3 Metaverse Games Arriving Soon


3 Metaverse Games Arriving Soon

The 70s and 80s saw a boom in arcade-style games, with the 90s bringing video games into the home. Since then, gaming has been a fun and entertaining pastime for many. Right now, gaming is going one step further. Instead of being played on a system or computer and connected to the internet, gaming is moving to the metaverse. Though the metaverse is just getting started, it looks to be incredibly promising for gamers and provides everything needed for a far more immersive experience.

Why the Metaverse?

Gaming in the metaverse is a whole new opportunity, as it helps connect the world in a way the internet doesn’t. There’s the potential to meet more people, have better experiences when gaming, and experience some of the latest in technology that helps improve gaming. The metaverse provides unique options that can’t be found elsewhere and is designed in a way to take gaming to the next level, allowing gamers to do a lot more. Gamers who want to try out the metaverse for gaming may want to check out the following games arriving soon.


A new MMO, Blocklords is guaranteed to offer hours of enjoyment for all gamers. It’s an RTS game based in a medieval metaverse. Players are able to create a story of their own, depending on the character chosen, and enjoy playing the game the way they want. Each player for the Blocklords game receives a character to start with for free, but this is a digital asset and players own their characters. Interested players can check out the game’s website for more information or read more on Techtimes now. 

The Sandbox

With a successful alpha test under its belt, the Sandbox is expected to be released soon. This game includes a mobile and metaverse launch, so it’s possible to play wherever and whenever. For this game, players can build anything they’d like on digital land, which they can sell if they’d like. Any sales done are in the Sandbox’s crypto-token, SAND. Players can create their own games for others to enjoy or build anything they might want to enjoy the area and make a little money. 

Guild of Guardians

An RPG, Guild of Guardians is looking to be an amazing new fantasy game. The game allows for trades between players as well as earning new loot just by playing, and the game allows players to own the digital assets they earn in the game, which are NFTs. The Guild of Guardians is on the Ethereum blockchain, which is what allows players to trade any look obtained in the game. Though the launch date has been pushed back some, many players are anxiously awaiting its release. 

No matter what types of games you enjoy, there’s something to play in the metaverse. If there isn’t anything yet, it’s likely coming soon. If you haven’t checked out the metaverse yet, take a look at these games and see how they’ve improved gaming and created a more immersive experience you’re sure to enjoy.