowledged. 
  • It is always a wise idea to support your facts by furnishing relevant information. 
  • Those who are planning to write for us are requested to provide a compelling copy that can help us to grow our audience bigger. 


  • Our sole motive is to publish great quality unique content by our experienced guest bloggers rather than accepting a piece of write up stuffed with advertising links.
  • Techsmartest authority is strictly against accepting blog posts based on gambling, betting, and adult content.
  • We never encourage the promotion of products or services. So any article containing sales links will not be accepted. 
  • Please don’t feel bad if we become late to reply to you back, as we may get stuck in some other work at that moment. Sometimes, we may take more than a week to reply. So please be patient. 

N.B. (Techsmartest authority will not accept any article that is not relevant for them)

Do you still have any confusion? Want to discuss with us in private or just want to share your idea with us? We request you to get in touch with us by filling the contact form below or shoot an email at [email protected]